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Luca De Rosa

    1. Re: I made a discord! (Also looking for mods)

      So, I made a Discord. Pretty much the title. The server will be open to all writers and readers, although there can only be one true deity there. Wanna be among the first to join? Alright, then do so. (...)

    2. Re: Writing process

      That I can understand and respect mate. You are a good man.

    3. Re: Writing process

      Why did you need premium to do italics? I just copy and paste from pc and all of that formatting is preserved.

    4. Re: Writing process

      Right, well, yeah I don't actually ignore them. I used to be very upset at first, but then I realized that I could learn and grow rather than be depressed. And the guy is a friend so I know he does it (...)

    5. Re: Writing process

      I was wondering about writing processes for a while. And I don't mean how you handle plots, outlines and such. I mean real writing, the act, and what comes after. For me it's like this: Read my outline; (...)

    6. Re: beating a dead horse: the callous judgement of the clueless MC trope

      I love tropes-- the more tired the better. It gives the author a chance to go against the expectations set by using the trope. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't -- like a literary version of (...)

    7. Re: story idea: stuck in a small cave, Litrpg.

      Wait, am I the only one that got minecraft stoneblock vibes here?

    8. Re: Novel similar to Spirit immortal/Soul land cultivation system

      With like the rings and all? I don't think I ever saw one like that on this website, as usually the xianxia novels here use a more common cultivation system like absorbing qi and the stages.

    9. Re: New to writing and troubled with its progress

      I think it's always worth posting your work. Even if you doubt yourself, even if you think your work is garbage... never be controlled by those insecurities. You will receive critiques, insults, lots (...)

    10. Re: How to improve fight scenes?

      I am not an expert writer, but I managed to gain a few tricks over the months. First, you need to decide the pov. Is it a battle as seen from above, from the throne of an all knowing God, or is it lived (...)

    11. Re: About to do exam

      It's over. Now we wait for the results...

    12. Re: About to do exam

      I'm just about to do my 6th try at Mathematical Analysis II. Wish me luck! (Yeah, I study physics but my brain ain't big enough yet. And I do so only to achieve perfect knowledge of how the world works (...)

    13. Re: Are chapter updates where it's just a break for illustrations or inserts of lore guide okay or do readers (...)

      Thanks to this thread, I just decided to post an update.  ...and ended up writing like 700 words, so I could have published even if the minimum were not characters but words. Damn. I any case, thank (...)

    14. Re: Why are people so angry all the time?

      Fun thing: I was wrong. I posted this thread after seeing a bad comment on my fiction, and only later I learned that it was I who was wrong. I chatted a bit with the guy, and while he used strong words (...)

    15. Re: Planners & Plantsers: How Far Ahead?

      I literally went from writing whatever comes to mind to, after seeing my novel grow and plot holes arise, planning several arcs that will span over thousands of pages. 

    16. Re: Follower Count As Cultivation Stages

      My cultivation skyrocketed in the last week. Someone told me that I should try to build a better foundation, however. Now the story is in rewrite LOL. Luckily it won't take long to finish now.

    17. Re: Why are people so angry all the time?

      There's a certain amount of planned antagonism online, everyone wants their voice to be heard and to be noticed and to be talked to out of the many in the crowd. Unfortunately, this leads to a habit (...)

    18. Re: Why are people so angry all the time?

      Now that my novel got in trending, I got a good influx of new people reading my novel. But, why are so many of them always angry? They criticize and think they know it all. They say that my characters (...)

    19. Re: How would you feel about a story that has been entirely written before getting posted?

      The Terramagica series has the first three books finished, and by the time the third book has finished posting episodes, the fourth should be ready to go. BUT that leaves the fifth and final book. There's (...)

    20. Re: Review Swap? Help a poor soul!

      I'm in! Of course, that's either a lifetime of servitude onboard the Flying Dutchman or you read this EDIT: to avoid misinterpretations of my message, like it happened with the bible, I'll clarify. You'll (...)