John Payne

John Payne

The Floating Dungeon

The Floating Dungeon
by Kaisel
261 pages

Welcome to the land of Terra. A world where dungeons are one of the many races occupying it. Follow the story of a transplanted soul from another universe, trying to make her way as a dungeon core under unusual (for dungeons in Terra) and different circumstances than others with the same fate.

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Infinite Golem

Infinite Golem
by MapleMango
195 pages

Reborn into another world, Zelhaut (Zel-ha-ute) turns his biggest weakness into his greatest strength. Cursed by the gods, he must survive in this new world. All the while drifting further from being human every day. 


I'll try to do at least one chapter per week.

Chapters are usually between 2000 and 2800 words long.

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Castle Kingside (Rewrite)

Castle Kingside (Rewrite) (...)
by Gennon Asche
1.4k pages

A puzzling encounter leaves Dimitry a beggar with a strange emblem on his wrist. Around him, people suffer as ruthless organizations, opportunistic nobles, and an overly pious church vie for power in a medieval land under constant siege by stone monstrosities rampaging from the coasts.

Can a kindhearted surgeon aid this ailing world with modern knowledge, resourcefulness, and magic? Or will rival powers crush Dimitry first?

A fiction that starts brutally grim and eventually transitions into technology uplift with a focus on science, magitech, and town building.

Warning: Technical terms abound.

Cover art by AbsolutePower.

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I'm Not a Competitive Necromancer

I'm Not a Competitive (...)
by PlainJane
849 pages

Oi, you... yeah, you

I'm Maximilian, and the protagonist of this story represents one of the most discriminated categories in the world, a n… NECROMANCER. You thought something else, innit?

We found ourselves in another world, within the rejuvenated version of our bodies. We've been given a month to level up and get classes - it looks like we'll soon be attacked by gorillas wielding powerful artifacts.

Luv, what is this? Where are we, in a video game?

We are thirteen earthlings, one of whom is the greatest leader in Athenian history, and we fight alongside a people that would be the envy of the Spartans.

And then, then there's me. I don't care about people's opinion, I like not to take myself seriously and I love pigs. No, really, I love pigs, since I've been here I've stolen at least three.

Do you know why you should read this book? There's no reason, actually.

Chapters will be published every Sunday. 

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Heavy Metals, Heavier Firepower

Heavy Metals, Heavier (...)
by ianisomega
347 pages

Heavy Metal Dawn, a new VRMMO game where every player is a pilot in command of a giant war machine called a ‘War Suit’. Axton Ryker is one of the few people in the United Earth to be given a Beta key, and jumps at the opportunity to pilot a giant robot. However, this game is not for the casual market, as every dollar earned in game can be exchanged for real world money, and eventually vice versa. Hop in the cockpit and stomp around while sending destruction downrange; its gonna be a blast. That is, if you manage to successfully deal with RNGesus, pirates, and the occasional galactic war.

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Master of the System

Master of the System
by Virlyce
890 pages

Leveling systems create overpowered main characters. Cooking systems create master chefs capable of conquering any stomach. Founder systems create monstrous sects from nothing. However, who creates the systems?

This is a completely serious story written by the author of The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons.

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Rock Hard

Rock Hard
by Rockhard
287 pages

There lies a rock. It sleeps within a cavern, alongside a marbled altar, and in the company of a glowing, green gem. 

There lies a world. It waits with bated breath, as its sentient beings are put through the meat grinder that is the tutorial

There lies a couple, who know not what this system offers, nor what it might entail for their world. All they know is that they must live.

This is the story of how that one rock averts the fate of this doomed world, and does its best to save this group of friends.

[Congratulations User! You are the first of your kind to achieve sentience. Please select a class]

Holder of the [RoyalRoad Writathon Achievement], completed in 3 weeks instead of 5

Update Schedule: 2 Chapters a week, on Monday and Saturday (times may vary, because my schedule has only gotten crazier since I've started), at an average length of 2K words.

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Wizard's Tower

Wizard's Tower
by Allanther
860 pages

Book 1 is now available on KindleKindle Unlimited, paperback, & Audible.

Tell your friends! Your family! Strangers! Enemies! Meeting someone new?  Break the ice by asking them "Have you read Wizard's Tower?"!

