The Walrus King

The Walrus King

Will Power, Earth's Greatest Ex-Hero

A good yarn. It's science fiction from the 1950's and 60's. Space ships just need a few repairs and some fuel to skip across the stars. Blasters and jetpacks are standard equipment. 

And the hero always finds a way to win the day. 

The story reminds me of early Buck Rogers and Adam Strange. Not an earth shaking story, just a fun read as we cheer on the hero as he blasts his way to victory and takes down the bad guys. 

Supervillainy and Other Poor Career Choices

A Great Story. Worth reading even if in Hiatus.

A very well written, and fun supervillian/hero story. The first two books are complete, but then it went on Hiatus for the author to finish university. It ended well, and the 2nd book is complete. It's a great read. 

One of the best stories I've read on RR this year.

Into the Black Hole

The start of a good action/adventur Sci-fi

I read the first five chapters and I'm enjoying the story. It's outer space, sci-fi, which I am a fan of, but can also be critical of. 

Style and Story are similar to an Action Movie, with all the flaws and strengths of that genre. To expand on that, let's look at movies with either a lot of lawyers, or a lot of soldiers. To keep the plot from bogging down choices have to be made: Do we stay legally correct? Or does the MC take matters into his own hands, find the clues, and pull a dramatic win in court at the last minute? Obviously we go for the latter and ignore the cries of "That's not courtrooms work, no real lawyer would do that". 

If it's a military story, do we have everyone obey each order, or do they  'do what needs to be done' and save the day? How much fun would the first Captain America movie have been if he 'obeyed orders'? 

This story is set on a group of ships in space. We have the trappings of a Space Navy story, with admirals, captains, navigators, and drop ships. But we also have a very tight knit group of officers and staff that are very "Not Military", including a two people who are related to the commanding officers. So remind yourself that this isn't a Military story, and allow the Admiral to bring along his 17 year old daughter who has the rank of sargeant and watch her get tossed into the deep end immediately. I also ignore the 'back talk' from some of the people when their officers are talking. 

This gives us a plucky crew of trouble shooters, personalities with flaws, conflict between characters, and dangerous jobs that need to be done to stop a war. Perfect mix for an action movie. Just go read it and have fun.

I didn't see any typos, nothing dragged me out of the immersion. Grammar and sentence structure were good. 

Characters are starting to form, we have half a dozen people with personalities and it will be interesting to see what happens. 

Some world building and enough background to move the story in early chapters.

I gave the story a 5 star, and will revisit this review at chapter 20 or later. Good Start

To Burn a Kingdom

Well written, convincing, and dark

This is an early review, but I think an accurate one. The characters were vivid, the scenes detailed. I fell into the first chapter and didn't come up until the end. There were  no typos that I saw, and the sentences flowed well. You would believe that the two characters arguing are actually well raised royalty. Very good speech patterns. Too often a prince speaks like a pauper. But not here. Well, I'm not sure he's even sane. He was certainly frightening.

Legend of the Spellthief

A very enjoyable fantasy Litrpg.

Edit: I continued reading this story, and am changing my overall from 4.5 to 5.0 to reflect that not only has the story continued for a year, but it has also gotten better. 

I'm enjoying the story quite a bit, and it gets better as you read more chapters. The start is typical of the genre with a young loner getting summoned or kille and summoned to another world. He gets giving a class and his stats ans sets out to adventure. 

Even here though, with a well used trope, there was good story bits. We see something of his character right at the start, and the story kicks off quickly.

He doesn't have time for some long training montage, doesn't sit and ponder his skills for a few days. Instead he runs the hell out of a wolf infested forest and gets to a town where it's safe. He may recognize the type of world that he's in, but he doesn't act like he has plot armor. 

The story has nice progression. He isn't showered with dozens of special abilities, but he is getting stronger at a nice pace. This is a tricky part of progression stories. Too slow and we see the MC do the same thing over and over. Too fast and you lose track of the character as he picks up a new ability each day. Again, the story seems to hit this just right.

The MC is neither Overpowered, nor helpless and whiny. He's competent at small things, but can get overwhelmed. 

If feel like I'm reviewing Goldilocks and the Three Bears :)     Goldilocks looked in the first bowl and saw an overpowered jerk. She looked in the second bowl and saw a depressed, helpless idiot. But the 3rd bowl had a nice young man just starting his heroic journey and making friends. 

I tend to notice bad grammar and spelling errors. There might be some in here, but I didn't see them, being quite immersed in the story.

The secondary characters are starting to show some bits of character. The MC is definitely being fleshed out. 

It's a good story with a nice classic style. A heroic journey told from the veiw of the hero. I liked it enough that I binged it and just kept reading it up to the last chapter in a day.

Jackal Among Snakes

A Gem. Well written, interesting, and fun.

