1. Re: Sci-Fi authors unite!

      Yo, what's up! I'm a huge sci-fi buff and you got me smiling immediately when I saw this thread. What kind of stuff do you like to write/read? I see Synth in your signature and I'm interested in seeing (...)

    2. Re: Are you affected?

      I think it's a serious illness worth taking precautions over. However, I also think the media is over-hyping the hell out of it to the point where people are hoarding basic household goods as if there's (...)

    3. Re: Sci-fi Review Swaps!

      Woop! Just a quick update. Sorry to those last few folks I haven't gotten around to yet; life has been pretty rough lately and I haven't had the energy to do much reading. Rest assured I haven't forgotten (...)

    4. Re: A Tentative Introduction

      Hey Jazlyn! Welcome to Royal Road; glad to have you with us. =) I think that anxiety about posting your work will fade quickly with how welcoming and mature the community is. We've all been there at (...)

    5. Re: Family and Friends

      I think it'd be just fine for you to tell them about it. I'd just make sure they know what they're getting into beforehand so there aren't any surprises, since those are pretty heavy and harsh story elements (...)

    6. Re: Formatting text messages

      I generally treat it as normal text, but I just make sure to specify that it's being typed/written by a character rather than spoken. Here's an excerpt from the story in my signature, with one of the (...)

    7. Re: Reviews: Subjective vs Objective

      I think a level of subjectivity is important in reviews. For example, if you rate a story's characters 1/5 because they don't fit your preferences, that's obviously not good. But if you make it clear what (...)

    8. Re: I posted a book.

       You have to be careful though because the audience for this Niche, They don't really like serious stories.  I think you hit it. Wrong story for this site. I'll look around and see if I find a site (...)

    9. Re: I wanna ask..

      Yeah, you can freely write CYOAs here. There's a specific tag for "reader interactive" stories, which a CYOA would certainly fall under.

    10. Re: Why does google doc irritate me so much?

      This is completely a shot in the dark, but have you tried zooming in or increasing the font size as you're reading/writing? I personally have a strange tendency to become extremely uncomfortable if (...)

    11. Re: I hate editing, how can I make it quick and fun?

      I don't know what your editing process is like, but I can share mine in case you can take anything from it. Rather than writing a quick first draft and then going over it a few times, I edit as I go. (...)

    12. Re: What do you use to type in?

      I use OpenOffice for my writing! I don't know if it's any better or worse than Google Docs, but it's treated me well for the past decade or so.

    13. Re: Sci-fi Review Swaps!

      Oh hey it's Deviant's Masquerade. You might enjoy that, Krahie! Oho, really! I hadn't heard of it until yesterday, so now I'm rather excited to get to it ;D

    14. Re: March General thread

      I look through the latest published chapters on the homepage on a regular basis, rather than just what's on Trending at the time, to try and discover hidden gems that aren't getting as much love. The (...)

    15. Re: Sci-fi Review Swaps!

      Hey Arthicern! I'm down to give one of your stories a review! Coincidentally, I was going to close up review swaps in this thread for a while, so something with a relatively shorter episode would be (...)

    16. Re: March General thread

      Great to see you've added the introduction forum! I'll be keeping a close eye on it. No newbies will sneak through without receiving a hug from me. Also, I want to share a personal accomplishment! I (...)

    17. Re: March Thread: Promote Your story When a serial killer emerges on the robot-populated planet of Zynima, a few machines form a group of vigilantes to end what deceptively seems like a simple (...)

    18. Re: My story's MC as he is at his current peak, also other artwork.

      Absolutely loving all of this art. Is it all drawn by you? It's extremely impressive.

    19. Re: Is it better to release shorter chapters but more frequently?

      Shorter chapters (ergo, more frequent updates) are a surefire way to get more attention to your story, since it will have more chances to appear on Royal Road's "latest updates" list.