1. Re: How do you describe flavors or tastes for food?

      I choose to assume that my readers have at some point in their lives eaten a roast, a stew, soups of various compositions, etc.   I mention what the characters are eating, and move on.   Too many (...)

    2. Re: Do you ever find your concept gets in the way of writing?

      I have my story arcs layed out, I know what is going to happen and when, and generally whom it is going to involve. The events in between to I tend to write a bit more organically, which has, on occasion (...)

    3. Re: What do you use for inspiration for new spells?

      I look at the spell effect and figure out how it fits in the spell matrix.  Damage is easy.  Transumation/Creation/Summoning/Control/Transportation/Transposition/Adaptation are all a bit more difficult, (...)

    4. Re: Overcoming the Need for Validation: How to Not Give Up

      When I'm feeling down, and the .5 ratings are trickling in, and I receive another review bomb... I remember that they don't matter.  I'm writing this to answer my creative need.  Not theirs.  They can (...)

    5. Re: The chance of a lifetime! One I don’t wanna screw up...

      Terry Pratchett - Guards! Guards! Because Samuel Vimes.  And Carrot. And Errol.

    6. Re: Skill Suggestions for my Classes

      I'm going to go ahead and say that it's the formatting of posting this to the forums that's causing me a bit of confusion. I'm guessing it should read like a tree?                             Knight (...)

    7. Re: Premise: Bullied MC

      Monroe features a MC who was bullied and shit on his entire life. Link below.

    8. Re: Is the Marxist culture creeping into rrl?

      My only concern is that the site will place further restrictions on what they'll allow to be published. How close are we to the point where if you were to write your MC as a homophobe, that your story (...)

    9. Re: What program do you use to write?

      I write on royal road, taking advantage of their automatic draft saving feature, and stuffing blue boxes into the text as I go.   Although I keep my spreadsheets on google docs.  I run everything through (...)

    10. Re: Killing off the characters you love

      Death is too quick and easy. I like to maim my characters.  Break their spirits.  Take away, one by one, the things they hold dear. 'How do you hurt a man who has lost everything?' 'You give him (...)

    11. Re: What things that make you quit reading a novel after serveral chapters?

      Romance.  I've removed that particular cancer from my life, and I don't want to read poorly written and idealized notions of it.  Harems.  More romance, only now I'm nearly certain to have to deal (...)

    12. Re: How many chapters is too many chapters to you guys?

      A story has to end at some point. Either it ends because the author abandoned it or the story was finished. How many chapters there are between the first and the end is irrelevant. I think a lot (...)

    13. Re: Grind Your Way to Writing Faster?

      Great is the enemy of good, and perfection the enemy of progress. I'll bet those 4k days contained 2k words that would meet your higher standards. Your 500 word days might just be the result of your (...)

    14. Re: How do you stay motivated / on schedule?

      I sit down at the computer.  The windows in the room are blacked out.  I close the door. Darkness.  Perfect and complete. Several deep breathes.  Turn on the PC. Startup 'I giorni ' for background (...)

    15. Re: Data Driven litRPG

      I'll toss my hat in the ring, my story has been dinged more than a few times by people who wanted less math.  A whole lot less math. (see link below)

    16. Re: What do you think of School Life novels?

      I have trouble identifying with teenagers, as I am not a young man. I'd like them to get off my lawn (seriously, I'm on a corner lot a few blocks from school, and the little bastards have worn a path (...)

    17. Re: Those of you who write Portal/Isekai/Reincarnation...

       I stuffed the language of the land into my MC's head via magic like six chapters in. As much fun as it is to write scenes where the language barrier creates hilarious misunderstandings, it gets old. (...)

    18. Re: I got my first 0.5 rating and now I'm sad.

      I'll add to the necro. I've gotten used to the .5 stars.  For every fifty followers and five favorites I pick up, I can count on a .5 star rating. I've just come to accept it.  My first chapter is (...)

    19. Re: Does having a lot of dialogues drops the quality of your novel?

      Dialogue is what allows you to define the relationships your characters have with each other. Writing that dialogue allows the relationships to grow organically. A comment about his grandfather being (...)

    20. Re: Looking for recs with no romance, no sex, and great grammar.

      I'll throw my hat in with my story, Monroe (see link below). No romance, no sex.  Just a man tossed into another world, and his quest to save the best friend he inadvertently left behind.