How to not be a MC in the Apocalipse settings...

Well, I saw the epilogue chapter in new chapters so I decided to try this...

1) Nice world-building at least at the start...

2) The MC is ... kinda weak-willed?

I mean ok I get it, the MC (who doesn't act like MC), is scared. But imagine settings: You get zombie+ apocalypse with RPG settings kinda, aliens even provide kinda status and shops. What MC does after first visiting a shop? Get hooled for a week doing nothing....Also later in the story, there is a paragraph "after many weeks..." where MC practically did nothing but lazy about, and ofc his enemies and everything powered up. There is even dialogue where someone in a later chapter wondering why he is so low levelled...

3) Plot armour saving MC from his incompetence...

Well overall this was kinda frustrating to read, expecialy the later half. At least explain MC character motivation more, when is just lazing around...


The Hero Without a Past

Simple but good world building.

Main hero starts low but have potential to be stronger.

Main hero is simple go happy go lucky guy, but i dont mind. The story itself is well presented. There is urgency, there is plot, no romance so far but they have high-school mentatlity so that explain things.

One of my top 10 for watching update right now. Keep good work.

The Path of Ascension

Very good work. The main story so far consist of 2 main character + some sidekicks + some short sidestories.

The "level up" progress is very good explained. Characters very well done and are beliable. And sometimes cliffhangers are really hair pullers. The MC "cheat" is quite clever idea and i cant wait what he is going to do with it.

Wish I would have 200 chapter more for this evening! 

Beware Of Chicken

Slow going, life fullfilment, but fun ti read.

I think this is the best life fullfilment light novel on RR. Funny, hearthwarming and littlee bit dramatic. Also with little bit parody for cultivation novels. Have Fun reading it! The MC is little bit OP for my taste....but the novel start in low level area so... Bla bla bla bla bla bla 

The Runesmith

Main Character has a cheat ability, CHECK. But it's not total BS, and not even much use in combat, but CRAFTING. Love this title, I cant wait to see where this will go.

The side characters are a little bit childish, but well MC is technically a child so maybe they are reacting to it.

The "game" system is a little bit mysterious but that's a good thing.

Please moar moar chaptooors

EDIT: at ch 31, and still good! Definitely go for it!

Enigma's Multiverse (Rewritten, link in description)

Classic system-integration Light novel, bringing MC to face countless challenges and dangers.

Review at 20th chapter, maybe I will update the latte, that would be interesting...

Its strong suit is:

1) MC I can somewhat relate to. I would say that summarize the character's background and motivation in a few sentences is surprisingly this novel the strongest suit, making you care for the characters even after a few lines.
2) Fast-paced novel, a lot of fight scenes, and they are quite clear. 
3) Story and background OK so far, making me want to know, what comes next. Two kinds of possible antagonists right from the start, making this whole leveling/getting stronger aspect justified. 

I don't see any weak point right now. For me, maybe the chapters are a little bit too short, which little disturbs the story flow, but the RR rewards it so...
The big challenge will be how the author integrates new characters, plot twists, and hard decisions in the future and how characters develop in the future.

Also making 1ch/day although a little bit short is a BIG commitment, I hope you will maintain it. I wish I would have your drive.

Keep the good work! Gained a new follower.

I Will Be Recognized

Great read, cheating MC, little bit comedy in fantasy settings.

This novel is great. It has everything, a little bit of romance, the hero has a secret cheat, and it's targeting the fantasy troupe heavily :). Basically the only thing I would improve would be longer chapters since they are quite small, but I guess  RR reward this...

Blessed Time

Secret time loop...oh my...oh my

Oh no, time loop! My secret weakness, how could you know? Arrrgggg cannot stop reading, want moah chapteeers.


Very promising novel! Higly reccomended

I just feel, I just received "Brand of Envy" by how good authors talent in writing is :D

Unfathomable Senior

Good novel, the plot sometimes predictable

I had great time reading this, definitelly one of the hidden gems of RR!  Want more of this.