1. Re: RoyalRoad is the first site I've found that listens to its members

      At the beginning of January, myself and many others contributed to emperor yair's debate topic, 'stories that the author delete the content to sell on amazon should be deleted from this site.' While (...)

    2. Re: Killing off the characters you love

      How is the experience when you have to kill off the characters you absolutely love and adore? Is it too depressing? How do you cope? :peoconfused: Characters aren't real people, they're tools (...)

    3. Re: What are your writing goals?

      Hey! I've been trying to set a realistic weekly writing goal to keep up with my stories here on RR and was curious to know what/if other peoples writing output looked like. What are your goals to keep (...)

    4. Re: What do you think of School Life novels?

      I am worldbuilding my novel and am considering doing something like a school life but I am averse towards it as it introduces stereotypes that might become boring in the long run. What do you guys (...)

    5. Re: Music for when you write

      I like listening to soft cute stuff, like Gwar Gura's compilations, or some playlists of happier music. Oh, and the Doom OST for when I'm writing something particularly fluffy. 

    6. Re: The Xianxia tag should have a '/cultivation' at the end

      I think I've only read Xanxia. So, I can't really describe the difference between Wuxia and Xanxia. Don't Xanxia cultivators also grow with superhuman feats of martial arts? just like Wuxia? where (...)

    7. Re: Change in Story Page Book Cover Image Links

      Really? (I say to test it)  EDIT: Yup, hella borked. EDIT 2: Seems to have added 'http://' to the end of every link. 

    8. Re: Writer's Numbness/Apathy to their own Fiction

      I had a similar issue when I first started out, and sometimes it feels that way for some current stories.  I found that the best solution is twofold: -Care a little less. Getting content out is more (...)

    9. Re: A disturbing epiphany

      I enjoy being right. Being right feels good. And in order to be right, I do tons of in-depth research and take days to examine positions from all the angles I can find and constantly second guess myself. (...)

    10. Re: Where in the world people are from.

      I'm from Toronto, Canada! So readers will see a lot of extra U's in my writing :)  No complaints so far. Ah! I'm a neighbour!  From Quebec, Canada! 

    11. Re: First ever audiobook!

      Wow, congrats! Drop the link to it as well. Why waste a perfectly good ad-space? Ah, sure! Cinnamon Bun? Yup!  https://www.audible.com/pd/Cinnamon-Bun-Audiobook/1774247828 There's (...)

    12. Re: First ever audiobook!

      You can't imagine how hyped I am!  My first audiobook just launched on Audible, and... ahhh! The narrator did such a good job!  It's kinda hard to believe that the words I wrote are... just there, (...)

    13. Re: A Publisher Picked Me Up!

      Congrates my dude! 

    14. Re: The Limit

      I would guess that the hard limit is 2,147,483,647 (maximum 32bit signed integer). Someone should try it and report back 👍 I'm on it!

    15. Re: So I was playing with AI text generation gpt2...

      I can very easily imagine these things becoming good enough to replace a writer in the next decade or so.  I can imagine big publishers training them to write generic stories. Stuff like Hero's (...)

    16. Re: So I was playing with AI text generation gpt2...

      Urgh. Text-generation AI like that scare me. I write for a living, and I can very easily imagine these things becoming good enough to replace a writer in the next decade or so. 

    17. Re: Authors with high word count / low followers

      Artificial Mind Legend of the Lost Star Wakiagaru Soul Warrior Celestial Spark I looked at your stories, and I hope you don't mind a tiny bit of advice. For reference, (...)

    18. Re: Question about monetization and fanfiction

      Daotist seems to have covered most of it.  Donations (like through Patreon and Paypal) are a strange legal grey zone. It's never gone to court yet (as far as I know) so it's still up in the air.  (...)

    19. Re: Do we need to learn how to write books?

      Do you think it is necessary to study specifically in order to learn how to write good books or is it an innate talent? There's no such thing as talent. (at least, most studies into the subject (...)