1. Re: [Celebratory] Happy Birthday to Wing!

      Happy birthday, Wing! You do great work around here!

    2. Re: March Thread: Promote Your story

      Hello everyone, my story is D&D inspired. It focuses on an adventuring party that is trying to solve corruption within a city. (At least the parts I have written right now) I have only 7 chapters released (...)

    3. Re: I Guess I Can Introduce Myself Like This...

      I'm looking forward to reading your story as I also enjoy fantasy, horror, and mystery. I hope you really enjoy RR. If you need anything don't be afraid to ask. I have received a ton of help and would (...)

    4. Re: General Discussion Thread: Introductions, greetings, and randomness

      I just want to make sure new people feel welcomed and not like they are being buried by other people. I want everyone to express who they are and have a chance to promote themselves.

    5. Re: Hello Sentient Beings out there.

      Hello Lee, I am a person who is working a job I don't enjoy so I can fund trying to go for the job I do enjoy. This site is a chance for me to practice my writing and share a D&D style journey. I (...)

    6. Re: The Writer's Journey Thread

      Well for me it's east to visualize unarmed combat as I also do MMA on an amateur level right now. If I like an idea enough I'll take it and slightly twist it. For example there are some things I might (...)

    7. Re: Hello fellow writers and readers!

      I'll check yours out this week and leave a comment for you.

    8. Re: Hello fellow writers and readers!

      Hello, I know how you must be feelings. I want you to know that to have success you must post as often as you can when you first start out to achieve as much attention as you can. There are stories like (...)

    9. Re: The Writer's Journey Thread

      For me, since I'm doing a D&D style story, I love to watch D&D games or read litRPGs before writing. If I'm having a mental block I'll go to the gym and workout or spar to move my mind away for awhile. (...)

    10. Re: Hi there! (I am new)

      Hello Necro, I hope this community is what you are looking for. I look forward to reading your story as I love to find inspiration in all things. I am writing a D&D style story myself and do have a spot (...)

    11. Re: General Discussion Thread: Introductions, greetings, and randomness

      Yes but I have the disappointing release schedule of a chapter per week which means I have less exposure. I know I need to just sit down and bust out a few chapter so one week I can release everyday to (...)

    12. Re: General Discussion Thread: Introductions, greetings, and randomness

      My intro, yeah I forgot. I'm Pauliuk. I'm a Canadian living in Beijing. I spend my time doing MMA, gaming, or more recently writing.  My goal here is to gain 10 followers for my story and to get as (...)

    13. Re: General Discussion Thread: Introductions, greetings, and randomness

      I think maybe making it bi-monthly would be better as this month is almost over but only has two pages of discussion. As for an introductions thread, I think that could also cause people to shy away from (...)

    14. Re: Quick Intro

      Hello linaket! It's nice to have you in our community. Not only this but I truly believe you'll fit right in. You have a very nice writing style and the art for you story is beautiful. I took it upon (...)

    15. Re: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      For the story 'The Jellybeans': Concerning your remark about the description seeming unappealing, I can see the mistakes that you are making. Firstly, (...)

    16. Re: Hello to all

      Hello! I'm sure after you got your fill of reading you'll be inspired to do your  own writing like I was. This is a great place to enjoy learning how to write stories and get equally great feedback. I (...)

    17. Re: Introducing Tiny Me

      Hello Val, welcome to RR. I'm still a fresh author myself and understand that it can be very exciting. I hope your story is able to take off as soon as possible. I'll be interested in reading your story (...)

    18. Re: New to RR, late introduction

      Thanks for the advice, I have a lot of free time at home this coming week thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak so I'll try to release a chapter this Tuesday or Wednesday and try to smash out as much work (...)

    19. Re: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      Hello Danetello, I really need help with my story's description. I have been told that my story shows a lot of promise but the description turns people away or causes people to not give it a read. I (...)

    20. Re: Hello. New here

      Welcome to Royal Road! I think you should really focus on one or two of those primarily because it will allow you to complete a fiction and help you feel less stressed about meeting deadlines for all of (...)