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Kino Ametsuchi

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Gender: Female
Location: United States
Bio: Hello there,

My name is Kino, but you can call me that, Hikari or Sam.

I am an aspiring writer with work ranging from thousands of pages of AU and canon divergent (with largely original cast and plot) fanfictions to original stories and lands.

I also RP original themes and settings though have a preference for dystopia, supernatural, fantasy, urban fantasy, mystery, horror, psychological, yandere, and yangires.

I love memes/vines, talking to others (online), writing, anime (mainly shonen, shojo, josei, supernatural, mystery, fantasy, psychological, and horror genres), reading (fantasy, historical fiction, nonfiction, supernatural, mystery, horror, urban fantasy) various tv shows and movies and the like.

I have Asperger's Syndrome and high functioning depression and have recently had a return of bad stims...unconscious movements that in this case might be viewed as self-harm or dangerous.

I am always open for people to talk to me about anything from what happened in their lives to the latest memes or youtube videos, or stories here and elsewhere be it mine or others.

Feel free to drop me a message to role-play or just randomly talk and I will respond almost immediately since I'm usually on.

I also love listening to rants and conspiracy theories along with doing both.

Also...I have a terrible range of humor and do random things and find odd things funny. You have been warned.
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