1. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      OH MYYYY WHAT A CHRISTMAS PRESENT! POSITIVES AGAIN BABYYY! Good job lads, good job. Well, here's a 4 and a merry Christmas Definitely not 2am 26th Dec for me in the UK right now lmfao


      Welp, I should have done this earlier but eh, just in time. Merry Christmas! メリークリスマス! -From England (learning JP) Edit: Too late for EU, Africa, Asia but we still have a lot more countries! (...)

    3. Re: Isekai adventure comedy with dark movements - An 'Ordinary' Adventure - Re:Zero like

      It's a new subforum just added this month, so it's entirely reasonable for you to have overlooked its existence until now. :) If I may critique your description a wee bit... He, and a young girl (...)

    4. Re: Isekai adventure comedy with dark movements - An 'Ordinary' Adventure - Re:Zero like

      Yahello, somehow I only just noticed this so I guess here's a rushed promotion copy paste I made a while ago for my story - An 'Ordinary' Adventure https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/687312861772644421/703944477965811732/Untitled132_20200426182302.png (...)

    5. Re: Recommendations by Zethuron

      Same here!! I prefer the webtoon! For all three...ToG, God of Highschool and Noblesse! Yeah. I enjoyed ToG and God of HS adaption but Noblesse was quite trash imo. Was excited tho as it was (...)

    6. Re: Representation isn't as important as people think

      I see some people arguing that it's important that people have a story that has chars like them. Okay? That has nothing to do with the original comment. Just because you want a book like that doesn't mean (...)

    7. Re: Failed aspiring author seeking validation of a wasted effort

      This could be the boost you needed. You can gain reviews, feedback, general discussions on your work. If you mingle with the right people in the forums you can get some extremely generous people who provide (...)

    8. Re: I feel like the star rating is inflated

      100% agree. I wish it was out of 10. Like, my story is a 4, and realistically, it ain't lmao. But, when i compare it to everything else on the site I'm like "it should be higher" because most things are (...)

    9. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      -26 let's get some free rep going. I gave.

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      Dunno What I do know is that the username Kamikoto for some reason makes me think of the “poco loco” song from that one Mexican Disney movie -42 STOOOOOPU-34

    11. Re: Recommendations by Zethuron

      Damn, I can only reiterate what everyone else has said. A damn good list. 

    12. Re: Next event ?

      What other events would you like to see?  Any chance for a mini writathon? Maybe like one or two in between each full month writathons? And idk much about events but it'll be cool to have like a (...)

    13. Re: How are other ways I can get noticed on Royal Road?

      First off you might want to get a signature like mine, but not as bad, so people see your story every time you post in the forums. 

    14. Re: Not a good writer but have great ideas.

      Have you not tried trying to write any? I mean, everyone starts off as terrible writer's xD. Sure, some will have better styles or dialogue etc, but that doesn't mean you can't get gud. I was terrible, (...)

    15. Re: 2 page spread for my light novel

      Looks really fun! Great character designs as well.