All in Vane

All in Vane

Uncharted and Unchartered

Uncharted and Unchartered (...)
by All in Vane
23 pages

As the King of Harverkan tries to become an [Emperor] before internal strife and mismanagement destroy his rapidly expanding Kingdom, Sara Haymaker a [Weather witch] and lowly peasant from the small community of Brightwood tries to evade the country’s mobilization order by any means necessary. Be it bribery, academic fraud or stowing away on a ship towards the infamous Unchartered Waters. But wherever she travels to, the Interplanar Courier Guild will deliver her letters straight back to her fretful parents. See our catalogue for more information on how you can send and receive letters via the Interplanar Courier Guild.

Authors note:

I am writing this for the “Uncharted waters” writing prompt contest.

It is an epistolary work (Letters only). There is only one main character, but the point of view will change frequently and the same events might be described completely differently depending on the sender and recipient.

Honest and constructive feedback is not only welcomed but actively encouraged

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Amelia The Level Zero [Hero] (An OP MC Isekai LitRPG)

Amelia The Level Zero (...)
by MelasDelta
697 pages

Who needs a Class when you're already the strongest anyways?

Ten years ago, Amelia woke up alone and lost in a broken world where she had to fight for her survival.

Now, after reaching the pinnacle of power, defeating the Void itself, and escaping the abyss, she has finally found her way back into the real world. But instead of returning to Earth, she arrives in the land of Vacuos. A fantasy world with magic, monsters, Classes, and Levels. A world that is governed by a System like it were a video game.

And when rewarded with a Class befitting her accomplishments— to become a powerful [Hero] that will forever dedicate her life to protecting this world that is not her own— she only has one response.

“Absolutely not. I’m going to live a normal life now, thank you very much.”

Copyright © 2022 MelasD / VA Lewis / MelasDelta

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The Wayward Fairy

The Wayward Fairy
by Mackenzi
434 pages

A young Fairy with the reincarnated soul of a girl from Earth decides to runaway from her idyllic life in the forest home of the Fairies and become an adventurer. As war rages between the Dragon Lords and the mortal races, how will this decision ultimately affect the fate of this new world she now calls home. This is a transgender story with lesbian elements, if this is not your thing, I suggest that you not read it.

Posting on Scribblehub and Royal Road, if this is showing anywhere else, it has been stolen.

Book one of this series has been published on Amazon for eBook, paperback and hard cover. The published works on Amazon come with a new prologue that is not published on Scribblehub or Royal Road. Check it out!

Image courtesy of Aurora1325, who did a great job. Thank you! You can see her other work by clicking these links:

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All the Dust that Falls: A Roomba Isekai Adventure

All the Dust that Falls: (...)
by zaifyr
707 pages

Some seek power. Some seek justice. Others seek to root out the filth lurking in the darkest of corners.

Spot was summoned from his comfortable charging pad and familiar floors to a world of magic and intrigue. After the flight of his new patrons, he is left to care for a filthy castle. During his quest to keep this new home clean, he will face demons, foreign armies, and the dreaded stairs.

All those who stand before him will be swept away. Those who follow his spotless trail will find enlightenment, purity, and a world on its knees.

Follow this wholesome vacuum on his quest to power.

Posts Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] 

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Split Second [A System-Based Progression LitRPG]

Split Second [A System-Based (...)
by idkmanseemssketchy
143 pages


[Earth] has finally reached the minimum level of ambient mana that is required to support integration into the wider cosmos. According to scans, [Earth] has one species capable of higher reasoning and thought. That's a higher number than [ERROR]% of planets! If you can understand this message, then you must be part of the species [Human]. Lucky you!


To support the integration of [Humans] into the greater cosmos, the... [ERROR]

[retrieving appropriate term from species database...]

[culturally relevant term found]

To support the integration of [Humans] into the greater cosmos, the System has been made available to you! Yes, you! As well as all other [Humans], but also you! The System will help you integrate mana into your [carbon-based flesh bodies], as well as taking on the burden of datamining your [brains] and determining what your affinities are. This process has a [68%] casualty rate when performed on [Human] simulators. You're welcome!

NOTE: Due to a lack of data on [Human] affinity compatibility, the System has provided a series of tests and challenges to weed out inefficient affinities before official integration. There are even puzzles! Fun!

NOTE NOTE: [Human] simulators have shown that most desirable reactions occur when the System is using Language Filter [387-B]. This filter is meant to encourage positive reactions in [highly empathetic] [needy] [easily scared] [squishy] living organisms. Look how you're being taken care of! Wow! Please share your positive responses with other [Humans].

Beginning datamining process now...

Kira was... in the middle of something when the System came. Now, she is conflicted. On the one hand, apocalypse and end of life as she knew it. On the other hand, life as she knew it wasn't - well, it wasn't something she wanted to continue. She feels like she should be sad, or maybe angry is the right response? Kira's never been good with feeling how she is supposed to, but she knows that 'happy' definitely isn't the right answer. But, come on, the System prompt definitely mentioned mana, which means magic. Who wouldn't be excited about magic? And affinities seem to be tied to it. Kira hopes she'll be able to do something cool with her affinity, which is... Time?

Time magic is fun, and I did put the Time Travel tag on here but know going in that it's a ways off. We'll start with time shenanigans pretty soon though. Cover art generated by me through Dream by Wombo.

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[Maid] to Kill

[Maid] to Kill
by zechamp
755 pages

In a world of rigid social classes, roaming monsters, and a budding revolution, one [Maid] tires of cleaning the estate every day, all for an irksome [Lord] to always mess up her hard work.

What if she were to take a more... direct approach to cleansing the true filth of this world?

What to expect from this novel:

-Household skills put to gruesome and bloody use in combat.

