Dubs The Duke

Dubs The Duke

    1. Re: How do you feel after dropping a novel/story

      The first novel I tried to write, I ended up dropping. It wasn't due to lack of time, but rather simply because I lost the drive to put forth the effort to actually write it. Would I say that I wasn't (...)

    2. Re: What is your opinion regarding Onomatopoeias?

      I'll be honest, I don't personally ever really use onotomotopeaias (However the hell you spell that), simply because it would throw off the entire tone of my writing. Instead, I describe the sound directly. (...)

    3. Re: Academy arcs?

      I actually had an academy arc in my series literally just because I wanted to do one, and for no other reason, but in the back of my mind I knew that I should have been doing everything with the plot in (...)

    4. Re: Reincarnation/Isekai/Dark Fantasy

      I have lots of tips as my series is exactly this genre.  First off, dark fantasy.  So the biggest thing that should be focused on in a dark story is always the villains. The villains define the entire (...)

    5. Re: Is it tradition to not use indents in your paragraphs here?

      The real reason I don't is just because it doesn't feel right for a webnovel. I guess it's something along the lines of "Would you indent your paragraphs on a forum post, or on any other social media post?" (...)

    6. Re: Comments

      Most people just wanna read. Commenting takes effort, and effort is something that people will never exert unless they see good reason to do so. 

    7. Re: How many members should be in a party in a dungeon crawler type story?

      Yeah I used 4 in my story. It's not an issue if you deviate from this, but 4 just seems standard for a lot of games. 

    8. Re: Traumatizing Content vs Gore

      Yeah feel like these two go hand in hand for the most part. It would be pretty strange for content to be not traumatizing but have gore, or the other way around- though I guess it would be possible. Scenes (...)

    9. Re: How to write pauses into conversations?

      "So? What will it be?" The man stared deep into the eyes of the boy.  Seconds passed.  The breaths of the two could be heard, and the more time passed, the more the boy could feel his own heart (...)

    10. Re: Best tips for writers

      Have fun with your characters. Make em weird. Make em crazy. Make em quirky. Make em flawed. Do anything but make em normal. Make their interactions fun to read, and not just a conversation. 

    11. Re: (Potential Spoilers) What is the craziest/most interesting/surprising things you have written?

      This is a tough one, since insanity is a constant in my writing. I find that while those calm moments are necessary for the 'in between breathers', that most of the time if everything isn't off the walls (...)

    12. Re: Non system novels

      So I wrote my novel. It was 18 volumes long, and had a plot which was heavily focused on a system which granted powers on two levels. The lower level, which was essentially statistics and abilities and (...)

    13. Re: Isekai choice

      I would ask for the power to redefine the world and the people within it as I please.  Basically, I could create things from nothing by spawning them in, I could change people with the snap of my fingers, (...)

    14. Re: Naming your characters

      You know, this is an interesting question. The short answer, it depends.  The long answer.  Most of the time, I just sorta fumble around with words in my head until I find a name that fits. It really (...)

    15. Re: Researching the History of GameLit

      Well, I can't give you anything scholarly, but I'll give you my own take on things.  First off, in order for something to be defined as litRPG/gamelit, I think there is one condition which needs to (...)

    16. Re: Democracy and Magic

      I guess if you had like a team of elites who could hold everyone else in check, then they could be the ones to enforce said democracy, however this would mean that said elites would have to be at least (...)

    17. Re: Challenges

      2a and 2b I'm thinking either memory loss phenomena or some sort of situation where people's identities keep on being switched around. Like maybe each time people go to sleep they wake up in a different (...)

    18. Re: My experience with comedy

      So, to give a bit of context, I wrote (And I say wrote because I've finished writing it), a litRPG dark fantasy series, and comedy is something that has always been an interesting part of the writing experience (...)

    19. Re: The perfect comment

      For me at least, a thanks for the chapter is nice to see, as it shows me that people are reading and enjoying my work. However, I won't lie when I say that these comments leave me with a slight sense of (...)

    20. Re: Characters

      So there is something I was thinking about a bit recently. When writing a character, there are usually two reasons why you would write a character into your story.  Either-  A. The character will (...)