1. Re: Pet Peeves

      As the title suggests, what are some of your quirky pet peeves?  I will start out.  I hate, can't stand, vehemently loath, and get sad-mad when I see an anime/manga pic or gif of an anime I do not know (...)

    2. Re: How to get Isekai'd

      But what if you have both in the same story?   https://i.imgur.com/7DKwmmT.jpg Then everyone gets isekai

    3. Re: How to get Isekai'd

      Truck-kun is the only way to go, or Bus-sama https://i.imgur.com/iTWKpRb.jpg

    4. Re: What Music do you listen to when Writing? Or reading for that matter.

      I am a musical slut.  I listen to everything literally.  I have found however depending on what I am writing I will cater it to the music.  For example, if I am writing a romantic scene...I have my baby-making (...)

    5. Re: Author Bullying

      I am really surprised to hear about this issue, especially when I have seen how efficient the mods are in troll-hunting.  I think they only pay attention to the "Big Game" 

    6. Re: Do you know stories about modern military vs medieval or medieval fantasy?

      There's the novel and anime Gate. One of my favorite stories. Release that Witch. but it's about a man sent to a medieval fantasy world and developing modern weaponry. He reaches a level close to the (...)

    7. Re: Would it be considered weird if I posted a page of writing per day?

      If you choose to post a page a day I would go ahead and release the first 50 to 75 pages first.  Then start with the page a day thing because that gives readers a fair shake at knowing what they are getting (...)

    8. Re: How big is your universe?

      I would have to say in my universe.  Next to my main story, I have at least 4 separate stories, all backstory/prequels that I have written or outlined already.  I could even maybe say 6 depending on if (...)

    9. Re: 420,069 Words Published

      I just needed to write nineteen words, so that my total words published count is 420,069. Thanks for reading! I will catch you sometime next year if I adhere to my release schedule.  

    10. Re: How big of a role does luck play in your novel being noticed?

      I would say Luck plays a tremendous role in my story being seen.  I have such an abundance amount of luck that no one gets to see it.  IT is bad luck though. 

    11. Re: I hate my life right now

      Rather than editing, I would suggest translating your work into a foreign language and back into English in order to give it the authentic 'light novel' feel. But seriously, keep at it.  Light at (...)

    12. Re: I hate my life right now

      You: Compare yourself to how many other scribblers put fingers to keyboard... Me: *looks at fingers and see nothing but nubs now after all the typing and editing I have done in the last two months. (...)

    13. Re: I hate my life right now

      https://i.imgur.com/64hcOPh.jpg Sigh, 756 pages edited...only 900 more to go plus at least another 1k more to write.  I hate my life right now.

    14. Re: October Thread - Promote your Story

      https://i.imgur.com/L3jOZvyl.png Six hundred years ago, an epic battle was waged between the six immortal magi, powerful wielders of magic in the land of Gawraith. Varoosh, along with his friends, Clyden, (...)

    15. Re: What game are you playing?

      So, I just started Shadow of war https://i.imgur.com/x4etzcG.jpg https://i.imgur.com/syuu7l3.jpg https://i.imgur.com/dLG1J2H.jpg

    16. Re: Does anyone know about this?

      Man, I can't believe i missed the popcorn session/aka drama train.  

    17. Re: Deal breakers that stop you from reading

      They want to get their works out for others to read I am still waiting for this part.  The whole get my story read thingy to happen.  I feel like I should do like a sad artist tik tok meme or something (...)

    18. Re: Deal breakers that stop you from reading

      Characters that don't grow Yes, I totally agree with this one.

    19. Re: Your thoughts on hiring book editors?

      My thoughts on hiring book editors... I can't afford one.  

    20. Re: What game are you playing?

      Ghost of Tsushima is pretty good, basically an Assasin's Creed in Feudal Japan. I've also been really pumped for the release of Cyberpunk, probably the only game I'm gonna buy until January. (...)