S. Pyke

S. Pyke

    1. Re: Divination is the best magic

      You have to have a divine agent to have divination. That's why it can't be a "best" magic. It requires an extrinsic component. The best magics out there in the real world and especially in the craft of (...)

    2. Re: Reincarnation into another world is a poorly done and over used cliche.

      Superman was not the first superhero in western lit. that would be Heracles, which superman is based upon. The difference being that he is coming up against evil corporations, govenments, and underworld (...)

    3. Re: Divination is the best magic

      did you read about Cassandra? Cassandra was a prophetess, but with a curse that nobody would believe her.  divination is only all powerful as long as the characters have an absolute to throw themselves (...)

    4. Re: Reincarnation into another world is a poorly done and over used cliche.

      let's face it, Superman is not the best hero out there, and yet everyone wants to be superman. But I would point all the way back to 3 stories that defined the concept of travelling to other realities (...)

    5. Re: What genre is just a plain loaf of bread?

      Romance and Westerns the whole reason those exist in modern fiction is to be formulaic. Have you ever looked at the publisher's websites? They literally have a step by step formula for submissions, (...)

    6. Re: Question: Why are the arts important to society?

      Well, STEM may give you a background in building systems and structures, but it takes an aesthete to make numbers palatable. YOu need people to be able to make a user interface, and that's an artist. Art (...)

    7. Re: Using Kumu.io to outline

      Oh network tools are nothing really new, but I play Vampire the Masquerade, and one of my characters is an influencer and a mobster. it became critical to the character's survival to know what he knows (...)

    8. Re: What sorta music do you listen too when writing? Or do you even listen to music at all?

      sometimes trap, drum n bass, sometimes classical music and opera. curiously, even though I like EDM I really am not into reggae. Musical and movie soundtracks if I want a specific mood. I am very partial (...)

    9. Re: Can someone who is immortal still be considerd human?

      Wellll. . .yes. Theologiacally speaking, once human always human. In a few native American tribes the thought is that humans are their own group of being, separate the animal group, separate the plant (...)

    10. Re: A Semi-Scientific Poll About Age

      over 30. 41. but the first 15 years don't count :peocool:

    11. Re: Are you affected?

      yes. And I work retail .we are sanitizing everything. I mean everything. every hour and the transaction points everytime someone comes It is spreading in the community now and one case  near shut in with (...)

    12. Re: Injecting Missing Details

      No.  The beauty of writing is that you control the pacing and you control the way time functions. Story time is not linear time, it is plot time. you reveal stuff relevant to the plot as it happens to (...)

    13. Re: What do you use to type in?

      Microsoft office. Because it is free for screens smaller than 13 inches and I am always typing on my phone anyway so why not write a novel with it. Other than that,ywriter which uses the rich text format, (...)

    14. Re: Is it better to release shorter chapters but more frequently?

      I am the reason tl;Dr exists. That being said, I am learning to judge my chapters by how long it takes to read them. If I cant read through them  in 10 minutes, I know I need to edit severely. WHy (...)

    15. Re: Formatting text messages

      How do you handle it? Just curious to see what people are favoring in terms of how to handle live text communication. I tend to favor the source-quote-attribute method seeing as how text messaging is (...)

    16. Re: March General thread

      Maybe talk about how we are all going to be getting a lot of writing done if everyone keeps shutting down schools/workplaces/activities over Corona virus? It's like our profession has been waiting for (...)

    17. Re: March Thread: Promote Your story

      2 Stories to promote here. You can find them in my sig or just click up here. Arynstar Rising is a sweeping ongoing dungeon lit serial. Arynstar is an ancient and forgotten arcology that once housed (...)

    18. Re: why can't i as a male reader enjoy stories with a female main character?

      WHat you are experiencing is called white male privilege. It means that the default character is : White of some Euro extraction Male cisgender heteroromantic age 15-25 and any deviation (...)

    19. Re: Storylines We Hate

      At this point, my husband's audible novels are blurring together. I couldn't tell you where bobiverse ends and where hardluck hank begins. just one after the other. AND another thing. age. are (...)

    20. Re: Do LitRPGs necessitate violence?

      Well, ok. Designing a game system isn't about combat. and in a tabletop game, combat turns into a large part only because a major part of the genre is about exploration and conquest. DnD grew up out of (...)