Beware Of Chicken

great protag and hilarious premise! Cuts out a lot of the tropes and themes Xianxia novels typically have. I especially love the subversion of usual story beats present in this story.

If I were to introduce someone to this genre I would put this on their list to read. 

10/10 would recommend this story!

Dungeon Darwinism

I am very new to reading this genre, but i can say the aithor has made a very enjoyable story here. 

The pacing is really good in the first act so far so I can't wait for the author to write more. 

Easily one of my favourite novels im reading currently!

The Precipice of Power

Overall: the story's setting seems to fit the narrative and the characters interact very believably. Aside from some minor pacing issues at the start, I thoroughly enjoyed the progress the plot was making each chapter.

Style: Third person omniscient narration fits the novel well. It let's you really get into the thoughts and feelings of the charcters

So far seems like a pretty page-turning start to a great xuanhuan. The plot seems to always be progressing forward at a believable pace, which makes it a pleasurable read.

Grammar: nothing too noticeable so I'd say its good grammar!

Character: The characterization is very well done, bravo author. I look forward to the twins' relationship developing more!


Style: The pacing and flow of all the authors sentences is refined nicely. I think the narrative style fits this novel as well enhancing the plot greatly. 

Grammar: No mistakes that I saw all around great grammatically.


Story: I love love love love the setting. The premise alone is one of my favorite types of stories so if you like cyberpunk story about street rats and other awesome tropes this story is for you. 

Character: I love the choice of the main protag's personality and she interacts organically with all the other character cast. 


Note: I have been reading this author's other fiction and I can say any small issues I took with the writing in that fiction have been massively improved on. Keep up the great work!

The Parallel Timeline: Time Loop Rebel

This is a good story. <George has saved 5 stars>

Style: Honestly, the style seemed very refined to me. It's pretty great! Your sentences flow very smoothly and I really anjoy your variance of sentence length. 

Grammar: No noticable mistakes that I've seen.

Story: him being able to go backwards in time. Sounds like a jojo's stand menacing. All Jojo's references aside, it's a super cool story concept done well. Time loop isekai, sounds cool right?

Character: I love the dialogue that permeates every scene. I can tell you spent a while flushing out the characters image in your mind before writing. Your characters really shine because of this. 

Grimoire Knights

I would first like to say I like the character Cara a lot. Their interactions with the other characters stick out to me in a positive way. I will say I personally dont like it when authors rely on dialogue tags like "She remarked" all the time. I feel like it can take away from the impact of any given snippet of dialogue. Another issue is I don't think that 6000~ word chapters are good for the serial novel medium. I for one love being able to consume a good 1000-2000 word chapter so i can leave and do something without losing my place, where as I can lose my place several times during a 6000 word chapter. 
overall really decent writing but some of the style and formatting choices kind of lessened my experience. 

A Stranger in Sorcererstown (The Stranger Trails Saga)

Style: I felt like the style so far is pretty consistent. This is a major plus in my opinion. The pacing feels fairly good for the plot that's going here.

Grammar: grammar is at times distracting and needs a good editing pass to make the story feel better to read. 

Story: Gunmages, that's all you need to know! its cool, I love the concept you are going for here.

Character: I feel like the mc is fairly fun to read about. I like the way they interact with the other aspects of the story.

Thanks for the chapters!

I was reborn into a fantasy world as a magic robot?! Automata Prime

Style: I always beg for consistency when it comes to style and this story exceeds at it. The pacing of the plot really fits the narrative being laid out here. 

Grammar: nothing in specific to say here its good.

Story: classic isekia story with a robotic twist. I love the use of coding as a way to show internal character growth. Who doesn't love robots!?

Character: The characters are deep enough for me to enjoy, I'm very sure that they will get more depth in time. The dialogue feels pretty organic, never robotic, which is a pleasant surprise. Good job with this one Author!

The Merchant Prince Book 1: Returning Home

I'm kind of a sucker for stories like these. However, it is very rare I can find any. I think the style is extremely consistent throughout, which is a huge plus for me. Grammar wise, nothing gets in the way of reading, just some minor mistakes though. The story has a pretty straight forward premise that makes it easy to follow. The characters in the story are very organic and feel like they existed before the plot begins to roll, which is a very good thing. I think the author has a great thing going here, keep it up.

The Cursed Witch (Book One)

As I pass the beginning portion of the novel my first impressions it is a really silky read most of the time. I can recommend to anyone who likes a good fantasy novel.

Style: No glaring issues in this dept, but I would like a little bit more consistency when it came to pacing. This isn't a huge issue, however so I am more than satisfied

Grammar: Some minor typos here and there, but nothing to fret over. I hardly noticed it at all.

Story: I love the magical academy story you are telling here. There are also themes of a fish out of water story I am enjoying right now. Not only that but I feel like a coming of age arch is happening with the bratty MC rn that will make the character even better.

Character: The interactions between the casts of characters is really fun and witty most of the time. All of the interactions are very organic and fit the overall setting of the story very well.