I read a lot of books, and a lot of stories on RR. I'm ok with the RR stories, and most kindle unlimited as well, being of lesser quality than many of the books I purchase. This story is way above what I normally read on RR. 

The main character has a personality, and shows intelligence. He plots, plans, manipulates and outwits people. His only edge is knowledge of the game, and he takes advantage of that. He has a lot stacked against him and isn't going to be able to fight his way out. 

Overall, I'm greatly enjoying the book.

Aim Down Sights : A VRMMO FPS Novel

This is exactly what is says it is: a litrpg story set in a FPS. It does a good job of sticking to that while we weave through the story. It hits all the requirements.

-A lone character who knows his guns, is smart, and willing to get his hands dirty. 

-Lots of guns, and gun knowledge. Why pick this rifle and not that one? Calibre, types of ammo, length of barrel, how it performs: all things that the character thinks about and considers. And he breaks them down, cleans them, does dry firing, and then sights them in. All the things you'd in real life if you were in this situation and took your guns seriously. 

-A post apocalypse world. It's dangerous out there with mutants and monsters and other players. The area he starts in is very cool. Good world building. 

I've read all of the chapters available and will be continuing with the storyline. Greatly enjoying it. 

-Grammar is overall fine. I've found some awkward sentences or misspelled words, but not many, and not enough that it breaks my immersion.

-The characters are good. I'd like to know more about the main character, but I'll learn that as we go along. He's smart enough to avoid antagonizing people, and recognizes bad situations. But he's also polite and isn't necessarily out for himself. He isn't a dick or a bully, which is important to me in this type of story. The secondary characters are believable, but haven't gotten a lot of screen time yet.

-Story is good. We get some world building to set things up. The MC is good with guns and a knows how to shoot. Not out of line at all with millions of people living in the world today. But he's not a superman, doesn't have fancy gear, and is quite believable

-Style is first person, as you would expect from a FPS. We see things as he sees them. It works fine. 

I was torn between a 4.5 and a 5.0 for overall. Yes, there are some grammar fixes, but those tend to get done over time. There are parts of story I personally would have liked to see expanded on, but maybe we get there as we get more chapters. But I realized I was nit-picking a good story. I went back and re-read a lot of parts and considered it as a whole, and really like it. Way above some others i've read. Looking forward to more chapters. 

And seriously could see this as a movie. A rebel outpost built inside a massive starship that crashed into a city on a war-torn world? It would be epic.


A GREAT start. Keep writing because I want read it

The story is just the one chapter so far, but the tone of the story is set. We know little about any of the characters, and yet could describe them well. 

There is a lot of emotion on display. Hated and contemp.  Hope, love, friendship and dispair. And finally, pain, so much pain, along with bitterness and pride. 

And in the middle a child is born. Great start.

The [Bookworm] Who Couldn't Read

Very interesting start, looking forward to more.

The title is an example of truth in advertising. The poor boy is saddled with the 'bookworm' class, but because of a poor, (very poor, the poorest) upbringing, doesn't even know how to read yet. And yes, it actually makes sense why he has that class. 

Characters are good. Even those of an antagonist you barely meet, or a guard at the gate. Motivations, morals, hopes, goals, and lots of little things give you hints about the small cast of people we've met so far.

The story gets going quickly, but isn't racing through things. The MC is quite under-powered and not getting better at any pace. I like this period in stories. We get more characterization, more story. Not just a training montage and race to a dungeon. It also isn't static and has had quite a bit of change. 

Grammar was mostly good. I think I hit a couple of places with odd wording or a mis-spelled word, but not enought to break my concentration on the story, or even remember what they were. 

Style was fine. When a point of veiw shifted, it was spelled out. Flashbacks were where it was appropriate. But we mainly see things from the MC point of veiw, and a bit from an antagonist. It follows along the lines of a coming of age adventure story. 

I read all that was available at the time, and will be following along for what I hope is a long story.

Lost Realm: The Chosen

A heroine who has to start at the bottom.

I'm going to follow along and come back to this review in a few more chapters. At chapter 7 we are in the middle of the opening arc. 

The story reads well, we have an idea of where it is going. Events unfold fairly quick. Very nice beginning and I want to follow along and see where it goes. I'm always happier when an author takes their time with a story

The style of story is good, and familiar. I don't want to spoil anything, so lets just things start out poor, get worse, and then worse again while she does something to save her father. She's in a horrible position. No special abilities and will never get them. One step away from starving, father is sick, and some people dislike her.  But it looks like things will be changing soon. 

Characters could use some work. We are starting to get a look at the MC, know some of the villages dislike the MC because of her clan, others because she has a habit of stealing to support herself and her father.. But not a real good feel for anyone except the MC. Part of this is the story, her father being comotose for the opening chapters. 

Grammar is good, and the author is working to fix any point out.