1. Re: First review and over 20K words!

      Congratulations. Hope you get many more.

    2. Re: 100 views, but...


    3. Re: Can we talk about the emojis?

      Deep in the mountains lies a beautiful valley where wild emojis roam. The way is treacherous and littered with the bodies of those lured by the call of never before seen emoji. But a brave few have make (...)

    4. Re: Art for my novel

      Yet another well done character. Very unique. The eyes and mannerisms give the impression that he's engrossed in a conversation.

    5. Re: 100 chapters published!!

      That's a lot of writing. Well done.

    6. Re: So, I'm new, willing to share, and willing to learn!

      Welcome to Royal Road. Here's the link for setting up your signature once you've got your fiction posted Check out the FAQ's under Support to learn more about (...)

    7. Re: Finally reached 50k views...

      Congratulations. That's a really great achievement.

    8. Re: Took Today off From Writing and did a Drawing

      Nicely done. Like the way the background appears and the picture seems to fall on it in the links.

    9. Re: A few years ago, a fellow player drew our epic last stand...

      That's a really great drawing and a great memory. 

    10. Re: Got my first review

      Congratulations. Here's to many more.  :DrakanWine:

    11. Re: Writing while having a job

      Working all day and finding the energy to write isn't easy. Some days I just can't do it and all I can think of is the time I'm losing. It can be quite discouraging at times. The important thing is to (...)

    12. Re: A wild writer has appeared!

      Welcome to Royal Road. What I like to see in a novel is a well thought out story and interesting characters. Hope you enjoy being here and that your story attracts many readers. Good luck.

    13. Re: hey hey 🙂! just uploaded first story

      Welcome to Royal Road. Love the enthusiasm. What I love about writing is being able to get the ideas I come up with out of my head and share them with others. Think you'll have a good time here. Hope your (...)

    14. Re: Trending Mechanics

      The ways of trending are a mystery wrapped in an enigma. It's kept that way to keep people from gaming the system as was done when people knew how it worked. So ask not for whom the trending tolls for (...)

    15. Re: MC monologues getting out of hand

      I don't think it's necessary to include all the planning. As events begin taking place, the reader will see the plan taking shape or falling apart. Lends more suspense to the story. You can include a brief (...)

    16. Re: Finally made some passable Curse Words covers

      These are all very well done. Agree with Ariana. Would love to see larger versions of them.

    17. Re: Heyo Royal Road Humans And Non-Humans!

      Welcome to the Forums. Think you'll find this a great place to interact with other writers and readers. Congratulations on the success you've had so far and I hope you have even more. There are a variety (...)

    18. Re: Greetings from Argentina

      Welcome to Royal Road. Quite a wide range of interests and experience. Lots of people here involved in game design and writing. Good looking cover. Definitely include it in your signature. Cinn's already (...)

    19. Re: Hell yeah! Got to a 1,000 views!

      Nicely done. Here's to many more.  :DrakanWine: