Nine Lizards

Nine Lizards

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What if Jules Verne wrote Hunter X Hunter?

What if Jules Verne wrote Hunter X Hunter?

My scoring card:

* Needs work
* * Still needs work
* * * Promising
* * * * Good
* * * * * The best RR has to offer

Style * * * * . 4.5

It has that adventurous feeling that Journey to the Center of the Earth has.

No major comments.

A very, very minor niggle is that paragraphs could be a bit more 'greedy' now and again. There's a little distraction due to certain LitRPG alike elements (which I typically don't like, but if they are your thing then you'll enjoy the story even more).

Story * * * * . 4.5

What I've seen thus far is promising. Note that I'm not a big fan of leveling-for-the-sake-of-it, and I'm not totally sold on the main character's motivations, but that does not affect the enjoyment of the story.

Otherwise, the world is an alternative take on our own, it just took a different path when someone decided to plunge a tower right into the middle of nowhere. Add monsters and magic and start climbing.


Grammar and Vocabulary * * * * * 5

Didn't spot anything.

Characters * * * * * 5

Match the story. 

Overall score * * * * * 5

Definitely one of the better stories on RR!


Death by Ex-Girlfriend Vol. 1: Aika Crisis


Writing reviews is hard, because it's impossible to do any story justice. And still, though I try to be as objective as possible, it is a matter of personal taste in the end.

I found this 

* Needs work
** Still needs work
*** Promising
**** Good
***** The best RR has to offer

Style ** 2

Format. The formatting needs some work. Indenting, blank lines etc. are irregular, and differ from chapter to chapter. That the author knows how to do it properly is shown in the epilogue. I think the story would certainly improve with a consistent format.

POV / person / tense. I'm not sure I like the 'present tense' comments inserted between the paragraphs, and enclosed in parenthesis. It's not a very common format.

The writing style feels as if it has been taken from a visual novel, characters tend to 'shout' a lot, and talk like characters from such a novel. If you like that style it's good. I would have loved a bit more background, emotion, flavor.

Girls comparing their breast sizes clash a bit with phrases like 'How would her boobs look if she was dead'.

Story *** 3

I think I understand what the author is trying to accomplish, but it didn't work for me, probably because I never liked the 'harem' trope much, so the reverse harem approach didn't do much for me either. Most of the humor appears to be of the 'Baka!' variety, I found the plot a little thin.

Grammar and Vocabulary ***** 5

Fine, no issues.

Characters **** 4

The characters well suited the story and concept, but they appear a little flat.

Overall score ***. 3.5