Beware Of Chicken

I love the title. I saw it and knew I had to check your story  out. I was glad I did too. It's well written and, given the title, surprisingly deep. Keep writing you're doing a great job. You might add a multiple lead character tag though. You take enough POV digressions to warrant it. 

Wasteland. Book 1

It's very well written. I've enjoyed it - what there is of it - very much. So far there's only 5 chapters. However given the quality of the writing I expect that I'll continue to enjoy it. 

River of Fate

Almost an isekai, almost a reincarnation novel but it doesn't quite go in either direction. Instead it borrows elements from both and forges its own unique path. I highly recommend it. The grammar is almost perfect, the main character is well developed and shows real signs of growth and development. It's a story of a man dealing with the effects of his past. Trying to answer the question of 'how do you recover from a lifetime's worth of mistreatment and the over abundance of rage that has instilled'? Good job author. I binge read it all today. Thanks! 

Personal note to royal road admins. There is no way that this story deserves the 1 or 1.5 rankings that the author says that he's received. There needs to be some form of accountability for rankings. It's obviously someone trying to game your system. You should feel guilty at allowing that to occur! 

The Dungeon Traveler

Good story, entertaining and thought provoking. It deals nicely with one of the issues I've always felt with reincarnation/dungeon stories, one minute your a person, the next a murder machine! How's that even possible? Like the Gods too. Thanks for writing it

46 Year Old Syndrome

Love the story! Love the dog!

Good stuff here! Really like the dog and the pacing. You've left yourself plenty of room to grow the story with both the resonance and the mystery of why this occurred to him! Enjoying it a lot!!