John Payne

John Payne

Corruption Redeems. [UNOFFICIAL Warhammer 40K Isekai/LitRPG]

Corruption Redeems. [UNOFFICIAL (...)
by OGsecurityviking
63 pages

Björk was an ordinary man, living an ordinary life. working as a blacksmith in a nation plagued by recurring civil wars, Growing up with divorced parents, a feeling of being born in the wrong place or time, and a burning desire to live a life of more excitement. Any kind of excitement. A desire that will make him truly understand the meaning of the phrase "Be careful what you wish for" and regret ever wishing himself away from his mundane and monotone life.

His only strength in life is his ability to simply go with the flow, no matter what happens.

Will our unfortunate main character survive? Thrive? Find a way home?? Let's find out in this semi-interactive story where your votes on polls will help shape the story as it grows. (Everyone loves a good rhyme scheme. Don't worry, I wont make it a regular theme)  [←see what I did there?]

Authors note: This story is a little passion project of mine and uploads will be irregular at the best of times. DO NOT EXPECT ANY SORT OF REGULAR UPDATES ON THIS ONE!!! Ye have been warned.

I also want to thank Asviloka for the amazing cover art

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Forerunner of Reincarnation

Forerunner of Reincarnation (...)
by Forestilling
90 pages

Suara Kurisol has woken up inside a game, and seems to be the only one stuck there. Her memories are gone, so her understanding of things around her is spotty, but she is determined to have fun no matter how much she has to learn. The problem is the game didn't even give her a full deck of ability cards! Now she has to learn her way around while collecting all the cards she can, so that she can explore the world of Accariam to her heart's content.

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Yagacore: The Dungeon that Walks Like a Man

Yagacore: The Dungeon (...)
by AlexRaizman
315 pages

The Dungeon System is breaking. Now the mutant cores will rise.

Zaria was just a normal woman, living a simple life, right up until demons burst down her door and ate her heart. Normally that would be the end of the story, but Zaria was reborn as a dungeon core. Except nothing is normal for her. 

Due to instability throughout the universe, Dungeon Core generation is experiencing some unique bugs and glitches. Most of these mutant cores just explode after only a few hours of life. Zaria is one of those cores. 

Luckily for her, there’s a way to prevent her detonation - she must find and form a bond with a human witch to create a striga. Only then will she be stable enough to survive. Normally, this would be a death sentence anyway, but Zaria’s mutation gives her an ability no other dungeon core has had before:


Now a walking house, Zaria sets off to find her striga, fight demons and monsters, build up a dungeon worthy of being run by the greatest heroes in the lands…and feed the insatiable appetite of her mimic mobs.

Life sure isn’t simple anymore.

From the author of Dinosaur Dungeon, Factory of the Gods, and others! Plus part of the same universe as those books as well as Roots and Steel and Block Dungeon!

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Black Onyx - Forgotten Magic

Black Onyx - Forgotten (...)
by GoldenShadow
1k pages

Despite what it might look like to some, it is NOT a harem!

That is all, you may now continue reading. Have fun!

A young man, transported to another world, where after thousands of years of slumber, magic is budding once more. With the beginning of a new magic era, new wonders are there for him to discover.

New magic, mixed with old, and with his own personal touch, it is growing stronger by the day.

Ancient remnants and new battlefields, old races, and magic beasts, this world has it all!

The thirst for knowledge and power is driving him forward to rediscover the wonders of magic!

If you are expecting some light-hearted fantasy, this ain't it, cuz! If you are expecting the MC to be some saint, prepare to be disappointed. Though that should be quite clear from the front page. Other than that, enjoy this mess!

Just opened a Discord server! Come and join!