-A bit of romance. Eventually.

-Guillotines. Eventually.

New chapters on Thursdays and Sundays. 6k-10k words a week.

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by Oxylus
1.1k pages

Mana exists and, somehow, seems to have a purpose, beginning with its arrival triggering a cosmic event that burst through numerous realities, bringing upheaval and turmoil to all within its path…

Transported from Earth under mysterious circumstances, Sloane and her daughter Gwyn arrived in the world of Eona only to discover they had been separated from each other. Forced to venture on a desperate quest to find one another, mother and daughter each embark on magical adventures, filled with untold wonders and fantastical beings. They undertake their journeys across a continent rife with power struggles, where ancient kingdoms and guilds are in disarray, scrambling to adapt to the arrival of magic in their world. 

A hardware engineer by trade, Sloane must use skills learned over a long career to craft any edge she can against beings who have thrived using weapons long since obsolete on Earth. Perhaps mana will provide the answers she needs.

Mon | Thur

Tags are selected based on where the story is going and to cover future content. The LITRPG tag takes a bit until it really comes into play, but rest assured it is all active, just without windows. at first.

Art by: Vicki

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Cutting to Life: an NPC LitRPG (Battle Royale)

Cutting to Life: an NPC (...)
by cowllumi
424 pages

Nikola is an NPC in The World of Wills, a video game where players can feel sensations as if they were truly there. She leads a life of bloodshed and murder - that is, until one day she wakes up sapient. Just as she begins thinking real, non-scripted thoughts and making connections, she and the players in the game are told that if they die in the game, they die in real life - and it's time to get killing.

But what of Nikola, the emerging AI consciousness? How does she win in a game that can only end in her being wiped from existence at the end of it all?

- Updates weekly on Fridays.

Cutting to Life is a slow-burn LitRPG with a villainous (later anti-hero, or maybe still villainous, haha) female lead.

It's told from the perspective of Nikola, an NPC within the World of Wills who's become sapient and is now mysteriously able to play the game as a PC. It's quite light for a LitRPG, but the system and stats become more of a focus later when Nikola herself can access them.

The story gradually builds into a Battle Royale where the players' lives are on the line (if you die in the game, you die in real life), and only one party of savvy adventurers can win. They'll have to spend their time and stats wisely as dungeons promising rare gear float down from the sky - but is a legendary sword worth killing someone for, knowing they'll stay dead forever? 

- This story is told in third person, past tense.
- This is a slow-burn LitRPG that spends a lot of time establishing its setting and characters, because I believe this will make for a better payoff in the end. As such, the Battle Royale doesn't start until chapter 30 or so.
- Chapters are anywhere between 800 words and 3000 words long.
- Book cover by Vixeona.

Cutting to Life is also being posted on SPB and Scribble Hub.
Thank you sincerely for reading.

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Wayfarer's Guild (A LitRPG Story)

Wayfarer's Guild (A LitRPG (...)
by VyStarlit
515 pages

No good deed goes unpunished. Nova Davis learns this first hand when helping a crying girl leads to being transported to another world. Attacked by monsters, hunted by gods, and dealing with a secretive Summoner who is insistent she help him build a guild, Nova can't catch a break. And this is only the beginning of her issues. At least she has a cool System that gives her skills, right? Too bad its malfunctioning. 

While Nova struggles with a glitchy system and a class she's not sure how to use, she'll explore the wonders and magic of a fantasy world and the creatures within it. Come and follow Nova in Wayfarer's Guild, a LitRPG story that combines adventure and slice-of-life.

Updates Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday around 11am EST.

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Beyond Knowledge [A Fantasy Minimalistic LitRPG]

Beyond Knowledge [A Fantasy (...)
by Ireos
892 pages

Ayla awakes in a small dust filled box, with no apparent entrance, nor exit. All that greets her is a simple book, carrying the immediate answers she needs, but with it, so many more questions. 

She is a last hurrah, the accumulation of someone’s life work, to go beyond the next average [Baker] or [Warrior]. Join her adventure into the unknown, beyond a simple life and her never-ending bad luck. 

Adventure? Discovery? This way! 

Getting into trouble and turmoil way above her abilities? Of course!

Fantasy with minimalistic LitRPG elements!

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by RavensDagger
3 pages

Why survive the apocalypse when you can become the apocalypse?

Nature is dying, but perhaps before the world is turned into an industrious machine nature itself can play one final trump card to save itself.

Summoned to a new world, a mushroom loving mycologist needs to grow up and grow stronger in order to accomplish the goal which brought them to this new place: to save nature from the system that the sentient races have created.

Stats, levels, classes and skills are all well and good, but when you’re a Child of Poverty in the slums of City Nineteen, there’s little you can do to change the world. Not unless you’re willing to think outside the box!


This story contains lots of cute stuff, but also some tragedy. If you’re expecting it to be as light and carefree as Cinnamon Bun or Heart of Dorkness, you might find yourself disappointed.

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The Armorer and the Infinite Dungeon [Progression Litrpg]

The Armorer and the Infinite (...)
by Wordiculturalist
1.1k pages

Urban explorer Yulia Ishenko makes a wish upon the heart of Chernobyl to make a difference in the world. Upon touching Chernobylite she is pulled into the world of magic and is reborn in a chimera village on the Edge of the Infinite Dungeon.

What are these odd, crystalline-organic chimera? What is the System? Can Yulia macgyver her litrpg System to get ahead in an alien culture, return her humanity and regain what she lost without becoming a monster herself? Can she live long enough to discover the truth behind how and why she was reincarnated? Read to find out!

A progression litrpg with wholesome characters & plentiful adventures of doom that very slowly tears the boundaries of space and time reaching beyond the infinite divide into everything everywhere.

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