Luca De Rosa

Luca De Rosa

    1. Re: Anybody wants to talk PHYSICS?

      I'm a physics undergrad, about to take the General Physics III exam, also called Modern Physics. I was wondering if anybody was up for some nerdy chat, maybe ask a couple questions and put me through (...)

    2. Re: Do Other People Enjoy Reading the Table of Contents?

      my serious novels does not have chapter titles. my troll/experimental ones do, and they more often than not are completely mad titles as well EDIT: wrote this reply too out of context. I was joining in (...)

    3. Re: Let's review swap (please)!

      Oh, well... that makes more sense now.  I do then accept your swap. You may review my story called "I am the doomsday weapon", and I will do yours immediately after. It's short, so it should be fine

    4. Re: Let's review swap (please)!

      Wait, 12 chapters and only max 6k words? That makes for 500-word chapters. Not even my troll minecraft novel had such short chapters!

    5. Re: Brainstorming Ideas For Your Story

      I have too little time, too many ideas. I am stuck in a limbo where I want to write three, four stories at the same time and instead I'm stuck doing this LOL

    6. Re: How to see replies on my own comment when the author has deleted the chapter the comments are on?

      As an answer to the first question, you can't, sadly. If the chapter is gone, the comments are to I think.  As for Llamadragon's question, it should notify you by default, but if it doesn't, maybe check (...)

    7. Re: Brainstorming Ideas For Your Story

      Ahem, any cure for having too many ideas and too little time to write them down? Cause I have in my head at least 5 stories ready to pop on paper, and not enough time to bring them outside of my brain. (...)

    8. Re: Just got insulted because my story had a sad ending

      It's cool.  I got insulted the other day for crossing the lane too slowly.  Guy yelled at me, and I flipped him off.  He actually turned around just so his passenger could throw his water bottle at me. (...)

    9. Re: Just got insulted because my story had a sad ending

      I mean... I know how people behave on this website. But this is a first. A user, who liked the story and was quite kind, suddenly turned hateful just because 1: he didn't like that my story is now over (...)

    10. Re: What to do?

      To avoid this, I heavily suggest making a nice Google doc you can access from anywhere. In there, write bullet points with all the things you need to keep in mind I do have an entire OneNote (...)

    11. Re: Avoiding "burning out" and orphaning a story

      For me, it helps to have an end in mind. It scares me to think I would have to write a story forever and ever, always coming up with new and interesting things to entertain the readers. Knowing it will (...)

    12. Re: What to do?

      I've gone back and made several changes to a chapter before publishing because when I got further ahead I realised something just wasn't sitting right with me or I noticed a plot hole. Yeah, this (...)

    13. Re: I just received a comment on one my chapters and cant help but feel a little upset

      I think a key skill that big consistent writers acquire is Selective Ignorance. You can't be demotivated if you blankly flat out ignore these negative comments. Who cares what they think, write from (...)

    14. Re: Free Review

      Well, do feel free to check out my stories (the ones not on hiatus, of course), if you want!

    15. Re: The Science Behind Magic

      Agree with FAHyatt here. I mean, I'm preparing for a Quantum Mechanics exam and man do I wish magic was real right now.

    16. Re: The Science Behind Magic

      I don't want to get too deep into it here since it is a theme that gets unraveled in my story. I will just say that IMO it makes the most sense if physics is an emergent property of mana. Meaning, magic (...)

    17. Re: The Science Behind Magic

      Also, I should not that the whole magic ignores physics argument is invalid. Just because magic does, it does not mean that the rest of the world does as well. So, if your magic interacts with a physical (...)

    18. Re: The Science Behind Magic

      I am a physics undergrad and I can't help myself at times. I always have to think my systems down to the most minute details, because otherwise I end up not sleeping at night because I think of exploits (...)

    19. Re: Isekai

      My novel is isekai, with a twist. But I'm not here to promote my story, but rather to tell you to read Overlord! That shit is good, let me tell you.

    20. Re: Royal Road Discord?

      Guessing no discord invite for me~ If you're interested in a new, unofficial discord, you can join my server. The link is in my sig