God of the Feast (A dark litrpg/cultivation, portal fantasy)

God of the Feast (A dark (...)
by Sinky
1.1k pages

Some recipes are to die for...


...so Clive discovers on a night to remember.
From hopeful new restaurant owner, to desperately fleeing demons and all manner of creatures. To survive, he’s going to need some serious help from friends, both old and new as he is portaled into a deeply troubled world full of magic and prejudice. 

There is greatness, there is wonder, yet there is shame and despair in equal measure.

Despite attempts to be virtuous, more often than not it is anger, fear and lust that drive our all too human protagonists.

They are weak in a world full of strength and all they have is their determ… belligerence to stay alive.

While power will come, it will not always come easy.

Welcome, to the God of the Feast.

Chapter Schedule: one chapter per day, Monday to Friday.

You can join my discord server here.  (Link Updated)

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Clearing Waves (A GameLit Tower Defense Adventure)

Clearing Waves (A GameLit (...)
by CodyWhitfill
16 pages

Surviving a plane crash wasn’t easy, but surviving the apocalypse will be nearly impossible.

Nigel Fletcher finds himself stranded on a deserted island with nothing but his journal and the clothes on his back. Not only must he locate food, water, and shelter to survive, but Nigel will also have to combat wave after wave of savage monsters intent on ridding the world of humanity. Clearing these waves grows progressively harder as each week brings additional monsters, new mutations, and behind them all, a living terror with an insatiable appetite for human flesh.

To have even the slightest chance of surviving, Nigel will need to build up his island base to perfection with what limited resources he has available. Crafting weapons, taming beasts, erecting towers... It will take an enormous amount of grit and determination to transform this deserted island into one of humanity’s last bastions of hope.

Will it be enough?

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Manufacturing Magic (LitRPG)

Manufacturing Magic (LitRPG) (...)
by Jaime Castle
39 pages

Ten million active players. One game master.

Infinite Worlds is the most popular VRMMORPG on the market. Its maps are so vast, developer Hard Rock Data utilizes a network of highly advanced artificial intelligence to control it. But it's not without problems.

That’s why game masters like Jeff Driscoll have jobs. The downside? He’s not allowed to play the game. Something about conflicts of interest and favoritism. His very boring and tedious job is to help players deal with the occasional bug that slips through the cracks and ensure they enjoy their time playing enough to give a five-star rating. It’s a gig that pays the bills.

However, when the A.I.s unexpectedly issue a rogue patch, the game becomes a buggy mess, and Jeff's role radically changes. He finds himself as the only game master around, dealing with more problems than he can handle. It’s up to Jeff to return Infinite Worlds to normalcy...but will the A.I.s let him?

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