1. Re: Rating ★★★★★

      2.5/5 i don't like this site. the staff is not transparent about how they enforce rules; posting discord links in the forums will get your thread quietly deleted with no explanation, threads with arguments (...)

    2. Re: Most Active Time for Royal Road?

      right now writathon is taking place, royal road's annual competition thingy to write a ton of words in a short period of time. the site is inundated with content during this time of the year so it's normal (...)

    3. Re: Is there something like too many pages?

      if you can keep a story engaging and fun for 100,000 pages, more power to you. there are tons of readers who love having millions of words to read in a single story. the real challenge is keeping it interesting (...)

    4. Re: Why is my ranking going down?

      i'm assuming you mean the number itself is going up, hence its rank is decreasing. other stories are always gaining and losing score from ratings and reviews they receive, and as this happens, content (...)

    5. Re: Do you rate every story you read?

      unfortunately, very few people rate stories in comparison to how many read them. it's normal to have many more followers than ratings

    6. Re: Yes Or No

      yes. please write whatever you want to write. that's the beauty of creative expression and there will always be people interested in what you have to show the world

    7. Re: Words a session

      500 to 1,000 a day generally for me

    8. Re: What are the rules about posting links in fictions?

      i've seen several people edit their discord links into the synopsis after getting verified, whether that's actually allowed or not i have no idea lol but the author's note section is a safe bet. i have (...)

    9. Re: Where should I be?

      I can attest that once you stop posting, things tend to screech to a halt. I don't know how that would work if you never plan to post again for that story. Others probably have experience with that. It (...)

    10. Re: Does viewing your own chapters get tallied as a view?

      I recall other people saying that your own views don't count, and from my own experience, I'm like 99% sure that's true.

    11. Re: Gimme something good

      Through solar power, India saved burning 19.4 million tonnes of coal in the first half of this year. Brazil's new president vows to halt deforestation. According to UN, India lifted 415 million out of (...)

    12. Re: [For Writers] Post-Publishing *Nut* Clarity

      I tend to feel very proud and excited when I complete a chapter! Writing can be a struggle sometimes despite my passion for it, so I look at every chapter finished as a personal milestone :>

    13. Re: What sci-fi tropes/clichés do you hate/love the most

      when most aliens are just recolored versions of humans with 1-2 small quirks This is by far one of my biggest pet peeves as well. I still appreciate humanoid figures, but there is so much potential for (...)

    14. Re: How many chapters do you release per week?

      It varies, lol. My last story was once a week until it hit rising stars, then I pushed myself to do twice a week until it was finished. My current "cooldown" story that I'm not expecting to get much attention (...)

    15. Re: What sci-fi tropes/clichés do you hate/love the most

      But I've still never found a story that did alien monarchies well. I really prefer when they make alien civilisations completely 'alien' in culture. I know I tried to make the aliens culture in my story (...)

    16. Re: What sci-fi tropes/clichés do you hate/love the most

      I can never understand why 'kings' and 'queens' still exist in space operas. Like I'd be more willing to believe a CEO of a large corporation running a planet. I get you here, given humanity's General (...)

    17. Re: Hello there!

      Hey, welcome! Glad to have you here. I'm always really excited to see traditional sci-fi writers/readers join, since we could always use some more of us on this site :> Blood Impulse sounds interesting (...)

    18. Re: Concerned about my story's top review

      I would try messaging the reviewer to see if they would be willing to take a second look at your story, and potentially edit their review based on your changes. I can't speak for the masses, but I tend (...)

    19. Re: What exactly is Discord for?

      It's a chat/community building program. You can talk with friends, join/create servers for hobbies or interests, have voice calls, etc. Quite a few authors on this site create Discord servers for their (...)

    20. Re: Lost a follower today :)

      It might be hard to see now, but I promise you you'll get more. You're writing a genre the majority of people on this site like, and you've got a fast and consistent upload speed so far. Keep it up and (...)