1. Re: Why Hate Harem?

      I really dislike harems, I have yet to see a story which is improved by having a harem added to it. and I will also be very blunt and just say I dislike polyamorous relationships, they seem cheap to (...)

    2. Re: Blades, Bullets or Bolts?

      My favorite type of fight is one between two experts at melee, it's just exciting to read about two people with vast experience in fights to go toe to toe against each other Not that other types of (...)

    3. Re: From what you have seen, what is the most boring, and annoying stereotypes about dragons in western fanta (...)

      I dislike how intelligent dragons are often just dragons with the personality of a human. It's the worst when you have these great old powerful dragons and the author presents them as if they were some (...)

    4. Re: Can creatures that have inherently evil instincts be good?

      Can creatures that have inherently evil instincts be good? I would say no I would also say that a creature which is evil, and a creature which has evil instincts are not quite the same. obviously (...)

    5. Re: How useful/powerful could this common skill be, in your opinion?

      Something i have yet to see mentioned is that if you take the universal translator as literal, then you would literally recognize any kind of communication. Body language, sign language, forgotten languages, (...)

    6. Re: Too political for Royal Road?

       He's not quite as "safe" like Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler. I never thought I'd read this sentence. I imagine you are just fine, it doesn't seem to me that you are trying to push a political (...)

    7. Re: What is the Worst Premise for a Story?

      The day-by-day account of an elderly woman's goldfish. Make the goldfish a reincarnation/genius and tell the story from its perspective. make it a short comedy slice of life, make the old woman either (...)

    8. Re: Recommendation needed : Eldritich abomination / lovecraftian horror

      Id say give Romantically Apocalyptic a read, it's like sci-fi eldritch beings, with some normal eldritch beings. Give it a read, I am sure you will like it(despite the title there isn't actually any romance(yet(probably (...)

    9. Re: Your Opinion on Nonsensical Stories?

      journal teleport science something Like a post-apocalyptic Dexter's Lab, but breaks every rule of grammar in English. And generally, such stories are like cotton candy: Maybe one every few years. (...)

    10. Re: Punctuation in Dialogue

      The more I learn about the English language, the more I am convinced it is less a set of "grammar rules" that define the use and more of "grammar guidelines" that define it. for example; you're going (...)

    11. Re: Is there space for fiction that is not lit RPG or fantasy?

      Thanks so much for the tip! Nice to meet you :) Is there a lot of interest in short stories or are readers mainly geared towards longer fiction pieces, in your opinion?  the system of RR really lends (...)

    12. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      This isn't a debate, this wasn't meant to be a debate, if it were it would be in the debate section. and most importantly, this topic was never about sexual violence. stop taking people's opinions personally, (...)

    13. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      So I presume you are going to provide this yourself now? The burden of proof lies with him, since he's making the claim that depictions of sex and sexuality in media (not necessarily limited to pornography) (...)

    14. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      Wilewriter17, you cite no sources, provide zero evidence to back up your frankly hilarious claims, and basically assume that we should take everything you say on good faith.  DUDE JUST TRUST ME OKAY (...)

    15. Re: Gender bender non-human isekai folks. Im asking for the impossible.

      Technically Chrysalis is a gender bender, since worker ants are all female and Anthony is a worker ant. not that relevant, it is a great non-humanoid story though!

    16. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      I think a lot of this boils down to "religion" sex is a sacred thing in most religions, and is taught that it should only be done with the person you are going to stay with. Whereas violence is not (...)

    17. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      i wonder if you could actually get a statistic for this by comparing the top 10 books every year(most copies sold) for like 10 years and measuring how often sexual content shows up, it would be interesting (...)

    18. Re: When to continue reading a story that is pulling you down

      doubt it, the author Oh I meant others in the comment section may reply to the question. 😅 Well the author is the only person that can give definite answers as to where the story is going, the (...)

    19. Re: When to continue reading a story that is pulling you down

      Hmm you may have more success finding the info by commenting in the story.  :DrakanThinking: Good luck! 😃 I doubt it, the author is... well rude is the best way to describe it. Honestly? I (...)

    20. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      None. Because I don't like to read about two people going at it, also because I am a bit of a prude. Sex is overly romanticized, it should be after you have decided you want to start a family with someone (...)