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Luca De Rosa

    1. Re: Discord invite for RR

      You can join my discord if you want. It's not the official one, but there's a few authors in there and we chat about. We're still few, but the more the merrier

    2. Re: How to build a “living” world

      My two cents here. If you as an author can manage to evoke vivid images without being overbearing, writing paragraphs longer than the entire Lotr trilogy to do that, then you are officially among the good (...)

    3. Re: Review swap: Beta Readers wanted for 14k word fantasy.

      I can read the 14k today and give you an advanced feedback as soon as I’m finished with them, all for the price of one review. Or two, if you want.

    4. Re: Just some dang ol' questions that everyone asked a million times before

      I just got a couple avid commenters in my stories and I have to say... Man it feels good!  How to get them thought? Impossible to say, you just gotta keep posting and at a certain point they'll start (...)

    5. Re: Review Swap- Will Provide In-Depth Reviews :)

      I'm in! My fiction is in my signature, the world traveler from the future. Read as much as you like, but keep in mind that the first few chapters suck in comparison to the later ones. In any case, I won't (...)

    6. Re: Free anime style cover for 5+ episodes novel.

      This realy is amazing. I did the novel's old cover, but man, I am really digging the cool new look! Respect to the artist. Yeah, it's awesome! I hope you don't mind if I use this one here hehe  ^^ (...)

    7. Re: What are the best ways to promote my book?

      What the others have said is true – the more often you upload chapters, the more attention your work would get. Jumping the narration from one character’s perspective to another is indeed something (...)

    8. Re: Starting a Patreon

      Damn, didn't meant to get flamed come on! I was only trying to help

    9. Re: Starting a Patreon

      Bullet pointing a few things here: 500 views should be a per chapter count, and not total. Even then, you might get lucky but don't expect more than a couple patrons. I have an average of well over (...)

    10. Re: A guy raised some good points, but also told me the story is garbage

      Side note: I just spammed rep to everyone, but the message was Laughatory pat for some reason LMAO

    11. Re: A guy raised some good points, but also told me the story is garbage

      Then he goes down and smacks it with a half star review telling people the MC is an idiot. This seems like the go-to phrase for people who think they are smarter than the MC. Or they would (...)

    12. Re: A guy raised some good points, but also told me the story is garbage

      Time heals all wounds. Take a break. Things will seem less irritating later. Yeah, indeed it does. I have already three weeks of chapters already written, so I am taking a break and writing another (...)

    13. Re: A guy raised some good points, but also told me the story is garbage

      Basically, he is right in most things he said. But then, he had to go and say bad things and I, the grown up adult I am, am sad now. Also, he made assumptions on the rest of the story after reading three (...)

    14. Re: Hello Everyone!

      Good luck with your writing mate, and welcome aboard the shipwreck that is the life of a writer

    15. Re: It’s been a long time since I talked to other writers

      Hello there. If you want some random discord fun as well, my server is in my signature and I guarantee 100% fun and 0% drama

    16. Re: Fianlly hit Chapter 20, and looking for

      2k followers? Damn man, you're real stuff. I'm up for it, though. I'll give your book a good read in my free time.

    17. Re: Hi everyone!

      Oh, a fellow student! Welcome, welcome

    18. Re: I made a discord! (Also looking for mods)

      PS: I have no idea how to manage and structure a discord server. So, anyone who is willing to help will be my savior