C.R. Mcmahon

C.R. Mcmahon


Anime elements, supernatural monsters, and badass good guys

If you love anime, Japanese references, thrilling fight scenes, and interesting characters, give this a try.

The words Yokai and revenant drew me in right away. I generally do not like prologues but this was was short and introduced the setting and MC quite well. I love Japanese folklore and anime and the elements in This story really vibed with me. Anyone else read Kekkashi? One of my favorite manga. This story touched those rusty memories and brought them back life.

Ryn is a bit of a mystery at this point where I am reading. She seems cocky and a bit fearless, but that makes for an excellent contrast to Yuno. Stoic and wanting to get the job done. I would be interested in seeing how their relationship develops.

The action scenes are fast paced and it is very easy to lose yourself in the vivid imagery.

I do not have a great eye for typos or grammatical errors but nothing stoped me as I read so that is a big plus.

Sometimes there are helpful notes that explain certain words or background info for this story which I found very cool.

I am actually going to cut this review shorter than I had planned as I want to focus on reading.

If you are on the fence about this story I highly recommend you give it a shot.

Heaven's Fall

Come and check out a fantastically crafter world, and an unpredictable plot!

To start this cover, and synopsis drew me in. The style of artwork is fantastic. The content reads smoothly, and I did not notice any errors. The main character is extremely interesting, and I know they are out there but I have not read a story from this perspective. The mention of Dragons and various other recognizable mythical races had me intrigued as well.

Finally, a prologue that I enjoy! 

This story seems to have a well-established world. I very much enjoy the feeling of being transported there.   



The Chronicles of Shard: Never a Name Spoken

First off, I was drawn into reading this story by the name of the world, and its design. Somewhat reminiscent of one piece, this story is based in a world of islands, separated by an ocean. 


The language of this story is colorful and speaks to the honed craft of the author. You will not see a lack of descriptions that paint a beautiful picture anywhere in these chapters. 

The council makes for an intriguing Antagonist. 

This work oozes intelligence. In a way, I feel it is beyond much of the work here. If you are interested in a well-done story check this out!

The Parallel Timeline: Time Loop Rebel

I have to preface this review by saying I love the movie groundhog day, and Edge of tomorrow, so I went in with high expectations. These expectations were well met. 

First of all wicked cool name for the MC. The first chapter is vivid, and interesting. The time travel concept is very intriguing. I found my usual struggle with the start of most stories refreshingly absent. There was no overload of new characters, or a cramming of world building. 

The descriptions of the enviorment, and people are fantastic as well. I love how straight forward the time changing is. 

With every rewind I found myself more, and more into this story. 

All of chapter two sucked me in so completely I am having trouble putting notes to it. The third chapter was much of the same. Although long, if you prepare yourself knowing how long the chapters will be they are great. 

I heavily recomend reading this. I am for sure hitting the follow button after posting this review. 

Existence Saga: Charlie Foxtrot Zero

I do not read many futuristic works, or those about, soldiers, or ones with cool mech things involved. This story made me enjoy a new genere. The language, and imagery is absolutely amazing. At points I caught myself wondering if I was watching a movie it is written so well. I usually have trouble with being introfuced to a world while reading, most likely something lacking in my brain, but I had no such problem here. The into jumps in with a unique, and exciting game. I find myself wondering if the main character can redeem himself from the first chapter. 


This story will draw you in. If you are wondering if it is worth your time, the answer is yes! This story is going to be big. I have no doubt. 

Shadow of Steel

So much world building! Come and travel miles for different story points

Now I have to admit, I was worried when there was a three part prologue, but the playful wordding of sentences kept me engaged. No not spud! The short quips that make up the prologue, left me slightly confused, but very intrigued. The chapters are also cut into bite sized pieces. An interesting choice. After a long build up we meet the main character again. Though not how I would have set up the story, it shows a lot of promise. I wish the chapters were longer, but it is easy enough to click through to the next one. I am looking forward to more content! 

Mutagenesis Phase One Dystopia

 Whenever I see the word mutants I think X-men, and I am already halfway interested. This is less superpowers, and more evolution gone wildly wrong. (As I read I realized I was wrong. Telekenisis!) The prologue left me slightly confused, and very interested, which is just where I want to be when reading a new story. The first chapter eases you into the plot very well. The characters seem interesting, and the mention of an Academy has me hooked.

This world sounds really tough to live in, and that makes me wonder if the main character has what it takes. There is some indication that he has great potential, but at the same time he has had to work very hard. This is well done.

I really enjoyed the first few chapters of this story, and I am going to continue to read it. If you are into scifi, superpowers, futuristic society, and interesting characters you do not want to miss this one!

A Stranger in Sorcererstown (The Stranger Trails Saga)

Magic, and the Wild west. What a wonderful combination.

The writing here is professional, and I was honestly a bit blown away by it. "The amount of blood I have spilt would float a fleet of ships" ...wow. If you are searching for a high tier, interesting, and wonderfully done story congradulations! This is it.

Normally I am not a fan of guns in a magical setting, but if I were to like it, this is how. Such flourish, and creativity used in writing these battle scenes. 

If you are looking for a magical story full of action, and an amazing setting please read this. 


Immense Space

I knew I would like this as soon as I read the word "Technocracy"

Sometimes you read the words written by someone, and they just feel right. That is what I found here with Immense Space. The sentence structure, flow, and overall build of this story resonated with me. I instantly liked, and could relate to the main character. There is mention of the first few chapters being rough, but I have to dissagree. There is a clear improvement, but I would not use any negative word to decribe the begining of this stroy. By chapter five there is a clear improvement though. I would say it goes from good, to great. 

The aurhor beautifully captures the allure, and curse of living in a small town. The pacing of this writing is delightfully fast as well. I have to admit I am not the first person to see a book about space, or science fiction, and rip it off the shelf. I would be at a loss if I missed this read though. 


Please give this book a read. It is well worth your time!

The Dweeb Prince and the Eight Cursed Princesses

Curses!, Fairies!, and Princesses. Hop on for a wild ride!!

As others have said this reads like the script for an amime. I love it. The language is vivid, and the characters interesting. The author makes very smooth refrences in a way that titilates the mind. It would have no surpised me if this was a book I picked up at barnes and noble it is so well done. The Arc set up is another thing I really enjoy. The way the main character is blunt with people is hilarious.


All in all if you are lloking for a decently paced great read please check this out!