Catherine 2.0

An impossibility made real

This story is awesome.

All the awesomeness of a MDW story without the main pitfall.... The story is complete!

As usual the charcters are engaging, real, with their greatness and weaknesses, with their bouts of genius and periods of stupidity... Real awesome people.

As usual, the world is complexe and the hurdles terrific and crazy and the MC manages to si. By grit, wits and guts.

The storytelling is compelling and well done.


Congrats 3 times!

(Contrary to some other reviews, the foreshadowing of fantasy to come is present way before chapter 20...)

The Marine

too early for a real review, but the start is (very) good.

the prose is awesome, both for the descriptions of places and action and for the dialogues

for the duration of 3 chapters, I lived with the characters.

(the system seems interesting, but based on the summary, I wonder if it'll be of use later on)

continue like that, the story is favorited

The Party's Tank is a Masochistic Trap

Crazily amusing.

if you aren't insecure about your sexuality :)

the idea of the tank taking pleasure out of pain is nice... :) and that he thus looks for such pain in any form as a D is a cherry on top.

the fact that he's a trap hasn't had revealed any impact.. save the obvious misunderstanding of gender... but I expect it'll be explained/useful later on.


Farmer Boy

Fun story for the moment.. while we are before knowing if it'll be OP or slice of life.


I like that time goes slowly... weeks or months going between two paragraphs, waiting for crops to grow. 

--> I hope the author is careful that the MC doesn't become 40+years without us noticing.

the current concept is nice, and I like the "special-but-not-too-much" origin of the MC: son to 2 above-average+ ex-adventurers  or mercs or whatever !

The MC is currently cute and "purely curious" open to any possibilities. It's great.

An Unbound Soul

standard iseakai start.

but in a really interesting world.

I like that there is access to the Genesis of the world through the "Lonely Dungeon" story.

at chapter 2, there is not much yet to guess about quality, but it's currently well done.

(even if there were a few, quickly corrected, grammar incongruities in the prologue)

the isekaied guy, and his baby-side introspections are well done.

The Adventurer's Academy

I'm having a fun read by following this "young" sex worker girl as she discovers a new world... a city-away.

It's written well enough, with a complexe almost-post apocalyptic lore.

I love the mix of modern technology and magical systems, it brings a novel air to this world.. did you expect an adventurer, chasing kobolds with a hammer and casting fireball coming back home using the bullet train and listening to the radio ?? I didn't .. and it was cool ! 

The story approaches issues of racisme(specisme?), gender, poverty, revenge, forced marriage and all, without (yet) trying to solve them, just showing that it exists, it's not "right" and showing the feelings of the different characters about that.  Pretty neat.

Like a spoilery review below I'm a bit afraid that the hidden grimdark aspect of the world is a bit too huge for our little MC to solve... but what do I know.

I just hope that the story continues after academy ... because if she solves everything in less than 3Years, I'm calling shenanigans... and if not... there would be so many interesting plot lines that would stay open.

Hawkin the Brewer.

A slow story.

it's a world full of mysteries that is presented to us by Rye Cleaver...

One day someone, isolated in the woods, gets a brewer class.. we don't know why. We don't know if he's the only one... 

The MC continues his slow life, fiddling with his enhanced senses... nothing more.

Stuff happens, periodically, strange stuff, frightening stuff, awesome stuff.. but MC continues to fiddle with is few skills...

it's relaxing, compeling, appeasing. But a sense of mystery rises up. Who are those people ? What happened ? Was the MC even from Earth ? Will his skill have any useful effect beyond what we have seen ?

The writing is of good quality, and the character are brought to life and become attaching.. give it a try (at least 15+ chapters...they are short, don't worry :) )   

Until You Do It Right

Best ever logical reason for a return in the past

I don't know about the author's plans for the future...

but for the moment, the MC is clearly not doing what he is expected to do to save the world..

that's so interesting .. there are so many assumptions that I made that were proved wrong !!

It's well written, the MC is stuborn as hell... and the context behind all that happens is well thougth of.

and clearly... it's the best reason for a "return in the past" ever. 

All others (that I read) are more of a plot device, a Deus ex ... "because the authors whishes it, there will be a secret magic, a wish, a pearl... that brings everything back".. bleh. 

Here the reason, and the conclusions behind the reason are so logical that it's awesome !

really worth a read (at least it is still the case at chapter 11)

Rebirth Of Civilization

For the moment it's a guy surviving and earning levels in the woods...

a few odd moments where more exigent people may find that woodworking or blacksmithing shouldn't be as easy (even if MC spends days on it)...

but the concept of a physical class and a magical "class" is interesting.

and the MC stumbling on a rare magical craft makes for a future explosive growth... as it's supposed to happen, we don't follow a predetermined guy which gets too much luck due to being the MC, we follow, out of the many that were isekaied, one of The Rare Guys that were lucky enough to get a boosted start... 

it's worth the read !

A Comprehensive Guide for Alchemy

It's a really strange posting.

I found it interesting, but unusual... no plot, no story, no MC.... just an encyclopedia.

I sometimes come here to read about one potion or the other. 

its distracting :)

anyway, I commend the author for the inspiration and the dedication of describing the few potions I read about !!!