The humans call me Nemon Fargus.  They call me wizard, and [Elementalist] and [Enchanter].  They call me teacher.  They call me adventurer.  

But I don't care.  Not anymore.  For more than a hundred and fifty years I've served the Kingdom of Sena.  Through four Kings and a Queen.  Two wars and a rebellion.  I've founded and taught at a magic school.  I've fought against beast waves and dungeon breaks.

But now?  Now, the one close friend I had left has passed.  So, I'm done with their politics and their economics.  The short and busy lives of humans are more burden than benefit on the weary soul of this half-elf.  Now, I'm looking for a refuge, a place that can well and truly be my own.  Away from the growing cities and the bustling markets, away from the pointless wars, away from the eager students and the arrogant adventurers.  It's too much.  

I'm seeking the peaceful life of a wizard in his tower, studying magic to advance my spellcraft.  We'll see if that happens.

*synopsis is book 1 / arc 1

Author's housekeeping:

This story is a rough draft.  Feel free to point out errors, grammatical, spelling, plot, etc.  

This is a slow burn novel, but will only ever be told from one POV.  (Exception: rare interlude chapters will be told from a different pov, but won't impact storyline).

How well this story is received by readers here will determine if I continue writing.

Cover commissions


Other stories by this author: An Old Man's Journey 

I hope you enjoy!

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LITRPG: The Great Machine Sage

LITRPG: The Great Machine (...)
by Harly_Boy
186 pages

With the War Machine System, Hax will create the deadliest machine throughout the universe!

It is the 200th Millenium. Humanity has conquered the entire universe.

Now, they set their sights on the multiverse.

Hax, a human prodigy created with the brightest genes humanity could offer, create the technology for humans and waged war against the other universe.

They have conquered one universe, it won't be long before they take another one.

But Hax never thought the enemy would come from within.

Banished into a strange universe with his past long forgotten, Hax will have to start from the beginning.

This time with the War Machine System!

His deadly war machine took the new world by storm! He equipped his army with his machine and dominates his enemy. Through increasing his wealth, power, and influence, Hax stormed through every opposition.

But as his strength increased so does his enemies. His journey will be filled with peril and hardship.

"Nothing can stop my war machine!"

Join the discord server

*The cover is not mine. If you want me to take it down, feel free to contact me.

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The Great Core's Paradox

The Great Core's Paradox (...)
by Zendran
626 pages

Notice: Book 1 (Chapters 1-109) will be going to KU on July 12th. If you wish to read book 1 for free, please do so before I have to take it down at the tail end of this month.

Name: Paradox

Species: Snake, ?

Description: A tiny snake with great potential.

That was who I was. That was what I was. A tiny snake with great potential. The sole creation of the Great Core.

It was just us, the Great Core and I, tucked away in our little corner of the World Dungeon. Together, we hid from the bad-things and the Coreless of the world outside - safe from the horrors that would consume us.

Until, one day, the Coreless found us. Until they tried to steal away my creator. Until, with no other option, I swallowed the Great Core that had made me.

Only after that did I become what I was always meant to be.

At last, I became the Great Core's Paradox in more than name.

[The Endless Cycle] began.

Thus begins the story of a little snake zealot and his journey to greatness.

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The Obsidian Core

The Obsidian Core
by DustHurricane
257 pages

The world is a wide, wide place. And that's without taking into account the many creatures that inhabit it. When a new Dungeon Core is born deep below the surface, it faces challenge after challenge. The only question is; is it up to the challenge of living in this world?

This is my first attempt at writing a Dungeon Core story. I'll gladly take any and all advice, comments, or criticism. 

Releases on Tuesdays and Fridays. Mostly.

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Apocalypse Post

Apocalypse Post
by Angry Spider
47 pages

The end of the world didn't happen all that long ago.

It couldn't be blamed on just one thing. Cities were wiped off the map by meteors, countries were ravaged by nuclear ordnance, and that was before the monsters showed up. Banks, offices, the government - all of it ground to a screeching halt once people realized the only currency that could be relied on anymore was shelter, food, water, clothing, and of course, weapons. 

During all of this, someone showed up. The Postman isn't human. He's not even sure whether he was human to start with, but he knows one thing with certainty.

The mail must be delivered.


(Summary is a WIP.)

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