1. Re: Is the Marxist culture creeping into rrl?

      I doubt if there is even a wit of Marxist influence in the decision to take down the review in question as it seems to be a clear cut TOS violation, however, it does springboard to an interesting discussion: (...)

    2. Re: What do you use to make your covers? What makes a cover a good cover?

      I no longer have a PC, but when I did, the Gimp, Inkscape, and Blender were an unbeatable combination of tools at a ridiculously low price. In the Oughts I switched to the Gimp from Photoshop because the (...)

    3. Re: Something like Altered Carbon

      Similar to Laeta Kalogridis's Altered Carbon? I would recommend Richard Morgan's Broken Angels and Woken Furies. Especially the latter.

    4. Re: What do you consider most important in a fight scene?

      What do you consider most important in a fight scene? Knowing your caliber.

    5. Re: How do you effectively introduce the readers to your fiction's world?

      phrase: in media res.  Which means in the middle of things.  You start with a scene of events, you are introduced to the character, and their thoughts.  Flashbacks or even a backtracing on the next chapter. (...)

    6. Re: Since reading is just as important as writing, what is everyone's favorite story of all time.

      Nova by Samuel L Delany Tightly written proto-cyberpunked space opera about rivals attempting to exploit the mineral fallout from a star as it goes boom. There is nothing quite like this one.

    7. Re: Great Titles

      Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Nova Express Isle of the Dead Camp Concentration The Death of Dr. Island The Island of Doctor Death (Same author, two different stories) Veteran of a Thousand (...)

    8. Re: Ever tried having a character always "ask questions" instead of making firm statements?

      From the Oxford English Dictionary. A rhetorical question is a question (such as "How could I be so stupid?") that's asked merely for effect with no answer expected. The answer may be obvious or immediately (...)

    9. Re: Need feedback on story world building and space opera genre overall

      If you are researching Space Opera, my personal favorite modern take on the genre is Alistair Reynold's Chasm City. Just a fun, evil arsed novel set in a universe of deep mystery built around answering (...)

    10. Re: Free Review

      I certainly could use some new reviews. The first novel in the series is a science-fiction mystery, prison escape. Where the borders of four nations in South America meet social and economic anarchy (...)

    11. Re: Opinions on writing styles (for dialogue)

      Like IvyVeritus, I tend to favor a more conventional approach to dialog. You've read so many books in your life, you tend to automatically skim over the 'she said's.  I also like mixing it up with action (...)

    12. Re: The Creative Power of Plot Holes and Contradictions

      I had an old story based in the Dishonored universe that serves as an overall plot outline for my current novel serial. At this point, the current milieu is so overflowing in detail built out of situational (...)

    13. Re: Anti-heroes only: art has become predictable and boring.

      When was the last time you read a story where Mom & Dad were happily married, had been for years, and proud of it? When was the last time you read a story that didn't portray a large family (5+ kids) (...)

    14. Re: The Creative Power of Plot Holes and Contradictions

      I somehow missed reading The Squares of the City. Brunner is fantastic. Jagged Orbit being my favorite. He had a way of blending the hard sciences and the social sciences in his speculation.

    15. Re: I just received a comment on one my chapters and cant help but feel a little upset

      The best way to deal with an emotional impact like that is to broaden your own perspective. They draw a circle around you, you draw a wider, more encompassing, circle around them. Your character sounds (...)

    16. Re: The Creative Power of Plot Holes and Contradictions

      Nothing is more annoying when watching a show/movie or reading a book than having an obvious way that everything could be simply avoided by the protagonist just going in a different direction. (...)

    17. Re: Just completed 500 pages in my series

      Thanks again. My estimated completion point is around 1800 pages. When I look at my notes on upcoming areas and reveals, it feels like I have barely scratched the service.

    18. Re: Just completed 500 pages in my series

      That's 137,758 words in dog years. Whew-hoo! Yay is me.

    19. Re: LF something absurd/crazy

      Reminds me of Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelles The Mote in God's Eye. The adorable aliens undue the human contactees in a most hair pulling out and frustrating (for the characters, not the readers) of (...)