Suzy Down

Suzy Down

Old Version of Trials of Sanity (Dropped for a complete rewrite)

For anyone who wants to read a well written story, this is it. Grammar and spelling are great.

The characters are believable and interesting. Even if they do something I would disagree with, the context they are written in makes there actions and reasoning clear.

The is story and style are good, but I took off a star because it is a bit predictable, at least in the beginning. The story does gain momentum and diverges out of the cookie cutter apocaliptec/dark LitRPG style.

Hattie: An Old Maid's Adventures

I read this while going through an especially busy and pressuring week. Reading this story worked like a balm to that. It transported me to a lighter and happier place, and was a great comfort to read.  

It follows a creatively written main character. Story has an interesting premise, and continues with unexpected turns. Style that is written is lovely, with moments of inspiring descriptions and relatively fast paced. Grammar was great, I didn't see anything problematic except for one small typo once.


The Other Crew

Funny Male Driven Adventure Story

The characters in the story are written excellently. The camaraderie expressed between them is totally believable. The antics and situations they find themselves in flow naturally.

The style of writing is also well done. It is full of interesting descriptions. The fantasy elements are presented as a backdrop of the story, creating a logical and interesting world. As someone already wrote in another review, sort of like in Game of Thrones.

Spoiler: (slight) Spoiler

Points taken off in grammar, because the punctuations can be wonky, especially around speech. Otherwise it is fine.

The Courting of Life and Death

Prepare to enter an engaging and intriguing world. It brings up a lot of questions, that the author masterfully answers slowly, in a natural way. You also get the feel of different cultures and countries. The characters are interesting and well written. The style is fresh with an interesting premise. There is romance, but for those who are less interested in romance, it doesn't take over the story. There is a lot more to it than that. Grammar was great too.

A 5/5 must read!