1. Re: Thoughts on Grammerly?

      Grammarly is good, especially for writers that aren't fluent.  For fluent writers, I see it as more of a crutch. Yes, it's helpful, but you're ultimately relying on something external, rather than yourself. (...)

    2. Re: How many chapters should I have before submitting my novel?

      It depends on what you want from posting here at RR.  Are you looking to gain as many views as possible? To become the next sensation? Stock up a LOT of chapters. For one, it will allow you to post (...)

    3. Re: Made the jump!

      You gave them a show they've never seen before.  Are they not entertained?  Today, you became more powerful than the emperor of rom- Wattpad.  Now you are free.  :DrakanWine:

    4. Re: Trying to write in first person for the first time, tips?

      @ArDeeBurger Thank you for the advice!  While you missed some of the sub text I was going for, that just shows how lacking it is. Though I have to say, it can be hard to pick up on things like that (...)

    5. Re: Trying to write in first person for the first time, tips?

      Here's what I've written so far, the first para to a story I'm working on. My biggest problem with it is that I seem to say 'I' too much. Is it noticeably bad? Tips for avoiding this? I still (...)

    6. Re: Shortsightedness

      Writing can be the most depressing slog; writing can be the most magical epiphany, and writing is everything in between. I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing. :) Not even SLEEPING? That's (...)

    7. Re: Slice of Life on Royal Road

      Obligatory "It depends on how it's written". There are plenty of top stories with SOL elements in them. :DrakanGlasses:

    8. Re: What Are You Currently Working To Improve In Your Writing?

      Constant editing. It's not like my patron god is Perfection, so why do I keep editing? :DrakanSigh:

    9. Re: new tag: no comments

      If I wasn't earning good money do you honestly think I would subject myself to this shit? No fucking way. I would be gone tomorrow if my Patreon shut down. Money is nice, but is it worth your happiness? (...)

    10. Re: new tag: no comments

      @Zogarth This is an excuse. Nobody is forcing you to read hundreds of comments a day. A few every now and then, is that such a trial? Yes, you're getting feedback from a lot of places, and (...)

    11. Re: Favorite original Monsters/Demons/Creatures you've read about, or made yourself.

      The Gutter Prayer has so many unique, utterly insane creatures. My favorite is the Ravellers, a creature that unravels its prey, stealing their identity in the process. The first scene we see one of (...)

    12. Re: new tag: no comments

      have recently had various writers announce that they will no longer read comments :DrakanFascinating: :DrakanThink: How silly. At that point, why don't they just not publish their stories at (...)

    13. Re: Where do you like writing most, in-story?

      Somewhere scary or unsettling. It's a great way to discover more about characters and how they tick. In particular, the current setting in my story is a large tower. The goal is to obtain one of many (...)

    14. Re: How soon is now for PayPal?

      (Unhallowed should have more views. It's good) IMO adding paypal as your story ends is pointless, at least for you. If your story were more popular, you had an existing, dedicated fan base, or you were (...)

    15. Re: Can a mere mortal defeat the gods?

      Yun Che would be proud. :DrakanThink:

    16. Re: How fast do you type?

      https://i.imgur.com/MuPO91O.png But it felt like this site was too easy, as it didn't have any punctuation marks.

    17. Re: Will Royal Road stay relevant in the coming years?

      As Royal Road grows more popular, the biggest issue facing the site will be how to avoid turning into Wattpad, at least in terms of story discovery (I doubt RR will ever change its focus from speculative (...)

    18. Re: Will Royal Road stay relevant in the coming years?

      The more niche a service is, the more longevity it holds. Even with Amazon dominating the online space, there are still plenty of specialty shops online. There's an audience for everything, and if (...)

    19. Re: Will Royal Road stay relevant in the coming years?

      Right now, only a few platforms can compare to RR. How do you think the state of the site will change in the future?