Dubs The Duke

Dubs The Duke

    1. Re: What would your fiction's title be if it was a japanese light novel?

      "Killed by the man who became the hero, I have to become the Villainesse to defeat him."

    2. Re: Prologues: Skip or not to skip?

      I mean this is like saying would you skip chapter 1. I don't see any reason why someone would do that. If you enjoy reading the series why would you skip a part of it?  My prologue personally isn't (...)

    3. Re: Who has the most evil antagonist? (Battle of Your Villains)

      My main villain was a man from earth who was reincarnated as the hero.  He was praised, respected, and loved by all the people of the world who readily welcomed him into their midst.  He manipulated (...)

    4. Re: Gamelit VS. Litrpg

      I mean I'm just guessing here but I would assume that Gamelit is any form of literature that has elements of video games. This doesn't necessarily have to be an RPG with stats, though this is the most (...)

    5. Re: Has anyone else ever used their experiences in work as inspiration for hatable characters?

      Yes, I have used many, many personal experiences to spark the mindsets of many, many antagonists and hatable characters.  As a matter of fact, almost every single character I've written that I've hated (...)

    6. Re: "Message me if you want me to remove the cover" - why?

      Think about it another way.  Authors typically don't have money.  Artists often complain about not having money, and when authors ask for covers to be made for them, its automatically a "For how (...)

    7. Re: Do you ever conform your story to your reader's taste?

      Mmm I guess it's a good question.  I'mma say no. I usually really enjoy my characters and a lot of people hate them. Like take my first story for example. I purposely went through a lot of effort to (...)

    8. Re: How many reader typically carry over from one of your fictions to the next?

      Well my first fiction has over 200 followers My 2nd has like 4 So not many, based on this experience. 

    9. Re: What motivates you to write? And how do you stay motivated when you have no hope of success?

      If you enjoy your own writing then thats already success. If you dont then what ARE you doing?

    10. Re: Alright, So How Has Writing Been Going For You Lot?

      It's been going excellent recently. 

    11. Re: In my opinion

      I think you seem to be misunderstanding. The people who were responding your posts weren't criticizing your opinion. They simply don't understand your English. 

    12. Re: I just wrote one of THOSE chapters.

      As a writer, we often find ourselves building up to a climax.  However very often we find that everything is disappointing, not as good as we had hoped for it to be. Perhaps things don't flow right (...)

    13. Re: Shortsightedness

      Something that I've learned from my experience writing is that no matter how good your writing is, what you are currently writing will always seem worse than it is.  What do I mean by that?  I can't (...)

    14. Re: Hallmarks of a Great Story

      I personally think that when every character in the story is extremely likable to the point where you don't even know which side to cheer for is amazing. Two perfect examples of this? Dorohedoro and Golden (...)

    15. Re: A Realization

      I just recently finished the first volume to my new series, and with this I have realized something.  Writing a story takes a lot of planning.  When I was writing the later volumes of my first story, (...)

    16. Re: What time is good for updating chapter...

      To add onto what the guy said earlier, there is no "One special time". Since different people are on at different times, while there may be fluctuations overall, these are not very significant. Any time (...)

    17. Re: Favorite original Monsters/Demons/Creatures you've read about, or made yourself.

      Something that I've realized on reading this is the fact that none of the monsters I've created in my stories are beasts or creatures, but rather humanoid or even humans.  I've barely created any monsters (...)

    18. Re: Anyone wanna share their writer L moments?

      I didn't realize who the protagonist of the story was until I was 250 chapters in, so that's something. 

    19. Re: Reason for writing

      To answer this question would take a lot. The simple answer? I write because it's fun to do so.  The complicated answer? I write because I enjoy telling a story. I enjoy creating a world and it's functions, (...)