1. Re: Authors are disappearing left and right.

      As someone who has caught a significant amount of hate I can tell you there is occasionally disheartening. Were I not an obstinate, ornery, cantankerous old man I might very well have dropped Monroe. (...)

    2. Re: Now that Youtube is removing the dislike button, let's talk about 'downvote trolling'

      As someone who has received dozens of .5 star ratings, and even more one stars, I don't want to see the rating system change. I wouldn't mind it popping up a disclaimer, indicating that .5 should be (...)

    3. Re: What do you do when your story isn't what Royal Road usually likes?

      Know your audience.  RR trends towards LitRPG, Wuxia, Xanxia, Isekai, and general progression fantasy.   Romance?  Not a big segment.  Gothic?  Not unless you're rocking Edgelord/Grimdark.   Why (...)

    4. Re: That feeling when you're 1500 words in and you accidentally refresh the page

      I went in on RR premium for that reason.  Kitty on keyboard twice in one week lost six thousand words.   Now yes, I could write it in Google Docs, but the thing is, it's more convenient for me to write (...)

    5. Re: When do you decide to follow?

      After I've read the last chapter available.  At that point, I'll normally know if I'm going to be interested in reading more, as I haven't dropped it.  If the story was really engaging, that's when I look (...)

    6. Re: From what you have seen, what is the most boring, and annoying stereotypes about dragons in western fanta (...)

      That they aren't ravenous killing machines. Honestly, anything that large is going to be an ambulatory chipper/shredder, stuffing any sort of meat it can into its gullet just to remain active.  This (...)

    7. Re: Solving Problems with Violence?

      Is your MC generally peaceful, looking for a solution without resorting to violence, but willing to accept that there are instances where violence must be used to resolve a conflict?   Because that sort (...)

    8. Re: up, down, repeat, keep writing

      Review bombs are common, and often reflect a user's opinion on a single facet of your work, rather than the entirety of it.  Honestly, if you are using proper grammar and sentence structure, with your (...)

    9. Re: The Blue Box Is A Trap

      The issue isn't litrpg, it's serialized web fiction.   Unlike traditional novels, there isn't a huge incentive to have an endpoint to the story, especially if you are running a Patreon. I've arced (...)

    10. Re: (Repost) I don't know about you, but I HATE bad first chapters. Here's how I would fix them!

      Heh, you want a bad first chapter?  Check out Monroe.  I've caught so much grief from that chapter that I not only had to disable the comments on it, but the next chapter as well (folks were making the (...)

    11. Re: You ever get this weird feeling?

      Personally, it's less trope's that I enjoy turning sour, and more my tolerance for the ones that annoy me eventually running out.

    12. Re: What Site do you use to Fix your Grammar and Punctuation?

      Grammarly.  I've paid for it so I can't speak for the free version, but it is excellent for catching my mistakes.

    13. Re: Hit the new trending!

      I'd never thought that I would appear on trending or popular this week, too many .5 star reviews and ratings.   I had an influx of new people in the discord and in the comments section, and one of them (...)

    14. Re: Dealbreaker Tropes

      Romance and harems top my list, but one of the things I hate most are chumps. How many times have you read a scene where the MC meets a woman, and a few scenes later she's punching him 'playfully'? (...)

    15. Re: Boredom.

      10x Pushups, situps, burpees, followed by a thirty-minute walk/jog (depending on your abilities).   Get your body moving and you'll be rewarded by being able to focus on something afterward. 

    16. Re: Fantasy Stories That Aren't Isekais or Have Game mechanics

      Are you looking for cultivation stories?  

    17. Re: 300 chapters!

      That's a huge amount of words.  Like, five decent-length novels.  Well done!

    18. Re: How Do My Metrics Compare?

      I try not to look at my metrics.  I'm not doing this professionally, and I don't even have a patreon, so really it's a hobby/passion/obsession for me. The only metrics I really care about are the lengths (...)

    19. Re: I find it demotivating & distracting to look at the view count

      You had the correct mindset in the beginning.   Telling your story because you had a story that needed to be told. Don't let views/followers/favorites/rankings influence your creativity.   I actively (...)

    20. Re: Personality of MC

      Rule of thumb, you can write your MC as unlikeable, but you need to have at least one redeeming trait, and it's fairly important to bring that MC around towards being a better/more likable person throughout (...)