1. Re: RyoFrancis — newbie writer

      Welcome to Royal Road. Lots of great sci-fi here so you'll find plenty to read. I'd recommend exploring the Forums. There's lots of good advice and interesting information. Also, add a link to your story (...)

    2. Re: New to the Site

      Welcome to Royal Road. That sounds like a very interesting story concept. From what I've seen, most readers are looking for a good story first followed by interesting characters. Unfortunately, I'm not (...)

    3. Re: Character Art for My Story (Drawn by Me!)

      This is extremely well done. Personally I think adding art to a story is a good way to engage readers. I've seen art in some stories and generally the response from readers has been good.

    4. Re: Bluedraggy is here now too.

      Welcome to Royal Road. My son suggested Royal Road to me as well and it's been a fun experience. He's not a writer, but reads stories here all the time. It does seem there are quite a few people who are (...)

    5. Re: theCat wanted to say hello.

      Welcome to Royal Road. Yes, cats are the perfect (purrfect!) motivators. Try forgetting to feed them and you'll see what I mean. Hope your stories and art do well here. There's an Art section in the Forums (...)

    6. Re: Hello

      Welcome to Royal Road. Xian is right on with his advice. Put your work out their and see how it is received. Not an easy thing to do I know. People seem to gravitate to newly and consistently posted material (...)

    7. Re: Good Evening Everyone

      Since you've been here a while, "welcome" probably isn't the right greeting. So let's go with "hello." Lots of things deteriorate with age, but I don't think writing's one of them. :) Although I must admit (...)

    8. Re: Hi there!

      Welcome to Royal Road. You'll find a lot of the genres you like here and hopefully plenty of readers for your stories. Good luck.

    9. Re: Flashback opinions . . .

      I don't have any issues with flashbacks as long as they're relevant to the story. I think they can be a good tool to provide backstory for a character. However, too many flashbacks can hamper the flow (...)

    10. Re: Cover and Insert Art for my Book!

      These are extremely well done. I particularly liked the way you used the characters' eye to convey their emotions.

    11. Re: Reader interactive story

      The only voting tool Royal Road has is to add to poll at the end of a chapter. When editing a chapter there is a box you can click (near the bottom) to add a poll. Hopefully this will work for your idea. (...)

    12. Re: BTI Penner has joined the game...

      Welcome to Royal Road. Also grew up reading sci-fi and fantasy. Although I primarily write sci-fi, I like to add some fantasy elements. Took a quick look at your story and although LitRPG isn't necessarily (...)

    13. Re: Art for Meat

      Excellent cover. The eyes in particular really stand out.

    14. Re: Hi i need a cover photo with the req ment of 600×400 in this site

      Here 's a few free image sharing sites where you might find what you're looking for. Pixabay seems to have the best selection. (...)

    15. Re: Just landed...

      Welcome to Royal Road. Cyberpunk is pretty popular here so I'm sure you'll get plenty of readers. I'd have to say the most popular genre here on Royal Road is LitRPG. If you're not familiar with it, it's (...)

    16. Re: New to the site, short stories/poems allowed here?

      Absolutely no rule against short stories or poems. In fact, the Art section of the forums includes a number of poetry posts. Also there are quite a few short story collections on Royal Road.

    17. Re: An introduction

      Welcome to Royal Road Opale. Congratulations on deciding to begin writing, you'll never regret it. I've always found that each individual author's experiences and background influence their writing so (...)

    18. Re: Introduction in Introductions

      Welcome to Royal Road. I've found this to be a great place to share what I've written. If interested, you can also post some of your art under the ART section of the forums. The only way to improve as (...)

    19. Re: What do you prefer to read-

      Having read plenty of A and B type stories I don't think I could select just one. There are good and bad in both categories. I've read some very entertaining stories where the grammar and style had a lot (...)