Luca De Rosa

Luca De Rosa

    1. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

      Charles Barlow was an engineer in the Empire. One day, he wakes up inside a mysterious cave. His artificial intelligence companion is still with him, but he’s surrounded by monsters and people from old (...)

    2. First attemp at making a map

      Hello guys, I just took my iPad and tried making a map for my story. Let me know your thoughts. The art is crap, granted. I am looking for ideas about the layout and the position of the points of interest, (...)

    3. Re: Graphic Designer- will make a book cover in exchange for a review of my story

      I'm in! Check out my story, and as soon as the cover is done I'll make the review! Thank you in advance man, I'm in dire need for some art!

    4. Re: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      I'm in man! Both for this one and this one here. I'd love you as well, so there's that bonus.

    5. Re: Free anime style cover for 5+ episodes novel. The story is set in a medieval world with a system. The MC comes from a futuristic space empire, and arrives inside a dungeon (...)

    6. Re: Technically Technical Reviews: Offer to Review.

      You can review my story, immense space, if you’d like. I’d sure love that  :peolove:

    7. Re: Thedude3445's Weekly TheReviews3445 Thread (No Swaps, Don't Stop)

      Here's my story! It has fiber optics too as it is sci-fi, although I never mention them

    8. Re: Nice and Ez - Get your reviews!

      Hey, if you're up for it, I'd love to have my latest story Night Game reviewed. It's a suspense/sci-fi story, hopefully that sounds like your cup of tea? I'm in! Check out my story, Immense Space (...)

    9. Re: Best Review swap right here. Look no further

      Let's do it! Anyone welcome to do it as well, and I will swap reviews with anyone who read my story!