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    1. Re: fiction websites with poll help

      Oh god... Readers should never be in charge of the story. Now i know

    2. Re: Unfortunate timing for ideas/stories...

      I'm assuming you are talking about the virus. Its the opposite really. Virus games are currently very popular as well as hardcopy books. People simply follow the trend, whether its good or bad, the keyword (...)

    3. Re: Writing interesting VRMMO antagonists and antagonistic situations.

      You should try to read return of the strongest sword god which is vrmmo. The antagonists are really well done, and due to the setting, theres quite a lot of them but the author has really made them quite (...)

    4. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      76 Well, post more  :DrakanFix:

    5. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game


    6. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      68 They didnt really tell us but it probably has something to do with the people who came to maintain the aircons after hours without any papers.

    7. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      70 Lol i got kicked out of work by the police, the private companies here are getting bish slapped. These policeman probably just want to go home and relax I guess. Yay them. Side note. First time (...)

    8. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      76 i kinda am getting sick of even numbers, anyone else get that feeling looking at this thread?

    9. Re: Are you affected?

      Not sure if you guys are keeping track of it as much as I am, but new information regarding the growth was released.  The threat of the virus continually mutating as it transfers through humans is extremely (...)

    10. Re: Is it okay to ask someone to make a particular fantasy novel? Not a fanfic. I just want to ..

      It takes a lot of effort so I don't think anyone will do this seriously without pay, I do recommend you check out chinese-to-english web novels though, they have thousands of chapters on completed/ongoing (...)

    11. Re: Are you affected?

      Please don't smash your head into that wall. I bet you those skittles that it will hurt you more than Corona ever will. You play too much games and don't do enough actual research. Death % is not (...)

    12. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      90 P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, NSW

    13. Re: Are you affected?

      From what I've seen, people are indeed overreacting in terms of preparation only. You see if everyone is sick even if its just the flu, the hospitals will over flow and or get shut down for decontamination (...)