David Talon

David Talon

    1. Re: How feasible is it to hire multiple voice actors for your audio book?

      Back in the days when iTunes was playing the first podcasts (show of hands for all those who remember iTunes, or MySpace for that matter), I did what you're talking about, using my friends for character (...)

    2. Re: Tell Us About Your Story

      The White Horde  - inspired by the intrigue, drama, and destruction whispered to us by ancient history, this story is set in a world where magic is slowly dying, and decadent empires struggle against each (...)

    3. Re: I need help coming up with some minor character names...

      There once was a fighter named Lear Who was ever so handy with spear His demeaner was dour His expression a glower 'Till a maul crushed his skull to a smear  (Thank you, that was fun!) The (...)

    4. Re: intentionally inconsistent upload stories?

      If the short stories are set in the same world, you could insert them as interlude chapters within the main story. That way, readers wouldn't have to hunt for them, and can skip the interlude chapters (...)

    5. Re: I would love it if readers had a way to quickly rate individual chapters without having to rate the whole (...)

      As long as only the author can see it, it's a nice idea. Otherwise I expect readers to jump over certain chapters that might be necessary for the future plot and I don't see that ending well. Like, some (...)

    6. Re: Recommendation needed : Eldritich abomination / lovecraftian horror

      Terramagica  has what I call a Lovecraftian undertow, with the eldritch beings based on the Maya mythology and legends. It's on hiatus at the moment, but there's 3 full novels posted. The first novel is (...)

    7. Re: How to Write Characters in Pain

      Master Ninja, thank you for the most comprehensive guide to pain I've ever read. I'm an old dog with a high pain tolerance, who used to be a medieval recreationist fighter in the Society for Creative (...)

    8. Re: Joke :)?

      In a similar vein, let me tell you the mountain folk tale about the hiker and the Christian Bear It seems this foolish, out-of-town hiker was alone in the woods when he came upon a bear Now, this wasn't (...)

    9. Re: need critical feedback for Children of Nemeah to publish on amazon (review optional)

      I want to give D.C. Veiling a serious shout out. He's been commenting on The White Horde, and not only have his comments been encouraging, but also honest, and several times he's pointed out awkward phrasing (...)

    10. Re: Fictions where MC is Person of Color

      Both of my series have a main character who is ethnic African, and in The White Horde, pretty much everyone is a person of color, except for a few Celtic folk who are considered exotic. Terramagica (...)

    11. Re: Different POVs in 3rd person narrative

      I had no problem knowing whose head I was in with each paragraph. So long as you make it clear which person is the subject of the paragraph, you shouldn't have any problems (though keeping to one character (...)

    12. Re: Confusion about novel formatting

      Scrivener can compile a manuscript into an e-book format, and when I checked their website just now, they have a list of e-book editing software that will clean it up.  I hope your novel does well!

    13. Re: What would be the limitation of steam based technology?

      were there any attempts to make steam-powered tanks? Steam Tank 1918:  Steam tank - Wikipedia Actually, in the series Terramagica, the energy source of Terramagica is the vapor (known as goblin gas (...)

    14. Re: Need Help! Need Monsters!

      I picked up a book in the Yucatan on Mayan myths and monsters (several which I used in writing Terramagica).  A giant so strong its muscles crushed its bones, with rocks for teeth and feet on backwards. (...)

    15. Re: Swap? Sci/fantasy, low fantasy

      Hey, gave you a short review - I like what I'm reading! If you don't get a chance to review mine, no worries. Terramagica has little gore until about midway into it, and The White Horde some. Terramagica (...)

    16. Re: writer looking for friends!

      Hey Mina, I'm an Ancient-of-Days writer (sounds so much better than 'In dog years I'm seriously dead'), who has done a lot of long pieces of fiction. It's great you're challenging yourself, so here are (...)

    17. Re: Your fedora-tipping atheism makes your fantasy gods boring

      I understand where you're coming from, which is why I've tried to make my series different. In The White Horde, a powerful race known as the Celestials traveled from their world to make war on the race (...)

    18. Re: (Potential Spoilers) What is the craziest/most interesting/surprising things you have written?

      Tsunami Yeah, that was intense! For me, the craziest things written are when characters pop out with their personality fully formed, AND have an agenda. In The White Horde, a warlord's about to (...)

    19. Re: Is this site still mostly LitRPG stories, or did the Wattpad exodus open the door for traditional fantasy (...)

      I've got two totally different fantasy serials going, one set in an alternate Victorian age, and the other more of a 'Sword-and-Sandals' epic. The first has three books (currently on hiatus) with total (...)

    20. Re: A fiction for those tired of isekai/LitRPG and looking for a more traditional epic fantasy novel

      I give it a third - it's quite good!! The White Horde (Revised) | Royal Road