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Luca De Rosa

    1. Re: Chapter Swap

      Too many points, but I got the gist of it. CHOOSE YOUR PAIN: EITHER ONE IS FINE: > >

    2. Re: Review swap for new stories?

      CHOOSE YOUR PAIN: Either story in my signature is okay, although the newest one and the one I'm publishing at the moment is the world traveler. If you want, you can go check Event Horizon as well, as (...)

    3. Re: Constructive Criticism

      Of course. You can find the world traveler in my signature, and I'd love a review for it to boost my story into trending and take over the world.

    4. Re: Reviewww Swappsss?

      Hello! My novels are in my signature, and while I’d love for you to do both of them, if you had to choose I’d say that you read the world traveler! As soon as your review is up, I’ll do mine. I do it (...)

    5. Re: August review swap

      I think you may already have my novel in queue? In any case, it's the World traveler, you can find it in my signature!

    6. Re: Swapping Reviews.......All genres Except Harem(No offence)

      I’m in! But before we proceed, are you sure you want me to be critical? Anyway my novel is the world traveler, it’s in my signature.

    7. Re: Review Swap

      I've got the same time issues as you. So, if you're fine with it, let's SLOWLY swap reviews! My novel is the world traveler, and you can find it in my signature

    8. Re: Review Swap?

      I'm in. I'm slowly catching up with my due reviews, so I'll get to yours soon enough but not immediately. My novels in my sig, and I'd like for you to read the world traveler rather than the other one (...)

    9. Re: Review Swap - Drop Links Within

      I'd like that! My fiction is the world traveler, and you can find it in my signature. I'll be a bit slow with my review though, if that's fine to you

    10. Re: Technically Technical Reviews: Offer to Review.

      If any of the novels in my signature catch your eye, then I'd love a review!

    11. Re: Let's Review Swap

      I'm up for it, IF and only IF you accept the fact that it will take a lot of time on my part. I have at least three novels to review, two novels to write and an advanced physics exam to prepare.  If the (...)

    12. Re: Review Your Book Here

      Sup! My sig definitely contains supreme works of art (haha). You MUST check them out!

    13. Re: I'm Looking for Creative Stories.

      One of my stories could be similar to what you're looking for. But of course not exactly the same, or I'd be worried about a mind reader or something lurking around here.

    14. Re: Another review swap, but simplified.

      I would like you to read the world traveler from the future, link in my signature. I will read your story as well, just not too soon because of exams, me writing my own story, and the fact that I have (...)

    15. Re: Cover for my sci-fi / litRPG novel!

      Many, many thanks to Ariana for this awesome cover!,h_1338,q_75,strp/world_traveler_by_kitanokata_de1vdyx-fullview.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOiIsImlzcyI6InVybjphcHA6Iiwib2JqIjpbW3siaGVpZ2h0IjoiPD0xMzM4IiwicGF0aCI6IlwvZlwvN2Q2NzBlZjMtNmNkZC00MWEzLWExNTQtMjcxNjc1OTBlNzJmXC9kZTF2ZHl4LWZlNjYyNzlmLTk0ZDEtNDBhOS04M2IzLTRiOTQ3MjY4NmM0MS5qcGciLCJ3aWR0aCI6Ijw9OTAwIn1dXSwiYXVkIjpbInVybjpzZXJ2aWNlOmltYWdlLm9wZXJhdGlvbnMiXX0.4XzmCIxSGLqmurrQy92gAvUB0FBcMoZgsazJ2vWDU5A

    16. Re: Something with a Mad Scientist or Evil Sorcerer MC

      I'll just drop my own story to the mix, as it follows an Engineer from the future as he arrives in a typical fantasy world. He loves guns, weapons and science! But mostly guns, and he wants to use them.

    17. Re: Science Fantasy Story List

      Add me! The story is the world traveler from the future, you can find the link in my signature!