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Kino Ametsuchi

    1. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      -4 We are going beyond the Void now!

    2. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      0 (The Void has awoken)

    3. Re: Epic of a Dragonknight: Q&A

      If you do multiple books in part of a series you could do an Q&A at the end or at the end of every major arc.

    4. Re: How long do your fight scenes last?

      It depends on the story and chapter. Sometimes it lasts a few hundred words others are huge battles involving sieges and tens of thousands of words over many chapters.

    5. Re: Terrifying Monsters

      Some of my own creations actually really disturbed me including a religious zealot that could kill and absorb others to gain their power. Some of the scariest and terrifying I have read are more human/sentient (...)

    6. Re: Why Hate Harem?

      Forward: I am primarily a reverse harem/otome reader/player. As such, my response will be geared from a female audience perspective. I agree with most of the previous posters completely. I will add (...)

    7. Re: November Thread - Promote your Story

      The Loremaster's Guide Serena had died a Celestial. One of the few who were meant to (...)

    8. Re: Isekai Title Game

      I'll rebel against the totalitarian state because onii chan is watching me. I Was Teleported Into My Favorite MMO And Created A Cute Girl And Also Fought A Slime! I Was Reborn Into A Dungeon And (...)

    9. Re: Activity thread!

      52? (first time doing this so likely messed up)

    10. Re: What are your protagonist(s) and/or antagonist(s) theme songs?

      I have literal song playlists for specific characters that I edit and change and I have a lot of protagonists and characters in general (with or without POV). Some I have yet to name. As such I will Only (...)

    11. Re: How much can you write in a single chapter? -my curiosity speaking....

      I used to write 5-15k chapters and could do them within a few hours or so. Then I started to learn more about web serials and how they worked and made far smaller chapters. Now they average about 2,000 (...)

    12. Re: Preferred chapter length?

      I used to write chapters that easily were 5-10k or even greater. Now I write 1.5-2.5k with a chapter a day and a posted chapter 3-5 times a week. When chapters get over 2.5 I start a new chapter then. (...)

    13. Re: Promote your story – but by only describing your protagonist

      Serena is just a normal celestial princess in a merit hierarchy-based interdimensional empire. Or she was at the very least. Being one of the few survivors of a mass poisoning during a noble ball, she (...)

    14. Re: Short, medium or long chapters. What do you prefer.

      I tend to prefer shorter chapters but I read anywhere from 1.5-10k and above depending on if it catches my interest. The sweet spot as a reader is 2,000-2,500 word chapters 3-5 times a week. I write (...)

    15. Re: What do you find to be the better anti-hero

      .....Neither are good as they are archetypes and cliches. An antihero should be defined by their thoughts, actions, history, the genre, personality, the world and so on.  Both are often too over the (...)

    16. Re: Favorite/Least favorite Horror Tropes?

      I write mainly in dark fantasy (grimbright to grimdark) so horror, psychological and thriller stuff is what I love and include. I especially love supernatural/paranormal, psychological, body (shifting), (...)

    17. Re: Your character's most quotable line

      "Power corrupts but absolute power is actually pretty fun," Serena, MC of The Loremaster's Guide to the Multiverse I have chapter quotes, sayings, lore, reports and the like at the top of each chapter (...)