The Walrus King

The Walrus King

    1. Re: another story lost to kindle...

      It goes up on kindle on Dec 1st. Could just pay the 4.99 and go on from there on RR. 

    2. Re: What new video games did yaw pick up for Steam Autumn Sell?

      I bought Project Gorgon for a couple of friends.  Really fun MMO with complex system for creating magical items and about a 100 skills you can master all on one character.  When I clock in today, i'll (...)

    3. Re: I Need feedback so that i can improve

      I can't really stress enough how important those first chapters are. They are blocking people from reading your story, as I'm sure you can tell from your numbers.

    4. Re: I Need feedback so that i can improve

      Ok, with just a glance, I can tell you a few things. -You need to use periods and punctuation. Some of your sentences go forever and ever. -You need to pick a point of view. It seems to bounce around (...)

    5. Re: Are "Ghost Followers" a Thing?

      Why do you think they don't have a Royal Road account? They might just be using History to look at your story now and then. 

    6. Re: Most Active Time for Royal Road?

      I don't think you can tell from any one story. The admin probably can see trends.  But there's the assumption that even if there is a best time of the year, you can take advantage of it somehow. I think (...)

    7. Re: Why is my ranking going down?

      Ranking is primarily affected by your average rating. Other things factor in, but ratings is primary.  1 is best 1000000 is worst. You number is going down because you are adding chapters.

    8. Re: I am number 1 on RoyalRoad's Popular this Week for the very first time!

      Gratz. It's hard to compete against the old monsters. :)

    9. Re: Why are dungeons so popular

      It's the history of gaming. MMO's are copies of pen and paper RPG's. Litrpg incorporates game rules like an mmo. It alls goes back to the early days of dungeons and dragons.

    10. Re: LitRPG ecosystems. What happens?

      I think in a game world, or game like world, the rules have to change. And that is going to be dependent on the world building. When a group goes out to hunt wolves and bring back 6 pelts for a quest, (...)

    11. Re: First deadline

      Perhaps a countdown clock for the first milestone could be added above the countdown clock for the end of writathon?

    12. Re: Writathon - Milestone

      Made it to the first milestone for both stories. Wasn't sure if I could pull that off. 

    13. Re: Tumbleweed Rolling Through Here Too?

      It's writathon. Authors aren't going to waste precious words going to forums and not their stories. :)  I'm only here because I needed a break between chapters.

    14. Re: Writathon - Milestone

      Managed to get to the halfway point with Butcher of Gadobhra, just waiting to upload the chapters each day. Wrote a ton on my two days off.  Tunnel Rat still lacks 5k from getting to halfway. Have to (...)

    15. Re: Decrease in views since the Writathon started?

      Yes, just suck it up and keep writing. A few hundred new stories just hit RR and that can lessen your views. It's only for a few weeks. Followers will always be back to read. It's just something we (...)

    16. Re: How is your progress going?

      Nearly at the halfway point with one story, only 25% with the other. Going well so far. Last event I started well and Covid knocked me out.

    17. Re: What is a good view-to-follow ratio?

      Looking at your story's stats early on and trying to figure things out is futile. There just isn't enough data gathered yet.  Many of those views are people just reading a chapter and deciding to keep (...)

    18. Re: How the existance of the "system" are generally explained in Litrpg?

      If you are going to try and write Litrpg, you should probably read a few first. It will help quite a bit in understanding the Genre. As to how it's explained?  -Some are actually video games, and (...)

    19. Re: Gatekeeping is fine.

      The devil is in the details. I neither agree or disagree because you have made vague statements and not given any examples.

    20. Re: Writathon - Milestone

      I'm a little over 12k, but on two stories. Trying for a double as I don't want to pause either. Doing another 4k tonite, the coffee is starting to flow.