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Birth of the World Tree

Birth of the World Tree (...)
by Rita152
94 pages

An amnesiac reborn as a tree. An adventurer cursed by bad luck. An incoming calamity, one with the potential to end the world.
Our MC wakes up one day as a tree seed, with no idea how they got there, but all their knowledge intact. Visited by a god, they are warned of a coming disaster that has apocalyptic implications. But their new body (as well as a gift from a mischievous god) makes them one of the few beings able to prevent the world’s end. Of course, in order to do that, they’ll have to grow into a tree of great power, one that could consume the world before whatever’s coming has a chance to.
Meanwhile, a routine mission goes off the rails when Maria stumbles onto a massive conspiracy, putting both her and her companions in danger should those responsible find out.
All while the countdown to destruction ticks down.
Updates Thursdays and Sundays at 5PM UTC-5

Discord link can be found at the end of a chapter

Art by EeveeAroAce on Tumblr

Cross-posted on ScribbleHub (currently ahead)

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MARVEL: I Am The Sorcerer Supreme

MARVEL: I Am The Sorcerer (...)
by Synergy1
50 pages

In this reality, Stephen Strange does not exist, and the disciple chosen by the Ancient One to become the next Sorcerer Supreme is a young man named Edward Erickson.

Edward is only 21 years old, but what made the Ancient One choose him as the next Sorcerer Supreme is something only she knows, which has left all the other disciples of Kamar Taj completely confused.

Some disciples were angry, others were jealous, and only a small minority gladly accepted it.

But Edward is not an ordinary young man, he is a person transmigrated from another world to this world, he saw this story as a movie, but it ended up becoming his new life.

Fortunately, to help Edward establish himself as the most powerful existence in the multiverses, he has a System.

He can create Systems with powers from anime and movies he saw in his previous life for people he wants.

Disciples with One Piece Devil Fruit powers.

Disciples with Naruto's Kekkei Genkais such as the Sharingan, Byakugan.

Loki was fascinated by this mysterious magic and asked to become a disciple of Edward.

Jean Gray was fascinated by the magic that could bring peace to her and asked to become a disciple of Edward.

Hulk finally felt that someone appreciated him and asked to be a disciple of Edward.

Even people from other universes asked to join Kamar Taj. While the only thing Edward asked of disciples was loyalty, whether in Marvel, Naruto, Harry Potter, DC, or many other worlds, Kamar Taj became the most powerful place with the most talented disciples in the universe.

Cover Credits: ReizDrawing

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Invasion Core

Invasion Core
by Necromancer4Life
44 pages

An ancient presence turns it's gaze towards the world of Kairos. Unleashing a single orb of pulsating flesh and tentacle, it lands in a remote cave system, untouched for millions of years. What horror has invaded the world?

Invasion Core is a Dungeon Core webnovel about a eldritch abomination sent to a nearby fantasy world, to take it for a alien god. The core swiftly begins to corrupt the nearby ecosystem, and soon adventurers begin to come. Will the core follow the task it was created for, or will it realize the joy of life as a Dungeon Core?

No erotic content of any kind, gore is described in a clinical way, and minimal adventurer POV.

Posted three times weekly, unless something crops up.

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by Angry Spider
75 pages

Far away from the planet Earth, long after it was conquered, a shedling was given to a human woman. 

Killerie never found out why her parent species didn't want her, and her abilities were hobbled by their technology, but that has never stopped her from trying to be the best person (and the best daughter) she possibly can. Follow her on her adventure alongside her mother Madeline as she finds out who she is and where she fits into this universe... and why her own species, the shedlings that rule the universe, were unable to take care of her.

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Materials Scientist in Another World

Materials Scientist in (...)
by Lantean1701
170 pages

Micah is a materials science major who, after a poor exam performance, gets hit by a truck in a tornado and sent to a fantasy world with swords and magic. But instead of a magic circle in a castle or a wide grassy plain, Micah finds himself on a piece of driftwood in the middle of the ocean!

Follow his adventure as he makes friends, discoveries, and - with the help of the System - continues his education to become a Materials Scientist.

