1. Re: I just dropped a new chapter!

      Forum signatures are pretty useful. Short stories might have a little bit of a tougher time - might I recommend maybe doing it as a compendium of short stories so it has frequent updates? Short story (...)

    2. Re: I just dropped a new chapter!

      What you're looking for is a forum signature. That'll display whatever you'd like at the bottom of your posts, just make sure to tick the box at the bottom of the editor when making posts on the forums (...)

    3. Re: Does a Staggered Release Schedule Discourage You to Write?

      I wanted to stick to a schedule of releasing a chapter every two weeks, but I also missed the validation of having readers excited about new releases the moment I was finished with them. The solution (...)

    4. Re: What is the most unique aspect of the world's created in your fiction?

      In Soulless (Apparently), there are no humans. Everybody is a machine.

    5. Re: Got my second follow and it already warms my heart

      No matter how tiny it might be in the grand scheme, the fact that it means that much to you is absolutely cause for celebration. Well done! It's so so good to finally get that little bit of viewership (...)

    6. Re: After so long I finally started writing again

      <3 I had to take a half-year break from writing for mental health reasons, so I have an idea of how it feels to go without making stories for a (...)(...)

    7. Re: Are there forum ninjas lurking here?

      I used to be very active, but then Life Events happened and I became a physical manifestation of a shadow. Hello! If you're reading this, I hope you're doing well.

    8. Re: Nice and Ez - Get your reviews!

      Hey, if you're up for it, I'd love to have my latest story Night Game reviewed. It's a suspense/sci-fi story, hopefully that sounds like your cup of tea?

    9. Re: How to handle rewrites?

      I took a look at your story's page. Given your current ratings and following, I would seriously encourage you to keep your story and edit it further rather than reposting it. You have numbers that a lot (...)

    10. Re: Not gaining any followers

      I recently posted some basic advice regarding just that in another thread, so I'll share it here with you as well: -I can't speak for other sites that you may have uploaded your works to, but ideally, (...)

    11. Re: How do you guys get readers?

      I've been in that same boat for a long time, too. Unfortunately I don't have a surefire answer to help get you readership, but I can give you a few pieces of advice that may help you accrue some attention. (...)

    12. Re: 10k in views

      Congrats, mate! I know that feeling all too well. Only a couple months ago, I hit the very same milestone, and it was a staggering feeling. 10,000 chapter views...? Me?! It was so hard to believe, haha. (...)

    13. Re: Paramedics/EMTs responding to a call: How to write?

      Hello! In one of my modern/sci-fi stories, I'm currently writing a scene where one of my characters is injured and has an ambulance come to assess the situation, and ultimately take him to the hospital. (...)

    14. Re: Sci-Fi authors unite!

      Yo, what's up! I'm a huge sci-fi buff and you got me smiling immediately when I saw this thread. What kind of stuff do you like to write/read? I see Synth in your signature and I'm interested in seeing (...)

    15. Re: Are you affected?

      I think it's a serious illness worth taking precautions over. However, I also think the media is over-hyping the hell out of it to the point where people are hoarding basic household goods as if there's (...)

    16. Re: Sci-fi Review Swaps!

      Woop! Just a quick update. Sorry to those last few folks I haven't gotten around to yet; life has been pretty rough lately and I haven't had the energy to do much reading. Rest assured I haven't forgotten (...)

    17. Re: A Tentative Introduction

      Hey Jazlyn! Welcome to Royal Road; glad to have you with us. =) I think that anxiety about posting your work will fade quickly with how welcoming and mature the community is. We've all been there at (...)

    18. Re: Family and Friends

      I think it'd be just fine for you to tell them about it. I'd just make sure they know what they're getting into beforehand so there aren't any surprises, since those are pretty heavy and harsh story elements (...)

    19. Re: Formatting text messages

      I generally treat it as normal text, but I just make sure to specify that it's being typed/written by a character rather than spoken. Here's an excerpt from the story in my signature, with one of the (...)

    20. Re: Reviews: Subjective vs Objective

      I think a level of subjectivity is important in reviews. For example, if you rate a story's characters 1/5 because they don't fit your preferences, that's obviously not good. But if you make it clear what (...)