All in Vane

All in Vane

All the Dust that Falls: A Roomba Isekai Adventure

This one is just a joy to read. It is funny, engaging and and well-written. It will probably not become an epic fantasy series, considering the main character, but I simply love the way the author plays with the misconceptions and different perspectives. It isn't a five-course meal of fantasy excellence, but it is definitely a nice satisfying snack. Read it when you don't want to invest a lot of brainpower, but still want to be thoroughly entertained.

Designated Healer

It is quite a pleasant story, with a likable main character, a vivid fantasy world and flawless grammar and language. The pacifist nature of the mc's class is an interesting twist, though I worry that it might limit creative choices down the line. What keeps the story from getting 5 stars is the aimlessness of the mc. Both the litrpg aspects and the story themself just sort of happens to the protagonist. Story wise this makes complete sense, but I would like her to have more agency regarding her class and abilities. To be able to "build her character". At the moment she just stumbles from one horror to the next and I like my MC's to be more decisive in one way or another.

Never Attribute to Malice

This work just feels a bit rushed to me. I would like more insight into the main character, her motivations and feelings. At the moment she seems quite flat and I can't really connect to her. Other than that, the writing style is fine. It is nothing groundbreaking and the plot is certainly pretty standard isekai so far. Overall it is missing something unique to make this work stand out. I guess the protagonists weapon choice could count as such, but it is too nonsensical to be fun. Fighting with a sledgehammer is fine when your in the wilderness with no alternative, but afterwards it is just dumb. There are reasons even one-handed war hammers were used extremely sparingly throughout history. But a two handed hammer is an idiotic weapon at best. And it makes even less sense for a young woman with no particular athletic abilities. For me at least this completely breaks immersion during fight scenes. I do think the author has writing skills, but at the moment this novel lacks that certain something that could draw me in.

Wanting in Paradise

It is to early to say much about this story, but there are certainly some intriguing pieces falling into place. There is some humor and trope subversion, some world building and some mysteries being set up. So far, the characters aren’t fleshed out properly and the protagonist feels a little flat, but since she is an uneducated minor that can’t read her own status screen and has become enslaved, expecting her to have a lot of drive right from the start might be a bit much. However I would like to get more of an idea of her emotional state and I hope she develops some kind of agency (even limited) soon. At the moment she is more of a chronicler of events rather than a protagonist. Overall, the author definitely knows how to write, grammar and style are fine and the groundwork for a great story is definitely there. I hope it delivers.

Wolf's Tail Reboot

I like the characters and the set-up, the plot so far is not exactly groundbreaking but nicely executed and I always like a Litrpg which includes negative (mental) traits that make life harder for our protagonist. The world building is still somewhat cliche, but the hints about a vast universe made up of different realms and planets certainly allow for a lot of growth and creativity. The story is on hiatus at the moment, but I hope the author picks it up again.

Dungeon Scholar

This is primarily a slice of life story, and so far there is no great overarching plot. However the story really doesn’t need it. There are several small plots and situations that challenge the main character, with hints of a bigger mystery appearing now and then. There is quite a bit of humor, to balance out the more tragic aspects, but the two blend together seamlessly. The world is interesting and the ethical quandaries caused by featuring an empath in a world with monsters are well presented and not overbearing. All in all the story manages to be excitingly realistic despite the fantasy setting. The only downside is the slow upload speed, but at least we get flawless grammar and spelling thrown in. Definitely a story to follow along with.


I like this story quite a bit, grammar, style and pacing are great. The story as an almost haunting vibe to it and the hints of a behind-the-scene-plot work well. The main flaw however is the lacking curiosity of the main character. She is understandably emotional about her situation but does nothing to investigate the strange helper AI, or any other clues. She never even checks her status or skills and asks zero questions about stats even though they are part of her quest rewards. It just seems very implausible at this point in the story. In a way, this turns the first 30 chapters into more of a fantasy story instead of litrpg. Still, it is a great fantasy story, just not exactly what I was looking for from the tags and synopsis.

A Budding Scientist in a Fantasy World

So far there hasn’t been much of a story, but I really like the slice of life/wilderness survival of the first arc. But the best thing about it is the main character. Her reactions are far more realistic than those of other similar MCs and the way loneliness and her new environment get to her is very refreshing for this genre.

Agenda of the Villainess

Original world building, interesting characters and hints of a nice plot. This certainly has great potential. I personally also love the lesbian previous life story threat, but so far there is no romance for our protagonist, due to her age. I guess we will see that in later chapters. I certainly hope the author continues the story soon.

Lament of the Slave

It is too early for an in-depth review, but I like it so far. The mc is interesting and is (not) handling the pretty extreme trauma in a believable way. The world isn’t really fleshed out so far, but it has some interesting cultural aspects. The posting speed is unfortunately quite slow, but there are enough unique aspects to keep me hooked.