1. Re: 200 Chapters! 463k Words!

       That’s some serious dedication. Gj  :peoapproval:

    2. Re: 3k....0.0


    3. Re: 100+ reads!!

      Congrats!  That's just the first step. I'm sure there will be many more to follow.  :peoapproval:

    4. Re: Anlother one joins the writing

      Hello and welcome! 

    5. Re: 10.000

      Congrats! :peoapproval:

    6. Re: Favorite Mobile Game?

      I used to play some of those Kairosoft games. I got really into Cafe Nipponica at one point, also Ninja village.

    7. Re: Hi Everyone!

      Hello and Welcome, Writing the kind of story you’d want to read is a great place to start. I hope that you find your story and have a nice community of readers. 

    8. Re: Hello. Nice to meetcha.

      Yea, there is definitely a lot there. No worries though. Everyone publishes their stuff for their own reason. Most people do want to get noticed, whether it’s for vanity, profit, or a bigger community. (...)

    9. Re: What game are you playing?

      Im currently playing hades and it's the best thing ever. Yo, Hades is dope! I just got it on the Switch. I'd heard about the hype, but I'm not usually any good at action games so I'd held off. (...)

    10. Re: 100 followers!

      Congrats! Let's hope that was just the beginning.  :peoapproval:

    11. Re: Hello. Nice to meetcha.

      Hello and Welcome! I think you can have as many series as you want, but all of them will have to go through approval. It'll depend on you if you can keep up I'd say. RR is a good place to get your stories (...)

    12. Re: Hey There!

      Hello and Welcome! You totally should upload your work. Taking the plunge can be nerve wracking, but it makes it all the more rewarding. What kind of story are you writing?

    13. Re: Bad-Good Reviews and Salty Authors

       Who keeps on reading works that they don't enjoy?  Feelin pretty called out right now, ngl

    14. Re: Thoughts on Writer's Arrogance? (Rant fuel)

      Tbh I don’t know that people are so easily categorized. From my experience, there is a lot of pretension in many writing spaces and it can sometimes feel like there is an underlying contest in oneupmanship (...)

    15. Re: Favorite Obscure Games

      I have this weird thing for management games, even terrible ones. Idk if anyone ever played it, but the Guild 2 was a broken crappy mess on PC, but it scratched that itch real good lol.  It was basically (...)

    16. Re: After lurking for so long... Hey guys!

      Welcome and Hello! I wish you the best of luck with your writing. Anything in particular spur you to give it a try? 

    17. Re: Hello, I'm Jaha and I finally decided I should introduce myself.

      Hello and welcome! Oceanography sounds super cool. Do you plan on bringing your studies into your writing at all? 

    18. Re: Sound the fanfare and boom the fireworks! It's... oh... it's just me coming. Forget the fanfare, nothing (...)

      Hello and welcome! Have you been writing a while, or did something about RR give you the itch?  Slow is a good way to approach things at first, at least until you get comfortable. 

    19. Re: A Not-So Belated Introduction

      Rom-coms and shounen seem like an interesting combination. Is there any story to that, or do you just happen to like them?  Also, welcome. I hope you can find more stories you like and maybe get some (...)