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    1. Re: So ... How Is Everyone?

      I'm still working up the word count on my personal document (have only done 14k since April started) but I have already have enough chapters queued up to succeed in the official one. So far doing a (...)

    2. Re: 50 followers

      Congrats! Can't wait to see you add a zero to that 50! Keep up the great work!

    3. 10 Chapter Review Swap (Moved to Main Review Page)

      I just hit 10 chapters today and am looking to do an advanced review swap with some people. I don't have a ton of time so if you have a long story I'll mainly read the first 10 chapters. So if you are (...)

    4. Hit 10 Chapters today and Finally getting some Traction!

      As the title said, I finally hit 10 chapters today, and have plenty more set to upload. I am also finally getting some traction! Got a few awesome followers and starting to get comments. Looking forward (...)

    5. Re: Promote your story with the very first sentence the reader sees

      Chapter 1: Raylas sliced downward, killing the wolf who leapt to grab his throat. A bit cliche to start off with an action scene, but its a good way to jump start a fantasy story. Could be worse... (...)

    6. Re: Health

      I think I have a cracked rib from work. Might get some free time to write after I get it checked out by the doc tomorrow.

    7. Re: Goals

      Working on consistency and building the daily writing habit. 

    8. Re: Posting Schedule

      I'm having to up my normal schedule to 6 days a week instead of 5. I'll just consider it a special event for the readers. If I kept the normal one I'll fail by only around 4k words. 

    9. Re: What do you like in a cover?

      Cover should tell a basic story to introduce you to the story. If there is a character(s) on it we should get a rough idea of their personality from their design. If there is a large scene instead of a (...)

    10. Re: How often do you post new chapters?

      I don't know if its the best, but I've always tried to keep a consistent schedule with my updates. If I decided to update 5 days a week, then I'll keep doing that even after the inital posting period. (...)

    11. Re: Promote your book by naming a character flaw

      In my story Destiny of the Aasim, the protagonist is Raylas. His flaw is he believes in a hierarchy in life. So a person who was born in a position of power has earned their place, while someone like him (...)

    12. Re: Review Swap?

      Interesting story. I left a review with my thoughts. Overall I'm interested in where its going to go as so far there doesn't seem to be a set story or plot to follow. I feel like we are seeing only (...)

    13. Re: Drop your story here and I will leave a quick review

      Dude, you're a beast with how many reviews you're getting. Don't kill yourself with them. If you're still doing it I'd like it if you checked out the Destiny of the Aasim, link in the signature. (...)

    14. Classic Fantasy Story [Destiny of the Aasim], but playing differently with some tropes

      Destiny of the Aasim The world is cold, the world is harsh, only the strong will thrive. These are the rules of the Realms. When Raylas, a mercenary, discovers an artifact while on a mission his (...)

    15. Re: April Thread - Promote your Story

      Destiny of the Aasim The world is cold, the world is harsh, only the strong will thrive. These are the rules of the Realms. When Raylas, a mercenary, discovers an artifact while on a mission his (...)

    16. Re: Powers you'll never use in your stories

      The ability to fill things up. Got an empty wallet? Fill it up with sweet, sweet cash. Got an enemy trying to kill you? Fill up their bladder. Found a dead mine? Fill it up with gold! Don't have a plot? (...)

    17. Re: When Imagine a Scene, Is the Imagery flashing through your minds eye....

      1. Real Life, 4k baby! 2. High End, Animation or Anime Style for the win! I've always had very vivid thoughts. Learned about how vivid it was through dreams, and it helped when I was making films. (...)

    18. Re: I guess I'm a real author now

      I don't think one review would hurt you in the long run, but if you get it consistently then you should start double checking your work. Either that or you angered a very dedicated troll. Congrats on (...)

    19. Re: Why do you write? And why here?

      I've always been a storyteller. I've written plays which have been performed (mostly during college), I've made some short films, and I've done fanfiction in the past through multiple fandoms (no, I won't (...)

    20. Re: My unsexy dwarf

      I love seeing different interpretations of characters. A person's imagination is quite a fun thing!