Anthony and Leisel Volski

Anthony and Leisel Volski

    1. Re: September Thread - Promote your Story

      Don't mind the near-constant hiatus of the overworked cripple; we're always working on Strange Aeons at some level. Zed Thorne is a Loser, capital L. Stagnant and self-loathing, Zed is trapped in (...)

    2. Re: story 11 years in the making; a fantasy/romance/action/adventure/mystery

      Welcome! Looks like you have a lot already here, excited to start looking through it. We've been working on ours just under two years; I can't even imagine how much you have ready and waiting.

    3. Re: Sunday Snippets 03/07 | WEEK 49 -🦆🐰The Royal Road Magazine!🦦🐧

      Finally posted up a new installment of our baby, Strange Aeons. What awaits Zed in a dungeon dedicated to the goddess of justice? For a goddess of justice, I would have expected blindfolds and scales. (...)

    4. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

      Strange Aeons is a litRPG isekai apparently written for people who don't like other of those things, or so I gather from our reviews? We have a rather erratic post schedule, but I can probably guarantee (...)

    5. Re: 10k views, and the hiatus timer is reset!

      Strange Aeons is no longer on hiatus Ooo. I just added this to my reading list literally yesterday cuz I was attracted by the cover art and reviews.  Glad that it's not on hiatus anymore.  I was (...)

    6. Re: 10k views, and the hiatus timer is reset!

      It's... not so much that we left. But have definitely had to spread ourselves quite thin with other projects and emergencies.

    7. Re: 10k views, and the hiatus timer is reset!

      Now I got to 10k views! Well done, congrats!  You're progressing on a much faster timeline than we are for sure.

    8. Re: Coffee

      OD on caffeine anyway? I can knock back a full-arse pot a day if I need to just bloody Do The Thing. Also enjoy Coke with Coffee (shut up), Mountain Dew, and Dr. Pepper. Once upon a time I drank an (...)

    9. Re: 10k views, and the hiatus timer is reset!

      Congrats! You can’t predict what’s gonna happen in life, so don’t sweat it.  I only wish. I lay awake every night stressing out over Literally Everything. Thanks! Congratulations on getting off (...)

    10. 10k views, and the hiatus timer is reset!

      It's good being not dead. I think. However, it's super frustrating when weeks go by and you're lucky if you get the time to stare at a blank page and cry inside. Almost every new paragraph feels like (...)

    11. Re: Has Anyone Successfully Written Two Stories at Once?

      I dunno, do you enjoy watching me having an existential crisis every third day or so? That's why our lighter story updates once weekly while the main story updates when it's bloody well ready to be updated. (...)

    12. Re: Sunday Snippet 08/05 | WEEK 41 THE SNIPPETSVERSE OF MADNESS

      Strange things happen when you write a fight scene dictated by dice rolls. This is the latest snippet from Lazarus: Death's Companion... “Seems like you finally decided to join the battle,” Madris (...)

    13. Re: Necromancers Give me Your Story

      Lazarus: Death's Companion may be up your alley. Not a lot in the way of necromancy yet, but it's early days.

    14. Re: May Thread - Promote your Story Strange Aeons - A LitRPG isekai series for people who don't like isekais (or so the reviews say). Written by a (...)

    15. Re: Sunday Snippet 24/04 | WEEK 39 🌙

      Sometimes letting dice rolls determine the plot of your story is an... ah... interesting life choice. As such, today's snippet is a bit short to avoid spoiling the whole bloody thing: Linda focused (...)

    16. Re: Keeping Your Readers Invested

      I write a story known as This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder. It was at this point that I slapped the back of my husband's chair and we both had a mini geekout/freakout reading this post. He (...)

    17. Re: I'll READ your FIRST CHAPTER and FOLLOW you if you do the same for me

      Eh, heck. It even sounds like something I'm interested in reading. Why not. I didn’t know which of your two first chapters you wanted me to read… so I read both! Followed and followed.  I think (...)

    18. Re: I'll READ your FIRST CHAPTER and FOLLOW you if you do the same for me

      Eh, heck. It even sounds like something I'm interested in reading. Why not.

    19. Re: How skilled are you?

      SA: Reluctant isekai hero stalked and groomed by eldritch horror. L:DC: Lich adventurer comedy's plot decided entirely by dice rolls.

    20. Re: Sunday Snippet 17/04 | WEEK 38 🐰🐣

      Origin story interludes are fun to write. I'm excited to announce that the origin of the universe has gained consciousness. Bored. Lonely. The second concept much stranger than the first. The great (...)