Artificial Jelly

So Cute It Will Ruin You Forever

Okay, so maybe not forever, but it did toss a wrench into my sleeping schedule.

This story is without a doubt one of the cutest things I’ve ever read on this site. The fact that its delivered with a quirky prose that’s not riddled with mistakes, and at a pace that is slow and yet not meandering is just the cherry on top. 

Speaking of things that look like cherries if you squint. Gell is, without doubt, the most huggable protagonist ever. 

Honestly, just give it a read.

The Courting of Life and Death

An interesting, if dark, take on an old genre

So I gave this story a try.

I've never been the sort to dive into romances, so I was initially a little worried that I'd have to slog through some overdone Twilight-esque teen cringefest. And... that never happened. Instead, what you have is the story of a young man coming to grips with his own powers; someone that puts on the appearance of being a kind protagonist, but through his actions proves that he truly isn’t. 

It’s a little strange, but right from the start there’s this feeling that the world is a whole lot bigger and more complicated than initially shown. 



Slow initially. I think the start is mostly setting up dominos for later, but there’s enough motion and action to keep things moving even as the initial world building and exposition is laid out.



Third Omniscient. Not my favourite, but pulled off well enough that I can’t find fault with it. It does give the narration a good deal of flexibility when introducing the world. Speaking of...



Developed as heck. I still have lots of questions about the world, but most of these might be answered later. We see things through the eyes of the nobility, so it’s perhaps natural that some little things are ignored. 



On the fence with this one. The characters seem damned well developed, and their voices and personalities shine through, yet I’d like to know a little more about their motivations. The main love interest is plain enough, but the main character wants to... do... something? It’s not clear yet. Still, there’s an obvious build towards something. 

Anywho. A decent read, a fresh take on not!vampires and a cool world with just a pinch of romance for the people that are into that. Give it a try!


The story has potential. Whether or not it ealizes it is up in the air. But it's Cyberpunk and I love that aesthetic so it caught my eye. 

Cyber Samurai - A Cyberpunk LitRPG

Not too much content as of the time I'm writing this review (barely 5K!), but the prose so far is readable and the LitRPG elements aren't taking up too much room. 

Might turn into something to look into in a little while. A story to keep an eye on. I haven't been wowed by it yet, but that might yet come. The genre mix and premise are keeping this afloat for now. 

Giant Eater (LITRPG)

Only One Flaw: It's Too Short

I binged this entire story in a few hours and was quite angry when I clicked on the 'next chapter' button and nothing happened. 

There are some small things that might bother extremely picky readers, but they're all handled so well that you'd be a fool to pass over the story to avoid them. Notably, there are multiple perspectives. The main character, Hutch, has a distinct voice, and scenes from his viewpoint are in first person whereas though in the shoes of others are in third person. 

I didn't notice any spelling or grammar issues, which puts this story ahead of just about three quarters of the most popular stories on this site, and it's written in plain, understandable English. 

Honestly it's like a breath of fresh air to read something where the author put some actual effort to write well. The characters feel realistic (Waldo is a git, but a lovable one. Nox is suitably mysterious), the setting feels develloped, but there's this constant impression that we're barely scratching the surface of what the world has to offer. The LitRPG elements aren't crunchy at all, but they're still there and I think they'll grow in importance as the story moves on.

I've read the reviews complaining about PoV changes being confusing and I suspect the author as since rectified that as I didn't have any difficulty following along.

Basically, 5/5 a well-written story that stands out from the rest by virtue of being competently written. 

My only quibble is the strange paragraph spacing, but that's minor enough that I can ignore it.

Give it a read, it's unlikely you'll reget it.