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The Laptop Hero (Portal/Isekai LitRPG)

The Laptop Hero (Portal/Isekai (...)
by K Hilliard
284 pages

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] - April 2022

Silas got summoned to another world—by a group of kids attending magic school who seemed rather unhappy with the results of their ritual. After a brief glimpse of his summoners Silas woke in the town dump. Unable to speak the local language, a misunderstanding escalated and before long Silas wound up in a jail cell, the locals having confiscated all his worldly possessions aside from his laptop, which had formed some strange bond with him. Now he can summon his laptop at will, and he can view his Status, level up, and gain powerful skills and magic as if he were some character in a video game, which is great and everything, but all Silas really wants to do is sit in a dark room and play games on his laptop.

Only, life isn't a game, and Silas needs to get his act together because everyone else is playing for keeps. Or does he? Maybe for Silas life is just one big game now, with everyone else stuck playing by his rules.

Assorted Disclaimers, in no particular order:

I am only posting this on, so if you find my story elsewhere it was not posted by me. Please do let me know!

While I do consider this a progression fantasy, and have tagged it as such, Silas's Status improvements will not necessarily proceed in a linear fashion. His RPG stats will have ups and downs, exploits and nerfs, periods of growth and stagnation. Such is the life of a gamer, to be held under the thumb of the all powerful devs, or in this case a certain goddess devoted to the idea of Balance. SIlas himself should learn and grow, improving and progressing in areas where he struggles, or rather, to show such is my goal.

The story is told from multiple points of view. While other PoVs will come and go, Silas shall remain the only lead character.

The world Silas finds himself on is not a nice place. Expect him to encounter gore and traumatizing content and bad people who do bad things for selfish (or possibly noble) reasons from time to time.

Some characters will use profanity, however due to cultural differences the curse words used will differ from those used in our corner of reality, so I'm not including the profanity content warning. Silas himself isn't one for foul language.

No explicit sexual content here. This novel is intended for mature readers, however, and will include mature topics, including, but not limited to, sex, violence, death, and taxes.

No harem. Might be an eventual romantic interest, possibly even some competitive jealousy, yet as his story begins Silas is too overwhelmed with other concerns to consider long term plans.

Musophobics might want to steer clear of this story. Same goes for turophobics. You have been warned.

Keep in mind, however, if my other disclaimers didn't make this clear, I only have the faintest of outlines at the moment. This story will take me where it will. My goal with this story is to write it to the end, something of a long-term writing exercise, with the hope others might take an interest in my work and encourage me to keep at it. I've started a number of works before, even finished a few, but this is the first time I've shared any work in a public forum.

My temporary cover was made by me, in GIMP using public domain images. If you can do better I'll happily accept your submission and give credit for your work here!

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MECHROMANCER: A Robot Necromancer LitRPG

by spellbastard
170 pages







Error. End of message not received.

Mechanical Officer 1, designation OFF01, was terminated. The colonization mission failed.
OFF01 has been brought back to life through the magic of the system, and it’s directives have been overwritten. Now OFF01 has a new directive: protect one Tobias Agrippa at any cost.

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The Programmer's Dungeon [Progression, LitRPG]

The Programmer's Dungeon (...)
by Astra Magically
454 pages

Vincent, a college student from Earth, has been transported to another world full of strange powers and fantastic monsters. Ideally, this would be the start of his journey to become a legendary hero, build an everlasting empire, and gather a personal harem.

But no one said that this new world would be easy…

After escaping an assassination that accidentally befell him, he was forced to become a Dungeon Master. What will an average programmer student do when he finds out that he can code the dungeon?

Vanquish those savages above with his tech and savviness — along with an army of golems?

“Wait, this world isn’t even medieval?!”

With all the questions piling up in his head, Vincent is set to uncover all these secrets! And… conquer the world, perhaps?

The hard reboot of “The Programmer’s Dungeon.” It has an almost completely different plot, cast, and storyline, so expect tons of improvement from the old one.


This is a softcore LitRPG story; there are stats but no levels. Also, the LitRPG element isn’t the main focus of the story itself and is more of a support.

I have enabled the reader’s suggestion, and therefore, you can correct any grammar mistakes and typos you find in the story. There will definitely be some that I miss.


The cover was made by Jack0fheart, so a shout-out for him.

Releasing 3 chapters per week at 12.00 GMT on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday with at least 2000+ words.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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