John Payne

John Payne

    1. Looking for any sci fi lands on fantasy world type stuff.

      Ive been looking for stuff like exterminator dungeon or similar, where the mc is preferably a reincarnated that has a sci fi base and robot army, though it can be any litrpg style book.

    2. Re: Lookig for a good dungeon core novel (s)

      This is my new novel. Its a novel I work on when I have nothing else to do, so don't expect regular updates.

    3. Re: Kingdom building theme novels.

      Hey dont reccomend your novel if youre just going to abandon it. Every one of you assholes that recc'd your own novel abandoned them, so fuck all of you. Hey thats rude. Being a writer is hard for (...)

    4. Re: Kingdom building theme novels.

      You can try my novel. Its 2 chapters so far and might be bad, But the main character is stupid a lot

    5. Re: LF stories where the MC is a non-human

      If you want, you can try mine. Its about a dude who gets reincarnated as a robot and has to take over the world. It only has two chapters now tho. (...)