Returning to No Applause, Only More of the Same

How dare the MC to not get over a century of abuse and torture in a few weeks...

Its a great story, centered around a broken person who returns to a family and a world he no longer recognizes and with which he is trying to reconect.

He is physically too powerful, but his mind has yet to break free of all the conditioning he has been through, fortunatelly, his remaining family and other people he gets to meet help him to slowly shed the chains trapping his mind.

Twilight Kingdom

A unique travel through the night!

As the score given indicates, i am very fond of this story. Starting by being set in a very unique world(s) with an even more unique magic system (something not common, given the sheer amount of stories in this site trying to put a new twist in the same old tropes), Twilight Kingdom presents us with a wide cast of very unique characters, seen through the eyes of our heroine, named Candle, as she journeys to find her place in her world, forming her own family, while trying to run from and vanquish her demons (both metaphorical and literal).

What i find great about this work, is the amount of thought invested into crafting a world both special but with an inner logic. The rules that govern society here are unusual, but not random, not just for the sake of being different to other stories, there is a reason that led this people to live like they do, and to believe what they believe. And we are slowly submerged in this reality, while sharing Candle's sense of wonder from all the new experiences and people she runs into.

And then, when you think that your have a grasp on what is going on, the journey of self discovery and world exploring starts again.


A Journey of Black and Red

A great journey trough XIX century America with Ariane,  a newborn vampire coming to terms with her new reality.

The writing immediately draws you into this world, familiar yet different, managing to acomodate both great characters and an interesting plot, as Ariane struggles to find her place in it.

Nanocultivation Chronicles: Trials of Lilijoy

This story starts really strong, and from there it only gets better. It develops a complex world(s) with complex characters each with their personality and goals.

Style and grammar: even though as the story progresses more and more complex issues arise the explanations remain clear and inviting, leading the reader masterfully to understand where the character's thoughts are going. Regarding typos or other mistakes, they are extremely rare, one every few chapters on average.


Characters: Lilijoy is the MC (and a great one at that) but this book is a tapestry of stories that intermingle adding depth and highlighting her journey. She reminds me of Wart from "The Once and Future King" but being trained and assisted to be some sort of Kwisatz Haderach from "Dune" by  great side characters you can't wait to learn more about.

Story: It develops a complex world(s) with an in depth system without falling into overcomplicated explanations and infodumps.

Can't wait to see how this goes from now, but I am sure it won't disappoint.


P.S.v the top review says the character lacks agency. And I think that is a very unfair assessment. She starts at the bottom of the totem pole, in a world with strong and controlling structures of power. If she could do whatever she wants it wouldn't make any sense. Also the MC is fully aware of that situation and one of her objectives is to free herself of those influences. If you want an OP MC that in 10 chapters can aquire enough power to rule the world, this story might not be for you.

Ave Xia Rem Y

As of chapter 36, no harem in sight, luckily


This is a xianxia with everything that makes them great, without all those things that make them suck.

As other reviewers mentioned, there is no lack of cliches here, but they are properly utilized to give a new light to this much abused genre.

The characters are shown slowly, but in time, their personalities are coming to the fore, as is the world the story takes place in, making you always want for more.

My biggest turn off in a xianxia is how the MC's are often just as bad as all the villians that show up: selfish, egotistical and borderline psychopaths, whose only goals are to grow stronger for strengths sake jumping from one heaven defying lucky event to the next, each one more over the top than the last in a futile attempt to keep the hype going forever. I will not go as far as to claim that nothing like that happens in this story, but is done in a way that makes sense.

The Acts of Androkles

There is nothing here that i dont like.

As of chapter 10.3 the story follows the quest of Androkles as he seeks to reclaim the former glory of his house and what is rightfully his, as he struggles against what fate and the gods throw in his way. In this journey we get to know his story, his world and his inner conflicts which are masterfully depicted by the author.  

The Law of Averages

I just can't think on anything to criticize.

Everytime i finish reading a chapter i notice that i am smiling, so fun the chapters are to read. But at the same time the story threads in depth on serious topics, holding a perfect balance between comedy and drama.

If you are looking for a story with an MC getting op fast and solving everything by kicking ass this might not be for you.

The story that the author created is one set in a very well developed universe without any (that i have noticed) plotholes, were things are not arbitrary, just because the author said so, but have a reason for being. Not only the MC and side characters have a personality of their own, but even minor characters, that show up only once in a while feel real.

The pace of the story is slow, the price to pay for the world and character building, but it never feels dull or forced.

Just give this a chance or you will be missing out on a great story.

RE: Trailer Trash

Great story.

Athypical by RRL standards in the way that is not chock full of superpowers and/or magic, but it grabs your attention and doesnt let it go.

A really good "what if i could go back" story

A Hand-Woven Universe

Slow paced, but instead of this being a defect, the author uses turns it into a chance to develop in depth the characters. One of the must read on RRL

Mother of Learning

Can't stress how good this is. The world building, the character development, the twists and turns of the story, the grammar, everything is top notch.

One of the best web fictions there is.