1. Re: Hello guys!! I have only written 10 chapters, but if you want to read my story, search WINDSTORM AND THE (...)

      Welcome to the Forums. The link to generate your signature is Good luck.

    2. Re: Howdy!

      Welcome to Royal Road. Noticed you don't have a cover for your story. Check out the Art section of the Forums. Some folks there have been offering to put together free covers. Once you do get a cover, (...)

    3. Re: Completed my story and got over 100 views!

      That's wonderful. To actually complete a novel (no matter the size) is an incredible accomplishment and you should be proud. Good luck with your next story.

    4. Re: Hello! I brought pizza

      Welcome to Royal Road. Sounds like quite a busy life. I think once or twice a week is a very common posting rate. However, it is important to try and post on a consistent schedule. So if once a week works (...)

    5. Re: Reposting a Story?

      Personally I'd consider a change in perspective a major change. I've seen authors start posting revised versions of their works while keeping the original posted. This would allow consistency for new readers (...)

    6. Re: New to this Road but been travelling for a while

      Welcome to Royal Road. I've already seen you pop of quite a bit in the Forums which is great. That's one of the best ways to interact with the community. The other is to comment on stories you read. Seems (...)

    7. Re: English being the second language

      I've heard good and bad things about the free version of the Grammarly software. Haven't used it myself, but it might be worth looking into.

    8. Re: Author from Kazakhstan here, hello!

      Welcome to Royal Road. Your story sounds quite interesting and I think it will attract an audience here on Royal Road. However, it can take time for people to find and start reading new works so don't (...)

    9. Re: Pretty Good Day For Val. What About You Lot?

      Overall, a good day. Worked, watched a rocket launch, did some writing, and played with cats. To top it all off, got quite a few views on my short story collection today. 

    10. Re: Should I cut up the panels or just add the full page to my story thoughts?:

      Personally I like it as a single panel since it gives a better impression of a battle. Has a great graphic novel vibe to it which I quite like.

    11. Re: Touch typing / ten finger system

      Learning to type properly is a great goal and quite happy to see it reignited your passion for writing. I've gotten up to about four fingers. From a novel writing standpoint, I don't know how critical (...)

    12. Re: Not your typical orc


    13. Re: 20,000 at last!

      Congrats. That a really great accomplishment.

    14. Re: Not your typical orc

      Boy you've got a lot of talented players. Well done.

    15. Re: Introducing Narwin, My Protagonist

      This is very well done. The eyes in particular really stand out. Understand your need to concentrate on your writing, but it's sad to see such talent sitting there unused.

    16. Re: Hello Hello! Just Joined Royal Road!

      Welcome to Royal Road. Used to be on Wattpad and like it far better here. Fantasy is popular here so there should be a good audience for your work. The Forums here are quite good. They're very much writing (...)

    17. Re: Someone was excited for an update!

      What a wonderful compliment. Congratulations on writing something people really want to read.

    18. Re: Passing 100 Views

      Great start. Here's to even more views.  :DrakanWine:

    19. Re: New to Royal Road!

      Welcome to Royal Road. Lots of great advice already, but I'll add a little more. The FAQ's under Support provides a good overview of the site. Being active in the Forums and commenting on stories you read (...)

    20. Re: Finished my "Hell Week"

      Way to push yourself. Well done and congratulations.