Path of Divinity

I would like to preface this by saying that this novel is great so far and I would recommend reading it if you are into the litRPG genre and a bit of a darker character. There is a lot more to offer than just that but I'll keep this review limited to the points I think are the biggest. The novel is still in its early stages and as such, this review will be more barebones than, say a review of a 500 page long novel. 

Style: In general, the style is not original. The litRPG sub genre with a past-haunted protagonist is not new and has been around for a while. I'm not going to fault the author for following this trend nor am I going to say it's a bad thing. The author provides his own unique twists and spins on the litRPG sub genre and all the other semi-cliches he decided to use for his framework. The four stars only reflects the fact that I wasn't, per say, wowed by any crazy, innovative ideas.


Story: What story there is so far, is quite minimal and is mainly told in the beginning few chapters. The majority of the chapters written after is a sort of mini training arc to get him ready to fight a big baddy to get out of the dimensional rift he is stuck in. Once he is out, I sense that the story will pick back up and some truly interesting plot will occur. I see this happening in the next few chapters as the author himself has expressed his want to get out of the rift in an end chapter annotation. I removed a half star because not much has happened yet and I will most likely adjust the star rating again in the future when more of the story is available.


Grammar: Absolutely no qualms. A few slip ups here and there but that is to be expected. No human is perfect and from what I understand, this man does not have an editor currently.


Character: Again no qualms. There is really only one character that we have met so far and that is our protagonist. I like the way he is progressing both mentally and physically and look forward to his exploits outside the rift.


It is evident to me that Aperio, the mc, may be a bit slow in the head. Sadly, that point is a negative for me, but the positives of the story far outweigh my dislike of Aperio's seemingly forced cluelessness. There are many things thus far that she could have figured out through deductive reasoning or probability analysis that I found to be blatantly obvious but such things can be ignored in the face of the author's incredible world building and the sense of mystery that purveys every chapter. As of now, the personal negative that I have pointed out cannot necessarily be changed without a large amount of revision and editing and as such, I wouldn't expect the author to do anything about it. However, if the author does decide to publish this somewhere, I would recommend thinking about a revision or asking for other people's opinion on the matter. Keep up the good work! 

Author, if you would like examples or more information regarding what I have said in my review, please message me and I would be happy to oblige.

Monster Buffet

I'd say it's pretty good so far as I have read. The premise isn't exactly unique, it takes quite a bit of its style from other novels like the extremely popular solo leveling, but other than that, it is very good.

Supervolution: Awakening

First of all, as a person who only decided to read this because of the anti-hero tag that was placed upon this novel, I am sorely disappointed. The mc is in no way an anti-hero and is hypocritical in his thought processes when rationalizing his decisions. He is idealistic and principalled to a T, the epitomization of a standard hero, and maybe this changes sometime in this novel's future but as it stands, I hate characters like this. The comedy tag is also something that bothers me as what the author poses as comedy within the novel is cringe-worthy and at best, illicits an upward curve of the mouth. Also, in novels that somewhat rely on comedy to portray a lighter tone, there tends to be little to no character development, as such development may mean a change in comedy or the evaporation of such comedic elements altogether. If the author can find a way to accomplish both character development and keep the comedic elements of this novel, then all the props to him but I won't be staying to find out. In regards to style, the idea of people having super powers and an alien or all-powerful race bequeathing said powers unto them, isn't new at all. Every single human on the planet gaining super powers, however, is and is admittedly an interesting take on the trend. More interesting however, is the mc's power which I haven't seen really anywhere before, the power to edit anything and everything in the universe to one's will. It is easy to see how such a power can become an extreme boon to anyone who acquires it. This overpowered superpower is also a dangerous hazard for the author in regards to the potentiality of creating plot holes. Because when one has the power to edit anything and everything, the possibilities of said power are literally endless. There were many times when the mc was in a situation when I wondered why he wasn't doing something that I found to be blindly obvious. However, because of the endless possibility of the mc's edit power, no one person can take all of the options of this power into consideration whenever the mc finds himself in a situation. The mc would become godlike much to quickly if he could make all of the correct decisions at precisely the right time. However there were two stupid plot points that outshone some of the less stupid ones I encountered and that was the mc's reaction with... what's her name again? Oh well, I'll call her by her superpower, Torture-Pain Girl. Anyways Torture Girl tortures the mc seemingly under the influence of mind control girl, however, this hasn't been confirmed as she might be a stellar actor up to the point I have read. When Torture girl is interrogated by the idealistic and frankly naive mc, she is instantly released and accepted among the mc's posse of naive stupid people who suck at making jokes and being comedic in any way. Like what?! I was sitting there in utter astonishment, how can any person over the age of 5 instantly believe without a shadow of a doubt someone's words after a few questions amounting to no more than 30 seconds of interrogation? Please explain this reasoning to me. And then, at Torture girl's request, he straight up gives her mind control girl's powers! How fu*king reta*ded!!! At least give the power to yourself for fu*ks sake! Ugh, there's many more dumb things in this novel that I could go on about but I really don't see the point, I've made my argument. This novel's compounded mistakes and dumb, idealistic mc makes this novel not worth the time in my opinion.

The Menocht Loop

I saw this novel on rr only a couple of weeks ago when it had around 500 or so followers and now it has over 4000! It’s hard to believe a novel can grow so explosively but after reading I can certainly see why. I haven’t read something so enthralling in well over a year and that is saying something given the amount of literature I read. Keep up the good work author!


Delicious hidden gem

Very well written and thought out. F the guy who wrote that shit*y review, he sounds like a complete douchbag. Every review he has written for other novels have also been less than desirable. Anyways, keep up the good work, I can't wait to see where this novel goes in the future. :)

Villain Throne

This has potential to be a new drug. I already have several prescribed to me from this site alone. I could overdose soon someone help

Can't Cure Deceit

Premise is quite unique in my opinion. Good stuff so far keep it up!

Evil Goddess System

Very good story with unique premise. I know it is still early in the novel but I believe the character's personalities should be fleshed out more. Give them eccentricities and quirks unique to themselves alone. It makes reading a lot more fun and interesting 😉

Null un Voided

I can relate and that’s awesome

Great story my dude. Only thing I'd recommend is characters who are more fleshed out, who have meaningful relationships with other characters and the mc, and who have personalities that differ from other characters previously introduced. However, because the story is the way it is, I can see why there is a lack of such characters. Holy Christ I just got the sh*t scared out of me by a notification I think I'm done for the night fu*k me.