1. Re: Hey every one! Another newbie here!

      Welcome to Royal Road. You've picked the right place because your genre is very popular here. The Forums are a great place to find writing advice and read some interesting posts. I hope your story does (...)

    2. Re: Why does my cover suck?

      The blob so if fully fills in behind Hilda on the left side.

    3. Re: Arived here by fate, please call me Nate

      Welcome to Royal Road. Used to be on WattPad before moving here and couldn't be happier. There's a much greater demand for sci-fi and fantasy on Royal Road and readers seem more open to checking out new (...)

    4. Re: Why does my cover suck?

      Yeah, I can see that. I do like the background color you chose, but it needs to be a little bigger.

    5. Re: Why does my cover suck?

      Yes that is better. However, maybe something like a dungeon wall would work even better since it would give readers a better impression of what your story is about. I think JK-sama's suggestion is a good (...)

    6. Re: I probably should have done this a while ago

      A belated welcome to Royal Road. Adding a link and cover image to your signature is a good way to help advertise your story. Just be sure to clink "Display your signature" box when you write a Forum post. (...)

    7. Re: Hello there, saying hi to everyone on the platform

      Welcome to Royal Road. Not into yandere myself, but that genre is very popular here so I hope you get many readers. You might want to include a link to your fiction in your signature so it shows up whenever (...)

    8. Re: Why does my cover suck?

      You did Hilda very well. I agree that some sort of background would help. Not anything too detailed, but something to offset all that white. 

    9. Re: That Usual Greeting Post

      Welcome to Royal Road. Many people are here on Royal Road just to read so you're in good company. Also the writers here are very appreciative of comments and suggestions so critique away. Hope you find (...)

    10. Re: I made a map for my story - show me yours?

      All the maps I've seen so far are really good. Here's a fun map I put together for a story I did about transfer orbits (it's not on Royal Road).,h:1440 (...)

    11. Re: I'm new! Very happy to be here!

      Welcome to Royal Road. The idea of continuing your novel as a web serial sounds great. Serials are popular here on Royal Road. Although YA isn't one of the top genres here, there does to seem to be a good (...)

    12. Re: Top 25 in Sci-Fi Trending + over 5,000 views

      Congratulations. Great that you stuck with it and found success. Upward and onward.

    13. Re: Writing characters that speak different languages.

      Including the dialogue of the two characters with some indication that the MC can't understand them is how I've seen this done before. Probably don't have to do this every time, but often enough to get (...)

    14. Re: Hello to those who walk the Royal Road with me

      Welcome to Royal Road. Glad you're enjoying it here so far. I've found it a refreshing change from other sites. People here are friendly and offer a lot of good advice. Your stories sound like something (...)

    15. Re: Hello from a newbie!

      Welcome to Royal Road. I very much enjoy those types of stories as well. Lots of stories here I'm sure you'll enjoy. Good luck.

    16. Re: Trying something new

      Welcome to Royal Road. Sci-fi and fantasy are very popular here so it should be a good place to post your work. I've gotten many helpful comments on what I'v written and the Forums are also a great resource. (...)

    17. Re: Rare genres?

      Here's a hard sci-fi story I enjoyed  It did very well and was even trending for awhile. Another sci-fi story which did very well (...)

    18. Re: Hello There

      Welcome to Royal Road. Writing in of itself is fun, but actually having other people read what you've written takes it to a whole new level. Oftentimes, people are their own worst critics and sometimes (...)

    19. Re: Downvoting Reviews

      I've never had this issue before, but I have noticed it in some of the stories I've read and reviewed (including yours). Usually when I review a story I'll upvote the previous reviews I agree with. I do (...)

    20. Re: Hi all!

      Welcome to Royal Road. Having a backlog is great. Newly released chapters are particularly popular here so one way to build readership is to post new chapters fairly frequently (every day or two) to start. (...)