George Haufman

George Haufman

    1. Re: Any tips for "Show, Don't Tell?"

      honestly because i see a lot of prescriptive tips here. Just use your character's senses like sight, smell, touch etc...  Thats the golden rule pretty much. A good author to look up is Brandon sanderson (...)

    2. Re: Do you start at 5 or 0 when reviewing?

      I generally hate the idea of a star system anyways. because everyone's definition of what each star level means is usually varied.

    3. Re: Tragedy the genre

      I think if a story were to suddenly depart into tragedy without warning, readers might feel cheated, or suspect that the author got written into a corner and couldn't figure out a way to end it happily. (...)

    4. Re: Tragedy the genre

      So of course every genre can be successful but does the royal road audience naturally respond well to a tragic story 

    5. Re: Review swaps

      quick and easy review swaps?

    6. Re: Review swaps

      You know the drill i review yours if you review mine Never Die Twice

    7. Re: Review swaps

      I shall read and review when I am on my lunch/ when I get home

    8. Re: Review swaps

      Review swaps for this novel

    9. Re: Review swaps

      Looking for reviews for my new novel. I'm new to writing so go easy!