1. Re: World building and Choices

      People can convince themselves of anything as long as they are not presented with an experience that is completely counter to what they believe. Many people may never actually be presented with something (...)

    2. Re: Will Review for same :D

      Requests are still paused, but here's an update on my current status. Kazesenken - review complete. Reading - Minding others business... - soonish, been enjoying it so far. Still to go - Exalted (...)

    3. Re: Alchemist and Apothecaries brewing techniques

      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alchemy In the real world, its basically mysticism couched in science and chemistry. Here, this video might give you a good idea of how it kind of would work. you know, (...)

    4. Re: inaccurate or misleading [System]

      Quite a few stories I have read use a sarcastic system. Some use an antagonistic one such as https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/38739408-ritualist which gets annoyed with the main character or messes (...)

    5. Re: Will Review for same :D

      Ill get to people for review soon, I am currently overhauling my work so I might pause this for now as I have achieved the kind of critiquing and help I needed. Thanks all!

    6. Re: Monster Story help

      So, you have a monster, they are usually 2 dimesnonal. They want to eat, and they want to survive.  Monsters have antagonistic relationships with many things. Humans, other monsters, wildlife, the (...)

    7. Re: Text editor

      I use LibreOffice, a free microsoft office clone with more of the feel of the office 98 feel of things. I use Ywriter to organise my plotlines, characters and rough chapters. I chuck my chapter through (...)

    8. Re: Should novels have a prologue?

      If you ask a question about a writing technique of a writer, you will get a personal opinion on it, usually in relation to their own specific style and techniques. Sure it might be helpful, but you should (...)

    9. Re: Is it better to release shorter chapters but more frequently?

      short and frequent will get you lots of exposure.  I wouldn't go as short as https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/5386/just-a-rock  buuuut, I mean, its pretty popular >.>

    10. Re: I'm a little unsure about the language for my fantasy story.

      < as someone on one of those weird gender spectrums, femmes probably not the word you are looking for. I am not sure using existing language works at all to construct (...)(...)

    11. Re: Will Review for same :D

      Eh, those chapters aren't long lol, try the wandering Inn, 10k+ per chapter >.> also, Ill add Kazesenken and Wordsinalines works to my reading list. :D Mine has some formatting annoyances with mobile (...)

    12. Re: Someone's voice in someone's mind

      If you are after telepathy and need multiple character voices. I would make use of the fact that you are writing on a format which can use colored font!. have the color represent a character or the kind (...)

    13. Re: "Relatable" characters.

      I think damaged characters make the most interesting kind of character. People with conflict, eccentricities, flaws and trauma. At some point all of us will eventually witness things we wish we could (...)

    14. Re: What's a good way to avoid info dumps?

      Infodumping is a dirty word to some people, others take it and run with it. Whether or not you use it is really up to your style and how well it comes across for the reader. A method I find useful is (...)

    15. Re: Play Write Dialogue

      Dialog written like a play or a script has limited uses.  Text messages. - hells yeah Text chat on computer. - yeps Dictated text being recorded or read back. - yar computer recorded speech which (...)

    16. Re: Will Review for same :D

      World Boundry's : Meaning  has now been reviewed.   Currently working on Beeqs's Heaven Falls  - ETA - next Friday Added abdirahman's Exalted Warlock to my read list Added Anjin's : Minding others (...)

    17. Re: Status Screen Writing?

      my opinion on status text/hud info Tables or colored text. The interface must stand out from normal text. otherwise it becomes easily lost by the reader. having it visually different helps people who (...)

    18. Re: I think I did an oopsie...

      I agree with the others, If you have developed it as a part of the plot. It is simply the natural progression of the story, nothing more. It might be sudden or be massively foreshadowed. It's your story. (...)

    19. Re: Will Review for same :D

      Will do, and thanks for the reviews guys. the input is awesome!

    20. Re: Will Review for same :D

      Reviews up for Valara's Crimson Crow: Thief of Fortune & Raelik's Wooden Gem Now nomming my way through  World Boundary's Meaning  - which actually looks interesting as heck so far :D