An Id of Primal Chaos

An Id of Primal Chaos
17 pages

"Life? The meaning is lost on me. Am I worth anything in the infinitude of the universe? I cannot...” I throw my hands to my head in agony, “That isn’t the truth is it?! Is it?!?!" My fist slams the dresser top while my bloodshot eyes stare back at me from the mirror, “God damn it all!!! All I want is to be worth something, and nothing; not money, not love, not happiness can help me attain this simple yet impossible goal!” So what should I do!! I sink to my knees in despair, my previous fury gone. What is the point!!! How pathetic I am... reduced to this shivering mess when I used to believe I could rule the world.........

But you still can my champion...

Tetal Faelen, a mentally unstable human living a financially successful but monotonous life in the Anno Domini of human civilization, wishes to be worth something. He wants to have an impact, one that isn’t trivialized by the vastness of the universe. And, whatever higher being that exists which watches over us, the driven and bored being that it is, decided it would heed Tetal's wish. Ha, needless to say, this was a sore lapse of judgement from a supposedly omnipotent being that will most assuredly change the course of the Web of Interconnected Realities irrevocably.

Second novel I have started within the Web of Interconnected Realities. My other novel is not posted on this site so don't bother looking for it. I might post it here in the future.

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