1. Re: Short prologues?

      I will never read a prologue regardless of how short it is. Why? That seems like an odd stance. Prologues are part of a story as much as any other chapters, why pick and chose not to read it, simply (...)

    2. Re: Feedback for my prologue draft

      I'll admit, the first page confused and failed to draw me in, especially that first paragraph. You lost me from there. 


      Incredible. Brave. Inspiring. Transformative. Progressive. Masterful.  jk double jk. good idea!!!!!

    4. Short prologues?

      I'm talking 300-500 words.  My WIP prologue covers how the protagonist dies, and I think it works well being its own chapter, rather than attached to the first chapter.  My question is this: are (...)

    5. Creative or otherwise interesting worlds

      Looking for more series with strong world building. Ideally the world will be unique in some way.  Some examples of worlds I've enjoyed recently, both on RR and outside.  Underland: Love the darkness (...)

    6. Re: I can make a Map for you!

      Love the colours on the first one. Good shit. The black and white one looks cool as well, but it's messy around the mountains and hard to interpret what is even going on. 

    7. Re: A First Milestone - 500 views!

      Nice one mate. Frostbound has an interesting premise and the first chapter was quite engaging  :DrakanPotato:

    8. Re: How many different stories do you work on at at time?

      How many do I work on? Far more than I should.  Will I ever finish any? Probably not. :DrakanSigh:

    9. Re: Should you put a genre in your title? (Debate)

      No.  I think that it takes away immersion. Sure, we all know we're reading fiction, but 'a litrpg adventure' serves to constantly remind you that this is a persons writing, rather than a real thing. (...)

    10. Re: Which piece of fiction has had the biggest impact on your life?

      Be it a novel, a movie, or anything else in between. 

    11. Re: The Best Time To Post A Chapter In A Day. (99.99% Effective!)

      It worked! My story received a billion views!  brb hanging with my buddies Brandon Sanderson and George R R Martin.

    12. Re: Adding a Glossary to your Story

      Sure, why not? Put it as your first chapter or link it to chapter notes and you're good to go.

    13. Re: Royal Road App?

      One day. Eventually. Maybe. 

    14. Re: Thoughts on Grammerly?

      Grammarly is good, especially for writers that aren't fluent.  For fluent writers, I see it as more of a crutch. Yes, it's helpful, but you're ultimately relying on something external, rather than yourself. (...)

    15. Re: How many chapters should I have before submitting my novel?

      It depends on what you want from posting here at RR.  Are you looking to gain as many views as possible? To become the next sensation? Stock up a LOT of chapters. For one, it will allow you to post (...)

    16. Re: Made the jump!

      You gave them a show they've never seen before.  Are they not entertained?  Today, you became more powerful than the emperor of rom- Wattpad.  Now you are free.  :DrakanWine:

    17. Re: Trying to write in first person for the first time, tips?

      @ArDeeBurger Thank you for the advice!  While you missed some of the sub text I was going for, that just shows how lacking it is. Though I have to say, it can be hard to pick up on things like that (...)

    18. Re: Trying to write in first person for the first time, tips?

      Here's what I've written so far, the first para to a story I'm working on. My biggest problem with it is that I seem to say 'I' too much. Is it noticeably bad? Tips for avoiding this? I still (...)

    19. Re: Shortsightedness

      Writing can be the most depressing slog; writing can be the most magical epiphany, and writing is everything in between. I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing. :) Not even SLEEPING? That's (...)