1. Re: Celebrating 1 year on the site

      Congratulations.  :DrakanWine:

    2. Re: I did the greatest achievement of all time

      Indeed an achievement beyond comprehension. Congratulations.

    3. Re: Where are you from, wrong answers only

      Wherever I go, well, there I am.

    4. Re: Changing styles mid story...

      Agree with the previous posts. If it's a gradual change, people either won't mind or even notice. 

    5. Re: Into the deep

      Welcome to Royal Road. Lots of people here with different backgrounds and perspectives so you'll fit right in. The Forum are a great place to interact with other writers, check some some excellent writing (...)

    6. Re: Cracked the 5000 Mark

      Congratulations. An author's always their own harshest critic. That's probably a good thing since it makes us all want to get better. Continued success.

    7. Re: How would your character react after meeting you, the author?

      I think most of my MC's would stare at me, the glint of recognition slowly growing on their faces. Then they'd shake their heads, mutter "Nah," and walk away.

    8. Re: I've started my second story!

      Congratulations. The cover came out very well. Good luck.

    9. Re: How far do you plan ahead?

      I always start with an overall story idea and different events that need to occur along the way. However, everything in between I make up as I go along.

    10. Re: They drew me when I wasn't looking!

      Just check out that dice rolling action in the first picture. Marvelous. You can just see how much fun everyone is having. And that second drawing is very well done. Glad to see the kids enjoying themselves (...)

    11. Re: Just joined, so might as well say hellos.

      Welcome to Royal Road. I think posting your work here will help you be motivated to keep writing. Seems you have a clear understanding of what you want to write which is a great first step. Also be aware (...)

    12. Re: Should i change my fanfic into an original story?

      Make it an original story. Sounds like you're going that way anyway. If you wish to fully delete your story do the following. However, you could just edit or delete chapters instead. In order to delete (...)

    13. Re: Art for my novel

      Very well done.

    14. Re: Tell Us About Your Story

      Here's a couple from my short story collection. Francis Trowel was your typical 40's private eye. He had the gun (usually left in his desk), the bottle of bourbon (filled with iced tea), and a devoted (...)

    15. Re: How the hell do you go about creating your own writing website???

      I've got a writing website and as others have said it isn't hard to get setup. Lots of companies offer website services. I went with GoDaddy and have been happy with them. I get maybe a dozen or so visits (...)

    16. Re: New to the road, excited to walk it

      Welcome to Royal Road. It's quite exciting to share your work with people you don't know. It's a good way to improve as a writer. A couple of things you should be aware of. Many readers here have seen (...)

    17. Re: I'm constantly worried about how people will perceive my writing.

      That you like your own writing is the most important thing. Readers here do tend to be quiet. Also many readers wait until there's more than 4 chapters before checking out a story. So don't get discouraged. (...)

    18. Re: 1000 reads!!!

      I think that's a wonderful achievement. Congratulations.

    19. Re: 11,999 Views so far!

      Congratulations. A feat well worth celebrating.

    20. Re: Branching stories in one world

      Since you're treating the characters from the other book more as secondary character here, there shouldn't be a problem. Essentially they're making a cameo appearance. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.