1. Re: Length of a fiction, and an author’s stupidity.

      I don’t see either of my stories ending in anything less than 200 chapters (conservative estimate) tbh. 

    2. Re: what is fanfiction?

      From my understanding, if you have to get permission to use any element from something someone else wrote, no matter if it’s a single thing, and everything else is your own creation, it’s considered “fanfiction”, (...)

    3. Re: How thick is your author skin?

      Only thing you can do is prove them wrong. That way, when you look back, you can say that you did so. I’m sure if you finished the story and that reviewer saw it was finished, he’d change his review. (...)

    4. Re: How thick is your author skin?

      On the first chapter of my last fiction, someone commented that they liked my stories but would never follow me because I always drop them. Previously, I got a 0.5 advanced review on an ongoing fiction (...)

    5. Re: How thick is your author skin?

      ... precinctomega ... Whoa dudes. If you could keep your beefs to PM or forums meant specifically for that discussion? I'm a still a newb here and I don't have the clout to moderate this kind (...)

    6. Re: How thick is your author skin?

      Either way, stop it and let me vicariously live through with authors with stricter constitutions than me!  Oh, I meant to touch in the OP anyway before I got distracted by my urge to pot shot lmao, (...)

    7. Re: How thick is your author skin?

      Gwunders I apologize for this lmfao. I did not mean for my little jab to escalate into a derailment. Please forgive me :(

    8. Re: How thick is your author skin?

      Wait, wait, wait. So, it's okay for precintomega to openly accuse someone of cultural appropriation in a review because "I'm pretty sure the writer isn't Japanese", attack a WHOLE cultural setting because (...)

    9. Re: How thick is your author skin?

      I’ll share whatever I want to point out hypocrisy. If you didn’t think it’d point you out as one and there was nothing wrong with it, you wouldn’t have a problem with it. I can sit here and rip into (...)

    10. Re: How thick is your author skin?

      His criticism was objectively wrong.  It was statistically illiterate and 100% incorrect and everything that's happened since that review has proved me correct again and again. Where have I seen this (...)

    11. Re: How thick is your author skin?

      Mine is pretty thick unless I get some blatantly retarded review that accuses me of stupid (and incorrect) shit or is just mindless rambling. Then I get rather toxic. 

    12. Re: Can you guess the plot from the corver?

      Can guarantee nobody would accurately guess the relevance of my covers even though the scenes are critical in the stories.  So, I’d say it depends on the thought process when you look at a cover. Most (...)

    13. Re: Recommend me something with Badass MC

      You might like my story “Requiem” if you’re fine with Anime/JRPG styled elements. It doesn’t have the friendship power ups and all that crap, as an aside. It’s pretty dark and gritty. The MC is pretty (...)

    14. Re: Most people use systems badly and as a crutch.

      Whoa, i was surprised that someone actually used that kind of language on the forum, but turns out it was just a misquote. The problem with using numbers, especially HP in a physical world is this, (...)

    15. Re: Most people use systems badly and as a crutch.

      I fucking LOLED at seeing the N word holy shit I’m crying

    16. Re: Most people use systems badly and as a crutch.

      I agree, which is why when I finally hopped on the “system” train, I kept it light and arbitrary. Using hard numbers to dictate power kills any tension when you can just go “the higher number should logically (...)

    17. Re: Free Review

      This thread is proof that the bulk of people don’t read the contents of a thread beyond the title before they post. That’s rough.

    18. Re: 99% of Chinese Wuxia/Xianxia are hot garbage

      Can someone tell me in a nutshell what makes a xianxia/wuxia? Because I had a guy call my story a wuxia and I’m 99% sure he was just talking out his ass. But I don’t know the fundamentals of a wuxia, so (...)

    19. Re: Coming soon to a Royal Road near you! Prepare for The Good, The Bad, and The Sus, written by yours truly. 

    20. Re: Need the swaps fam

      I've done you a review on Shinobi so far.  I'm not really looking for reviews in return, but my review was pretty critical so if you wanted to sling some revenge back, you should wait until the weekend (...)