David Talon

David Talon

    1. Re: Need Help! Need Monsters!

      I picked up a book in the Yucatan on Mayan myths and monsters (several which I used in writing Terramagica).  A giant so strong its muscles crushed its bones, with rocks for teeth and feet on backwards. (...)

    2. Re: Swap? Sci/fantasy, low fantasy

      Hey, gave you a short review - I like what I'm reading! If you don't get a chance to review mine, no worries. Terramagica has little gore until about midway into it, and The White Horde some. Terramagica (...)

    3. Re: writer looking for friends!

      Hey Mina, I'm an Ancient-of-Days writer (sounds so much better than 'In dog years I'm seriously dead'), who has done a lot of long pieces of fiction. It's great you're challenging yourself, so here are (...)

    4. Re: Your fedora-tipping atheism makes your fantasy gods boring

      I understand where you're coming from, which is why I've tried to make my series different. In The White Horde, a powerful race known as the Celestials traveled from their world to make war on the race (...)

    5. Re: (Potential Spoilers) What is the craziest/most interesting/surprising things you have written?

      Tsunami Yeah, that was intense! For me, the craziest things written are when characters pop out with their personality fully formed, AND have an agenda. In The White Horde, a warlord's about to (...)

    6. Re: Is this site still mostly LitRPG stories, or did the Wattpad exodus open the door for traditional fantasy (...)

      I've got two totally different fantasy serials going, one set in an alternate Victorian age, and the other more of a 'Sword-and-Sandals' epic. The first has three books (currently on hiatus) with total (...)

    7. Re: A fiction for those tired of isekai/LitRPG and looking for a more traditional epic fantasy novel

      I give it a third - it's quite good!! The White Horde (Revised) | Royal Road

    8. Re: Author criticism in reviews

      I went back and found the review, and since you've posted this in a forum, I'll quote the part of the review being discussed: I'm not a psychologist but I clicked on reddit's  /r/psychology group once, (...)

    9. Re: writing Fight Scenes

      I was a mercenary fighter in the Society for Creative Anachronism, going full contact with rattan weapons, so my fight scenes are based on those experiences. First, let's talk about armor. If you fight, (...)

    10. Re: Calling all Serial Writers, The 2021 April Fools' Swap is here!

      I'm definitely in! The White Horde (Revised) | Royal Road

    11. Re: 1st VS 3rd

      First off, this is a great question, and something I've wrestled with often when deciding whether to use 1st or 3rd person in a story. I like 1st, but I have what I call the 'Rule of three': if I'm going (...)

    12. Re: Looking for a story that is of a niche.. niche.

      Hey Luminaeris, it's nice to interact with someone who shares some of the same interests in fiction that I do. I've got two fictions that might be of interest (or not), the first being Terramagica. It's (...)

    13. Re: First 0.5...

      If you've pissed off a troll, you've done something right! The White Horde (Revised) | Royal Road

    14. Re: Heyo new baby in the house (plus update on last chapter of my story).

      Woo Hoo! Serious congrats, and I'm glad to hear mother and baby are doing well. Personally, I'd go with Roman names: Titus or Maximus for a boy, Julia (several important Roman women had that name) for (...)

    15. Re: Webnovels

      Some really good points being made here. I've got two separate fictions here, with Terramagica being totally written and edited before posting chapters, and The White horde , which is seat-of-the-pants (...)

    16. Re: Interest Check: Mercenary Company Story

      I was actually thinking of writing that type of story (more fantasy based but grounded in reality) down the (Royal) road. So yes, if you begin writing it, I'll definitely come along for the march (as a (...)

    17. Re: Looking for recommendations

      First off, welcome to Royal Road! The White Horde is an original fantasy with no tech higher than what people had in ancient times, and a fairly well thought out magic system. It's running in two (...)

    18. Re: What program do you use to write?

      Luddite Alert, Luddite Alert! I always write the initial episode draft by hand, using a gel ink pen so my internal editor won't muck it up. Then I rewrite the episode in Scrivener (sometimes changing (...)

    19. Re: If you dont like soup there is something deeply wrong with you

      There was a chalkboard sign they used to set outside the entrance to the 'Thirsty Monk' pub in Asheville, NC The Soup of the Day: BEER! The White Horde (Revised) | Royal Road

    20. Re: Options for Ladies-in-waiting

      Mistress was a title of respect for a woman back in the middle ages, and a queen might say to a noble attendant, "Mistress Rose, I need you to..." The White Horde (Revised) | Royal Road